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Time for nature final project

  1. 1. Volume 1, Issue 1 June 29—July 8 NCC Staff Celebrate 50 Years of Conservation Success with Time of Reflection and Celebration When the Time for Nature NCC I have been able to the “Crown of the idea was first mentioned expand my horizons and Continent” and take a detour during an all-staff conference spend more time in southern to see the town of Sandpoint, call, I was thrilled to learn Albberta around Waterton. I Idaho. We decided to take about the idea. Not only was have always wanted to do a advantage of the time off I it a great benefit to provide trip down south to explore of had been given and planned the employees of NCC, it our route to explore the was also just what I had area. We planned to wanted to have this maximize our week off by summer. With the first leaving on the Friday mention of the Time for before the week off began Nature my mind started and stretched our trip to 9 to race with different very full days. adventures I could do The stories throughout this during my week off. I paper give greater details to took some time to think some of the adventures I about what the Time for enjoyed during my Time Nature project meant to for Nature. I had an me and landed on a road amazing trip and a great trip that my girlfriend opportunity to reflect on Nicole and I had my work at NCC. This time discussed taking for a away reminded me of theNATURE CONSERVANCY OF CANADA long time. beauty that exists in my Growing up in Calgary I own backyard and made Time for Nature Press have spent years me proud to work for an exploring the Bow Valley organization that works to and all the great outdoor protect the special places activities it offers. Photo: Enjoying my Time for Nature while on a hike that have shaped me into Through my work at the person I am today. Crown of the Continent Earns its Title: Road Trip through the Waterton-Glacier International Peace Park One of the major highlights passage in 1932. Eventually Inside this issue: of my trip was driving the you reach the top of the road Going-to-the-Sun Road as you (continued on p. 3) Crown of the Continent Trip 1, 3 through Glacier National Park. The awe-inspiring view Profile: Sandpoint, ID 2 from this tight and winding drive up through Logan’s Hwy 22 Voted Best Drive in AB 2 Pass is one of the most amazing drives I have ever Health Study: Cabin Life 3 done. As you start to climb Species: Mountain Goat 3 up the road you can’t help but imagine what it would Roadside Turnout 4 have been like to be a part of the building of this Photo: At the crossing between the two parks Conservation Legacy: Waterton 4
  2. 2. Page 2 T IM E F O R NAT U RE PRE S S Sandpoint, ID: The Little Town on the Lake Sandpoint, Idaho is a has an abundance of great little town fish species including nestled between the Rainbow trout, several Selkirk Mountains Bass species, Whitefish, and Lake Pend Walleye, Northern pike Oreille. If you enjoy and Kokanee salmon. getting active outside If you have a vehicle I this is a great place to recommend heading up visit. There are an the Clark Fork River endless supply of for some fly fishing on hikes in the this quiet and slow surrounding moving river. mountains and There are a number of national forest great state parks in the reserves. You can’t Sandpoint area that are visit Sandpoint Photo: Hiking in the Selkirk Mountains above the Sandpoint town site worth checking out without getting out on including Round Lake, the water. The lake has a surface Ave for local recommendations Farragut and Priest Lake State area of 380km2 and 1,150 ft. of hike locations. You can do Parks. When you are ready to deep making it one of the just about every water activity head back into civilization deepest lakes in the United imaginable on Lake Pend Sandpoint has many great spots States and giving you plenty of Oreille. If you want to get your to put your feet up. My favorite space to relax. bearings on the lake I spot was MickDuff’s Brewing While in Sandpoint I made sure recommend going out for a boat Company which serves great to connect with nature as often cruise. The relaxing trip around local micro brewed beers. The “To catch the readers as possible and this town is the lake will show you some people of Sandpoint are very designed to help you do that. great (and quiet) locations to friendly and accommodating. attention, place an There is great hiking in the spend your time. If fishing is interesting sentence or your interest (as it was mine) If you are looking for a place to Schweitzer Mountain and Priest get away from the world Lake areas. Ask around at you have come to the right place. Being fed by the Clark Sandpoint is a great choice. Outdoor Experience Store on 1 st Fork and Pack Rivers, the lake Highway 22 South is Voted the Best Drive in Alberta quote from the story here.” If you are heading into Southern and broad ecological diversity. the natural landscapes that exist Alberta and have the This attracted First Nations here. Great spots to check out opportunity to take Highway 22 peoples to the area hundreds of along the way include make sure you don’t pass it up. years ago. Alberta ranching Kananaskis Provincial Park, Anytime I head out on the road families first settled the territory Chain Lakes Provincial Park and I always try to make my way in the 1880s and transformed Bob Creek Wildland Park. down The Cowboy Trail. Along the rolling grasslands into cattle Make sure to stop in to the the foothills of country. Longview Beer Jerky shop to Alberta’s Rocky Right from my hometown of stock up on some road snacks. Mountains is a Cochrane, the Old West is still When you are ready for the narrow band of evident in the art, history, food, drive turn on some great driving mixed forests hospitality, and culture of the music and enjoy the ride! and grasslands foothills residents. Every known for its community you pass by has a moderate unique story and an opportunity climate, a wide for you to meet someone new. variety of There are boundless wildlife species opportunities to get out into this beautiful country and experiencePhoto: Cruising down Hwy 22 South passing beautiful rolling hills
  3. 3. VO L UM E 1, IS S U E 1 Page 3 Scientific Study Shows: Spending Time in a Cabin Good for Your Health Another major highlight of my playing board games and reading local heritage and then made our trip was relaxing on Glen Lake just like I had enjoyed doing as a way over to Lake Koocanusa to in Montana. After driving to kid in the Bow Valley. enjoy more time on the water. Sandpoint and then heading This was my first visit to Glen over into Montana, I was Lake thanks to a ready for some time off friend renting us his the highway. Glen Lake is cabin there. My time a quiet spot nestled spent at the cabin against the Flathead was very quiet and National Forest. I spent 4 peaceful – just what I days at the cabin and needed to rejuvenate used this time to relax myself before and reflect on life. The heading back home. area we stayed in was After our 4 days at very quiet and our only the cabin we packed company was a family of up our vehicle once deer that stopped by to again and headed eat grass near the road back out on the road. each day. I really enjoyed I left the cabin with staying next to the lake. I the sense that I had time take pictures, would be booking catch up on some reading, Photo: Evening outside the cabin on Glen Lake, MT another trip to explore and explore the area and relax near relax on the shores of Glen Lake the water. Each night we would From the cabin we were able to explore a bit of the surrounding very soon. slowly watch the sunset over the lake and then spend the evening area. We visited the town of Eureka to learn some of the“To catch the readersattention, place an Crown of the Continent Earns its Title (Continued) cross through Logan’s Pass. The After finishing the road we passed through the area. From views from the top of the road headed up the Chief Mountain the aboriginal communities that are breathtaking and hard to put Highway to get a closer look at still view the mountain as a into words. Looking out at over the mountain that gives the road sacred place, to the first settlers 1 million acres of this protected its name. I have long admired in the area and the generationsinteresting sentence or quote landscape gives you a sense of Chief Mountain when I travelled that followed them, I feel thatfrom the story here.” how meaningful conservation to Waterton but I have never this place must be special to so efforts can be for the seen it so close. I have always many people. ecosystems that exist there and dreamt of one day hiking this To me this place is a special the citizens that get to enjoy mountain. It stands as a silent indicator that I am headed home them. monument to the ages that have back to Alberta. Species Spotlight: Mountain Goat We had the great fortune of a real treat to get to see them up spotting some Mountain Goats close during our drive. on our journey up the Going-to- Fast Facts: the-Sun Road. They were perched above us on a cliff side Type: Mammal looking down at the route they Diet: Herbivore were about to take. We were Average life span in the wild: able to snap a few photos of the 9 to 12 years goats before they headed down Size: Height at shoulder, 3.5 ft the cliff at a very quick pace. I (1 m) have only seen Mountain Goats Weight: 100 to 300 lbs (45 to Photo: Mountain Goat nanny and kid spotted a few times in the wild so it was 136 kg) on Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier Park
  4. 4. Roadside Turnout: Moments from the Crown of the ContinentThe Route: Road Trip The Top 10 Songs From The Road Trip Playlist: 1. Setting Forth—Eddie Vedder 2. Something Beautiful—Alexi Murdoch 3. The Travelling Song—Avett Brothers 4. Keepin’ It Real—Mason Jennings 5. The Great Exhale—Great Lake Swimmers 6. Brand New Day (reprise) —Joshua Radin 7. The Best Of What’s Around—Dave Matthews Band 8. Come Pick Me Up—Ryan Adams 9. Better Than—John Butler Trio 10. Take Me Home, Country Road—John DenverPhoto: (Left to Right) A quick pit stop in Longview for the best beef jerky around before heading down Hwy 22 (The Cowboy Trail), Fishing on the Clark Fork River,Driving through the beautiful scenery in Montana, Stopping for a picture on the Going-to-the-Sun Road. Conservation Success: Waterton Park Front a Truly Incredible Place I joined NCC in 2010 and was amazed to learn about out at the lookout point on focus. As I sat on a rock at the conservation efforts that the north end of the park this site looking out at this have been made in Alberta. front area that you can truly incredible accomplishment I Many of the areas that NCC appreciate the hard work that couldn’t help but reflect on works in have been lifelong has gone into this project. the great work of NCC overPhoto: Chief Mountain taken from the activity areas for me. From I purposely planned to end the last 50 years and where IChief Mountain Highway the Red Deer River Natural my trip with a visit to the hope we will go in the future. Area where I lived for several Waterton Park Front as I As I sat watching the sunset years on Pine Lake to the couldn’t think of a more over the Waterton Park Front Bow Natural Area where I perfect place to end my trip I was reminded of a quote: grew up camping and hiking, and take one more moment “Never doubt that a small NCC has had an impact on to pause and reflect on my group of thoughtful, areas that have played a time for nature. So I finished committed citizens can significant role in my life. off my trip with a drive into change the world. Indeed, One area that I had never Waterton and a stop at the it is the only thing that spent an extended period of point of interest along ever has.” time in growing up was Highway 6 where NCC has - Margaret Mead Waterton. So when I was interpretive signage. I spentPhoto: Pointing out some NCC propertieson the map taken on my first donor tour some time at this turnout I was thrilled to learn that it admiring the beauty that would be to the Waterton exists in the Waterton Park Park Front. Reading about Front. This area is such a this conservation success great example of the power story does not do the area of people when conservation justice. It isn’t until you stand of our natural heritage is our Photo: A moment to reflect on our work in Alberta at the Waterton Park Front interpretive sign turnout