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Toyota company our life presentation
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Toyota company our life presentation


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  • Business: Manufacturing engineering research and development of motor vehicles as well as Housing, Marine, Biotechnology and Afforestation in addition to financing. In North America, Toyota Company is primarily invested in the Automotive Industry and personal financing for purchasers. Goals: To be a good corporate citizen by providing clean and safe products that enhance quality of life while creating and developing advanced technologies to better provide outstanding products that meet the needs of customers everywhere. To pursue growth in harmony with the global community, to stay ahead of the times, and to be seen as a force for good in our global community.
  • Each winning video (with up to three people each video) will receive a scholarship to any school they are accepted to. (4 year undergraduate or up to three year graduate school). As well, they will receive national recognition and their videos will be played nationally as ads on T.V and featured on Toyota's YouTube website. The rules should state that "Toyota reserves the right to grant additional schlarships if there are some videos that garner a large number of votes, but still do not win". This will cost Toyota little more, from a budgetary perspective, yet will net great P.R gains if used effectively.
  • Television: National Network commercials on six different shows, six times each program (over two months). YouTube: Web ads and promotion ad shown as a landing video on Toyota YouTube Channel (the latter would be cost free). Cinema: ads shown prior to newly released movies in theaters. Mobile advertising: smart phone advertising with option to Tweet/Facebook the YouTube link to friends instantly.
  • Put out the news of the contest on Blogs, and via Toyota USA newsroom in order to increase awareness. Mailings and emails will go out to every high school in North America telling them about this scholarship opportunity. Alert Hollywood to the contest in blogger outreach and Tweeting towards receptive creatives likely to promote awareness for this campaign.
  • Video will showcase what Toyota Company is about, how they are working to make our world better with more efficient, safe and innovative technology, and what Toyota hopes for the future. The Toyota Prius will be highlighted (as no other product market wide comes close in green technology and efficiency), as well as the quality and durability of the Toyota vehicle line as a whole. "Our Life" starts off referencing our life as Toyota Company, but by the end of the video it is apparent that this technology and innovation is the life and future of North American viewers. The ad will close by incorporating all the viewers into the "Our Life" theme, be it in a truck, suv, sport coup, luxury vehicle, mini van, or green vehicle, we all benefit from Toyota.
  • This would show Toyota is serious about its image, as well as make Toyota look more human to viewers. Even if the executive has to laugh off a joke or two, it will take away the “other” mystique, and viewers will have more appreication and sympathy with Toyota. A T.V host would also be much more likely to accept, even for free, (because it would be very interesting to viewers) if it were key Toyota leadership. Jay Leno in his 30 minute show would be a great fit, as he is an avid automotive and green energy enthusiast. If there are some themes where multiple videos have an exceptionally high number of votes, the Toyota Leadership could make a large return on investment by agreeing on the show that since there were more than five oustanding submissions, Toyota wishes to reward these few other videos (for example two other videos that almost won) with scholarships as well. Going above and beyond what is expected in terms of generosity in front of a million viewers and many millions more who will hear about it in the news or through social media the next day can be a great public relations strategy if done with care.
  • Ten different shows over national networks, three times each different ad. (30 total showings each Ad, or 15 Toyota commercials each show over a four-month period). This piece is at least as key as the actual Video contest. Running these ads will be extremely powerful. It will send a sublime positive signal to U.S viewers that the things they care about or should care about, are being promoted by Toyota company, and should influence Toyota brand recognition (which is already saturated in North America) to be viewed more favorably. Without the video contest, and with just showing positive ads with good messages, it is too obvious (and less effective) that Toyota wants to ally itself with values thought of as important in North America. With the backdrop of a competition, these ads are the work of people not working for Toyota, and part of a larger backdrop of good that Toyota Company is promoting. The ad campaign under this strategy can make use of these winning competition ads to showcase in a subtle way what Toyota Company stands for.
  • YouTube Views (of submissions as well as "Our Life" video and other organic YouTube videos on Toyota's channel) Hits on Toyota website landing page from YouTube channel, and increased traffic to Toyota website. Media and Social Media noise levels and apparent popularity. Ratings on Friday/Saturday night T.V show. Improved image based off Social media chatter about Toyota Company.
  • Video Contest Promotion Total Cost: (two month duration) $10,800,000. Ad design and production: $50,000* National Network Commercials: $9,000,000 YouTube Web ads: $500,000 Cinema Ads: $1,000,000 Mobile Advertising: $250,000 Blogging, Tweeting, and Social Media campaign: $200,000* Video Contest prizes : $800,000- $1,900,000 YouTube video on "Our Life" Total Cost : $30,100,000 Ad design and production: $100,000* National Network Commercials: (6 month duration) $30,000,000 Winning ads run on T.V networks: (4 month duration) $37,500,000 Total Cost of "Our Life" six month advertising campaign: $79,400,000 - $80,500,000 (This fits within Toyota Company's budget for a hard hitting six month campaign, as Toyota Company's Advertising budget is on average $450 /year globally, with North American revenue counting for over 35% of global revenue). *In house Toyota salary compensation
  • Transcript

    • 1. TOYOTA “ Our Life ” Presented By Nathan Terwilliger NMDLC. April, 2010.
      • Integrated Media Components for North American Campaign:
      • YouTube
      • Blogging
      • Tweeting
      • Mobile
      • Jay Leno
      • Video Contest
      • Media Relations
      • National Television
      Photo courtesy of
    • 2. Photo Courtesy of Is this you? How we see Toyota.
      • Business: In North America, Toyota Company is primarily invested in the Automotive Industry and personal financing for purchasers.
      • Goals: To be A good corporate citizen and to pursue growth in harmony.
      • Challenges: The recent "Toyota recalls" have damaged North American perceptions of Toyota Company as a reliable and trustworthy company as a product and leader.
      • Notable: Toyota Company donates $25 Million a year in philanthropy in North America. (on average since 1991), as well as on average $3 million in scholarships every year for college bound seniors. (Source:
    • 3. The Video Contest: Produce a 45 second video with up to two friends on a specific theme. The time line will run from April 20th through June 20th, to make use of the end of the school year.
      • The Five Themes:
      • “ Stay in School”
      • “ Use Your Voice”
      • “ Say no to Drugs”
      • “ Be Green”
      • “ Find Balance”
      Photo courtesy of
    • 4. Photo courtesy of Promotion of Video Contest
      • Advertising Through:
      • Television
      • YouTube
      • Cinema
      • Mobile
    • 5. Blogging, Tweeting and Media Relations An effort to promote hype and chatter surrounding the video contest.
      • Social Media Announcements
      • Schools
      • Hollywood
    • 6. “ Our Life” Video Production Video highlighted after the landing video showing the contest promotion on Toyota YouTube channel, and becomes the landing video after the promotion has been voted. Video will also be run as the traditional car commercial on Toyota Companies favorite network time slots, although at a reduced rate (5 different slots on network television, 24 times each show over a six month period). Photo courtesy of
    • 7. Friday/Saturday Night T.V Host To present winning videos and a publicity outing for Toyota to appear sincere Guest appearance by a Toyota Representative, preferably key leadership. When asked if this campaign is in response to the Toyota Recalls, Leadership can honestly claim: Photo courtesy of "Yes in part: how does a company show it wishes to repair a relationship? However we do spend more than this each year on scholarships for achievement in just the U.S. At the same time, this latest recall has been beneficial to us; it has made us reflect even more on what is really important to us as a company, and it’s not just advancements and innovations, even the green ones we are so proud of."
    • 8. Photo courtesy of Run Winning Videos as Ads Nationally Give authors credit as well as show a brief sponsorship Toyota logo at end of ad. Studies have shown that if done properly, and the ad itself captures the attention of the viewers, a 2-3 second viewing of the Toyota Company logo at the end of the film is enough for viewers to equate this promotion with Toyota, and hopefully it leaves a pleasant taste in the viewers mouth. In addition, the five winning ads will also be showcased on Toyota's YouTube channel without cost to Toyota.
    • 9. Metrics for Success:
      • YouTube Contest Submissions
      • YouTube Toyota Channel Views
      • Hits on Toyota Website
      • Social Media Noise Level
      • Ratings of Talk Show Event
      • Improved Image
      • Increased Sales Levels
      Photo courtesy of
    • 10. Costs
      • Video Contest Promotion (Two Month Duration): $10,800,000.
      • Blogging, Tweeting, and Media Relations (Six Months): $200,000.
      • Video Contest Awards (One Time): $800,000 - $1,900,000.
      • “ Our Life” Ad and Video (Six Month Duration): $30,100,000.
      • Winning Ads Run on T.V Networks (Four Month Duration): $37,500,000.
      • Total cost of Campaign (Six Month Duration): $79,400,000 - $80,500,000 .