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Simplepasttense 120612130407-phpapp02


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Published in: Self Improvement

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  • 1. Simple Past TenseSimple Past Tense
  • 2. The simple past tense is used to talkabout actions that happened at aspecific time in the past. You statewhen it happened using a timeadverb (yesterday, etc.)Simple Past TenseSimple Past Tense
  • 3. You form the simple past of a verbby adding -ed onto the end of aregular verb but, irregular verb formshave to be learned or memorized.Simple Past TenseSimple Past Tense
  • 4. It can be used to describe events thathappened over a period of time in thepast but not now.For example:"I cooked in a Restaurant in Spain for twoyears."Simple Past TenseSimple Past TenseLicdo. Julio Reyes
  • 5. The simple past tense is also used to talkabout habitual or repeated actions thattook place in the past.For example:"When I was a child we always went toMc. Donald´s on weekends."Simple Past TenseSimple Past TenseLicdo. Julio Reyes
  • 6. Simple Past TimelineFor example:"Last year I took my exams.""I got my degree in 2005."
  • 7. Simple Past with Verb To-BeSimple Past with Regular / IrregularVerbs.Simple Past TenseSimple Past Tense
  • 8. Simple Past with «Be»
  • 9. Simple Past with «Be»Yes / No Questionswith Bewas I sleepy?were you late?was he at the cinema?was she kind?was it hot?were we hungry?were they at work?Wh Questions with Bewhy was I sleepy?where were you?when was he at thecinema?how was she?how was it?why were we hungry?when were they atwork?
  • 10. Simple Past with «Other Verbs»Licdo. Julio Reyes
  • 11. Positive with Other VerbsI walked (regular)you played (regular)he cooked (regular)she listened (regular)it rained (regular)we ate (irregular)they drank (irregular)Simple Past with «Other Verbs»
  • 12. Simple Past with «Other Verbs»Negative Negative Short FormI did not walk I didnt walkyou did not play you didnt playhe did not cook he didnt cookshe did not listen she didnt listenit did not rain it didnt rainwe did not eat we didnt eatthey did not drink they didnt drink
  • 13. Simple Past with «Other Verbs»Yes / No Questionsdid I walk?did you play?did he cook?did she listen?did it rain?did we eat?did they drink?Wh Questionswhere did I go?what did you play?what did he cook?why did she listen?when did it rain?where did we eat?how did they travel?
  • 14. Verbs used in the Kitchen1.Add /ad/ (agregar)2.Bake /beik/ (hornear)3.Bite /bait/ (morder)4.Blend /blend/ (mezclar)5.Boil /boil/ (hervir)6.Break /breik/ (romper, partir)7.Burn /born/ (quemar)8.Butter (*) /barer/ (enmantequillar)9.Chew /chu/ (masticar)10.Chop /chop/ (trocear, picar)11.Clean up /Clin/ /ap/ (limpiar)12.Close /clous/ (cerrar)13.Combine /combain/ (combinar)14.Cook /cuk/ (cocinar)15.Cool /cúl/ (enfriar)16.Cover /cover/ (cubrir)17.Cut /cut/ (cortar)18.Digest /daiyest/ (digerir)19.Drain /drein/ (escurrir)20.Drink /drink/ (beber)Verbs used in the Kitchen1.Add /ad/ (agregar)2.Bake /beik/ (hornear)3.Bite /bait/ (morder)4.Blend /blend/ (mezclar)5.Boil /boil/ (hervir)6.Break /breik/ (romper, partir)7.Burn /born/ (quemar)8.Butter (*) /barer/ (enmantequillar)9.Chew /chu/ (masticar)10.Chop /chop/ (trocear, picar)11.Clean up /Clin/ /ap/ (limpiar)12.Close /clous/ (cerrar)13.Combine /combain/ (combinar)14.Cook /cuk/ (cocinar)15.Cool /cúl/ (enfriar)16.Cover /cover/ (cubrir)17.Cut /cut/ (cortar)18.Digest /daiyest/ (digerir)19.Drain /drein/ (escurrir)20.Drink /drink/ (beber)Things found in the Kitchen1.Almond2.Apple3.Apricot4.Asparagus5.Avocado6.Balance7.Banana8.Beans9.Beetroot10.Berry11.Blackberry12.Blender13.Blueberry14.Bone15.Bottle16.Bread17.Broccoli18.Butter19.Cabbage20.CaféThings found in the Kitchen1.Almond2.Apple3.Apricot4.Asparagus5.Avocado6.Balance7.Banana8.Beans9.Beetroot10.Berry11.Blackberry12.Blender13.Blueberry14.Bone15.Bottle16.Bread17.Broccoli18.Butter19.Cabbage20.Café
  • 15. Licdo. Julio Reyes