My Most Common Time Wasters, Time Thieves and Culprits? "
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Questionaire Plus Time Wasters Thieves Ans Cullpritsז


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Questionaire Plus Time Wasters Thieves Ans Cullpritsז

  1. 1. TIME MANAGEMENT QUESTIONAIRE Map" My Most Common Time Wasters, Time Thieves and Culprits? " Planning: Working without any clear targetsNo set of priorities ( LIFO) No deadlines Procrastination : Putting off the doing of something intentionally and habituallyOver accumulation of tasks Bad planning of work on account of personal mattersNeed of excessive controlPoor ability to delegate Inter communication Hesitation to say NO! Non effective delegation of powerLong meetings / too many meetingsPartial data / information Long telephone calls Disturbances from colleagues /Boss Social talk and gossip Organization and order disorganized desk ( clutter ) Writing notes on the nearest piece of paperpoor use of electronic organizers Bad filing system Vague job description Lack of clear borders of responsibility & authorityUnorganized Boss /colleaguesProcess: unsolved problems return.Decision makingHesitation to make decisions Fear of change ( comfort zones) Paradigms and inflexibility/ rigidity Making same errors againLack of data/informationReluctance to take advice Ego/image/ status problemsInability to take blame /responsibility Nathan Ronen ©Nathan Ronen ©Personal Lack of self disciplineOver need for control Excessive perfection Need to sleep, compensate by eating or stare at TV or be on the internet. Inability to be assertive Reluctance to take advice Ego/image/ status problemInability to take blame /responsibilityAnswer the following 10 questions (attached to your answers there are grades written in brackets (Plus or minus) please sum them up1. Do you think you usually achieve in a typical working week; A. all of my planned targets? (+4) b. most of my targets (+2) c. half of my planned targets (+1) d. much less that I have planned (0) e. things tend to go out of control (-2) 2. During a typical working day are you usually:a. Relaxed and competent in accomplishing my work (+2) b. sometime relaxed and sometime upset (+1) c. I find myself in stress often at work (- 1) d. I am quite nervous and under pressure at work (-3)3. Do you feel that as much as you do more you? Accomplish less? Hardly ( +4 )Sometimes ( +2)Often ( -1)Always ( -3 ) 4. When it comes to meetings are you: a. I am always on time (+3) b.sometimes late but never for important ones (+1) c. I am a bit late to most meetings (0) D. always late, sometimes even by more than half hour (-3) 5. When an important issue arises at work unexpectedly How easy is it for you to handle it and schedule it to your timetable?I find it easy to cope with it and schedule it in (+3)If you give me few days notice I can handle it ( 0)I can't work like that, it is very hard for me ( -1 )Impossible , I am over loaded with assignments (-4)6. Are you skipping lunch or eat a sandwich at work? a. Almost never ( +3 ) b. sometimes (+1) c. often (-1) d, almost always (-3) 7. Do you find disturbances at work having an impact on your ability to concentrate and execute your Job? a. never (+3) b.sometimes (+1) c.seldom ( -1) d. always (-3) 8. Do you find that little things that were not attended for have a tendency to accumulate on your desk? (Returning phones, letters, correspondence etc.) a. rarely (+4) b. sometimes ( +2 ) C. quite often (+1) d. many times ( -2) e. all the time (-4)9. Do you find it hard to relax at the end of a typical working day? a. seldom (+3)b.sometimes (+1)c. often (-2)d. always (-4)10. How often do you find yourself forced to stop Assignments you already started to deal with during the week? Never ( +3 )Sometimes ( +1)Quite often (-2)All the time ( -4 ) PLEASE SUM UP YOUR RESULTS. ………………………………………….Nathan Ronen ©*(THIS PAGE IS NOT TO BE DISTRIBUTED TO THE FORUM OF STUDENTS BEFORE ) RESULTS TO THE QUSTIONAIRE: Up to 10 points: you are a reactive time manager, you are under pressure most of the time, you find yourself running after affairs and extinguishing fire at work and home. should you continue like that, you might find yourself worn out and in a state of mental exhaustionYOU MUST IMPROVE YOUR MANAGERIAL SKILLS 10-20 points: you are in a fair state, like most of the managers, you are sometimes in control of your time management and sometimes not, but you try hard.TRY TO IMPROVE; YOU ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK! 20—26 points: You are in full control of your life; you choose correctly and have a right Judgment of what is urgent and what is important, BRAVO!!! Nathan Ronen ©