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Social media is an effective way for those who serve in children’s ministry to connect with parents, other children’s ministry pastors, and volunteers. The goals of this breakout session is to introduce the top three social media networks and how those networks can be utilized to learn and share ideas with others in children’s ministry as well as being a useful tool to improve communications with parents. We will also be looking at how social media can help in personal development to enable volunteers to be more successful in their area of ministry.

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Social media

  1. 1. How Social Media Can Change You and Your Ministry The Source
  2. 2. Social Media - What is it? The Source
  3. 3. Social Media - What is it? Any online technology or practice that people use to share content, opinions, experiences and media. It’s your digital voice. The Source
  4. 4. Social media is the #1 activity on the web! 96% of Generation Y is part of a social network. The Source
  5. 5. Is social media a fad? No, the platforms may change but the concept is not going to change. The Source
  6. 6. Examples of older social media guestbooks, online polls, Yahoo Answers, MySpace, etc The Source
  7. 7. The Source
  8. 8. Five reasons to use social media 1 Keep in touch with family and friends. 2 News: Staying Up-To-Date 3 Work Related Research 4 Personal Research 5 Collaboration with others The Source
  9. 9. The Source
  10. 10. Top 3 Social Media Networks in 2013 1 Facebook 2 Twitter 3 Instagram The Source
  11. 11. PREDICTED Top 3 Social Media Networks of 2014 1 Twitter 2 Google+ 3 Facebook The Source
  12. 12. Social Media Network Growth in 2013 44% Growth 33% Growth 23% Growth The Source
  13. 13. Monthly Active Users in 2013 1.15 Billion 359 Million 215 Million The Source
  14. 14. The Source
  15. 15. 4 Core Social Media Tips 1 INVEST in your audience. 2 Consider TIMING is essential. 3 Being a QUALITY POSTER is best. 4 TRANSPARENCY is paramount. The Source
  16. 16. Twitter The Source
  17. 17. Trivia Question What famous sports player was the Twitter Bird named after? Larry Bird – Boston Celtics Announced Feb 2012 The Source
  18. 18. True or False Noah Glass was one of the founders of Twitter? TRUE! Twitter was founded in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone and Noah Glass. The Source
  19. 19. True or False In 2013 twitter launched a music app called Twitter Music? TRUE! Twitter shares the top artists in different genres based off Tweets. The Source
  20. 20. Twitter The Source
  21. 21. Twitter Lingo TWEET 140 character status update. The Source
  22. 22. Twitter Lingo FOLLOWING The basic networking action where you choose to follow tweets from a specific user. The Source
  23. 23. Twitter Lingo FOLLOWERS Those who choose to follow your tweets The Source
  24. 24. Twitter Lingo RETWEET Sharing another user’s single tweet to your followers. The Source
  25. 25. Twitter Lingo MENTION Citing a specific user in a tweet that automatically links to their account (styled with the @ symbol) Example: @natefietzer The Source
  26. 26. Twitter Lingo HASHTAG Used to mark a phrase that will allow for marketing or searching (styled with the # symbol) Example: #kidmin The Source
  27. 27. Twitter Lingo LISTS A custom group of people’s tweets that you select to read separate from your general feed of all of your followers The Source
  28. 28. Twitter Lingo DIRECT MESSAGE A private message to only someone that follows you (Referenced as DM) The Source
  29. 29. The Source
  30. 30. 3 Key Notes About Birds (Twitter) 1 Birds don’t fly the day their born. Success on Twitter isn’t instant. 2 Nobody likes a bird that tweets non-stop. Don’t over do it or you will be unfollowed. 3 Birds like bird feed. You reap what you so. Engage The Source
  31. 31. The Source
  32. 32. What does success look like on Twitter? Developing a network of friends and acquaintances in which you collaborate and share ideas openly. The Source
  33. 33. The Source
  34. 34. Is there a Twitter formula for success? The Source
  35. 35. Find people who have similar interests as you and engage in conversation with them. (See Top 100 #KidMin List) The Source
  36. 36. Post a minimum of twice a day. The Source
  37. 37. Retweet things you enjoyed The Source
  38. 38. Follow and Engage with 10 new people EACH WEEK! The Source
  39. 39. in #ptm #fam m #kidmin360 ct mconne #c in p Use HASHTAGS! #catalyst d #ki #lea der shi min tter idzma #k #cpc14 e ang or ink #th #parentm in The Source
  40. 40. The Source
  41. 41. How Social Media Can Change You and Your Ministry The Source
  42. 42. Sources: The 2014 Top 100 Kidmin Tweeters The Source