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How to attract more prospects to join your mlm opportunity
How to attract more prospects to join your mlm opportunity
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How to attract more prospects to join your mlm opportunity


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  • 1. Learn more about the author: Contact for more information: 1 How to Attract More Prospects to Join Your MLM Opportunity Attracting prospects to your MLM (multi level marketing) opportunity is the most crucial part of making money in the industry. If you cannot recruit prospects then your business will not grow as you want it to. Many people believe that there is some secret formula or magic system that will help them recruit more people into their network, but this is not true. The truth is that being attractive to prospects is more about you than it is about some system or helpful tips. Here are some ways to attract more prospects to join your MLM opportunity. Avoid the repellants Many MLM marketers actually do a better job of repelling prospects than they do attracting them. This is usually because they are doing some common things that will keep people away. Here are some things to avoid: -Don’t put too much pressure on each individual prospect. Some MLM marketers act as if the person they are talking to is the last person left on Earth. They put a lot of pressure on the prospect, which is usually the best way to drive them away. You have to realize that there is plenty of opportunity out there and that the success of your business does not rely on a single prospect. This will help you take a more relaxed approach that doesn’t appear desperate. -Don’t look outside of yourself. Many people look outside of themselves for a magic formula or system that will do the work for them. There is no magic system. If you want to succeed in MLM then you have to realize it will be due to your own hard work, passion and dedication. -Don’t take rejection too hard. Remember, people are going to say no from time to time. This doesn’t mean that you have failed or that your tactics weren’t any good. You have to deal with rejection, realize that it is part of the business world and move on.
  • 2. Learn more about the author: Contact for more information: 2 How to be more attractive to prospects Here are some ways that you can make yourself more attractive to potential prospects: -Always be driven by internal forces. You should not look outside of yourself for validation. People are attracted to individuals that are “up to something” or always seem to have something going. If you are driven by your own goals and desires you will be much more attractive to people. They will see that you will achieve your success with or without them. This confidence will make you more attractive. -Choose to be a top earner. Instead of sitting around and wishing for something to happen, you need to make the choice to be a top earner. When you make this decision you can then take the action necessary to make it happen. Dreaming and setting goals is fine, but you need to support those dreams with tangible actions. If you are “on a mission” to reach your goals then people will see this and be more attracted to your opportunity. Confidence and action are attractive qualities that will help grow your MLM business.