Now you see it...... now you don't (Julie Wood)


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Julie's Time for Nature Project

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Now you see it...... now you don't (Julie Wood)

  1. 1. Now you see it…… now you don’t Time for Nature July 2012 Julie Wood
  2. 2. Deciding…..I live in Toronto’s eastern Beach area, and, likea lot of things we take for granted, I veryrarely actually take the time to look at thearray of nature that surrounds my home. So Ithought I’d spend my Time for Nature lookingclosely at a small part of the beach
  3. 3. Many times, the beach looks like this….
  4. 4. But if you look, you can find a part that looks like this
  5. 5. Day 1 – choosing my siteIt didn’t take long to chose where I wanted tohang out and create my art work. I spent therest of the day watching my fellow beachvisitors – swallows, plovers, cormorants andCanada geese mainly. I also worked on ideasfor what my piece of art would look like.
  6. 6. Day 2 – creating my work of artI’ve always been fascinatedby spirals. I originallywanted to use leaves, butwhen I got to the site, it wastoo windy. So I had to adapt,and use stones instead. Myfirst work was a spiral, indark grey stones. It tookquite a while to find enoughstones of exactly the sameshade.
  7. 7. Ephemeral ArtI like to idea of creating artthat will only last for a fewdays (though I was surprisedat how short a time my art didsurvive for). If no-one sees awork of art, is it still art? Howmany people saw my art? Itwas also important to me thatI only used materials availableclose by – nothing wasbrought from elsewhere.
  8. 8. Day 2 – continuedTo counterbalance my spiral,I then worked on a straightline – graded red pebblesthat disappear into a hole,and presumably down to thelake. The position of the rockmade this one a bit moredifficult – I had to perch onone corner, and balancecarefully before I leanedforward to place the nextpebble.
  9. 9. Day 3 – reflectionThe morning was spent as aguest of Lenore’s “Time forNature” plan, exploring theRouge Valley. I then went tomy site, to check up of mytwo works of art, and plananother one. But, to myconsternation, they had bothgone!
  10. 10. Day 3 – reflection continuedI don’t really know what happened –maybe the wind picked up overnight,and the waves washed them away. Ormaybe an over-enthusiastic dog wentby. But more likely, someone passed byand brushed my carefully selected andplaced pebbles into the lake.I’d said lots of brave things about notcaring that my art wouldn’t survive…but when it happened I was bereft!
  11. 11. Day 4 – despondentI didn’t have the heart to startagain…. so I decided to spend theday at “my” site, hanging out withthe swallows, and picking up thegarbage that previous visitors hadleft, or that had become washedup on the shoreline. Maybe notas creative – but it was a “thankyou” to a beautiful part of theeastern beaches of Toronto