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Oh the places we will go!
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Oh the places we will go!

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Alissa Wilson

Alissa Wilson

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  • 1. John Lounds said “take a break This week is for you But you must go outside! Maybe see something new”
  • 2. Dear Boss,So we wrote down our plansAnd had them approved by thebosses Then we started counting down the days Till we left our offices ~Alissa
  • 3. Now the day is hereAnd John made it clearTake Time for NatureJust get out of here!
  • 4. Now we have maps in our headAnd new hikers on our feet A full tank of gas And new species to meet
  • 5. I brought my new camera To see what I could doBut I’m green to this photography thing Still trying to capture the right view
  • 6. We drove through Stettler, Camrose, and Drumheller; Before we stopped for a break... And oh my, the background was stellar!
  • 7. Back in the car toward Medicine Hat Off to see grandma and grandpa, You gotta love that! Kyle’s grandparents showed us the old parts of town And told us stories of what the settlers had found.*Alissa failed to remember the camera during the tour of Medicine Hat. Lesson 1 of photography: when taking up the hobby of photography, don’t forget to bring your camera!
  • 8. Then we headed off to Cypress HillsA plateau high above the surrounding prairiesIn fact, the highest in CanadaBetween Labrador and the Rockies
  • 9. We then decided to be rather ambitiousFrom Cypress Hills to something mountainousSo we got in the car and drove the highwayHeaded out west, toward the Icefields Parkway
  • 10. Our final destination wasJasper National Park,What a spectacular place,We both did remarkThe views were amazingAnd the wildlife unreal,We can’t wait to come backAnd I’m sure we will
  • 11. *My dad and my dog came to meet us in Jasper!
  • 12. So our road trip was doneAnd we had a ton of fun...
  • 13. Now THANK you NCC For our week free!