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txteagle presentation from eTech09.

txteagle presentation from eTech09.

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  • 1.
    • Mobile Crowd Sourcing in the Developing World
    Nathan Eagle [email_address]
  • 2. Who Uses Mobile Phones?
  • 3. Why Africa?
    • Africa: fastest growing mobile phone market in the world
    • Vibrant, growing community of computer science graduates
    • Mobile airtime and money Transfers
    • Truly innovative mobile applications and services
  • 4. EPROM: Entrepreneurial Programming and Research on Mobiles
    • Education
    • Research
    • Entrepreneurship
      • Mozambique, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Senegal, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania, Rwanda, Nigeria
  • 5. EPROM: Entrepreneurship Mobile Application Development
    • SMS Gateway
    • Air Time Regulator
    • Stolen Car Alerts
    • Business Directories
    • Pre-Paid Electricity
    • Weather Forecasts
    • MoSoko (Craig’s List)
    • Crush Lists...
  • 6. EPROM: SMS BloodBank
    • Real-time monitoring of blood supplies at local district hospitals in Eastern Kenya
  • 7. Empowering the largest knowledge workforce on Earth.
  • 8. Idle Times in Africa… Kenya - English Speaking - >75% Literacy Rates - 12M mobile phone subscribers Yet almost half the country is unemployed.
  • 9. Crowd-Sourcing There are over 2 billion literate, mobile phone subscribers in the developing world, many living on less than $5 a day .
  • 10. Corporations are inundated with small tasks that need to be done.
  • 11. Cellular Networks How to increase ARPU? How to monetize underutilized capacity?
  • 12. The Opportunity We can now enable these tasks to be distributed and completed via a mobile phone anywhere in the world.
  • 13. Spring ‘09 Deployment The Dominican Republic Kenya Rwanda
  • 14. Accuracy Inference
  • 15. Expertise Inference
  • 16. Translation Tasks There are over 100 languages in Kenya alone; companies like Nokia would love to localize their software, but don’t know how.
  • 17. Citizen Journalism Compensate subscribers for reporting news as it happens.
  • 18. Rural Banking Accumulate enough txteagle credit, and have a bank account opened in your name.
  • 19. Village Phone Operators Grameen VPOs have downtime too… Multiple accounts can be set up for users of a single phone.
  • 20. Surveys and Market Research Significant amounts of money on surveys in the field; we can provided targeted questionnaires to specific regions of interest.
  • 21. USSD Sessions-based SMS! No preconceived cost. Lots of experience. Menu driven.
  • 22. Beyond txt The Voice Channel… Targeted Radio Ads Speech Recognition Training Transcription
  • 23. Service Now Live in Kenya Pilot Users: Security Guards Taxi Drivers High-School Students
  • 24. Translation Tasks Completed. Enormous Uptake – no advertising required. > 15 languages completed shortcode 3007
  • 25. 15 million Africans are ready for work. Got tasks?
  • 26.