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Tuihana Cafe - Social Media + Tech
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Tuihana Cafe - Social Media + Tech


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My presentation from Gather (@nzgather). The clever technology and social media that powers our Mt Eden cafe.

My presentation from Gather (@nzgather). The clever technology and social media that powers our Mt Eden cafe.

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. powering a mt eden café withclever technology + social media
  • 2. stalk menate dunntwitter: @natee-mail: nate@3bit.comblog: powered by Geekzonecafé: @tuihanacafe
  • 3. backgroundsoftware developers café
  • 4. challenges• Hospitality is highly competitive• Margins are tight• Advertising budgets are limited• Café’s need to be creative to stay ahead
  • 5. get the basics right• Clean, bright, warm environment• Extraordinary service through passionate staff• Great coffee and food with plenty of choice (not too many options)• Look after your regular customers
  • 6. clever technology1. eftpos over broadband with nfc2. naked dsl and voip3. free wifi4. coffee ordering via sms, email and twitter
  • 7. 1a. eftpos over broadband• Phone lines are expensive and not required• No need to dial up, it’s always on• Doesn’t tie up phone line for customers who call• We have broadband for free wifi, might as well use it
  • 8. 1b. near field communications (nfc)• Visa paywave + Mastercard paypass• Quickest way to pay• Problems – Few people have the cards – Fewer know what it is – Need to upgrade terminal to support it• Snapper not supported
  • 9. 2. naked dsl and voip• No need for a phone line, just need broadband• Stacks of features – Multiple registrations to SIP devices• Cost
  • 10. 3a. free wifi• Expected by most customers• Good way to keep them in the café buying coffee and food• Makes you an attractive option for meetings
  • 11. 3b. how to run wifi successfully• Just works – having codes is too complicated• Rate/protocol and/or time limited (section 92a)• Separate SSIDs for staff/customers• Powered by Mikrotik
  • 12. 4a. ordering by sms/tweets/email• Custom Windows app, interfaces with 2N Cellular gateway (Siemens MC55 chip) on Vodafone prepay• Uses AT commands• Customers must join first• Prints out to receipt printer• Replies with confirmation SMS after printing• Same process for Twitter DM and email
  • 13. 4b. sms commercial gateway?!• Too expensive• Not high enough volume to warrant• Disadvantages – lots of points of failure
  • 14. 4c. what we’ve learnt• Word numbers (022INARUSH) not important• Customers don’t read• Some will register and not use it• Novelty for most, must- have for core group• Fradulent orders
  • 15. social media1. google alerts2. foursquare3. twitter4. facebook + blog
  • 16. 1. google alerts• Customers will add reviews to all sorts of forums and sites• Use Google Alerts to keep track of the madness• We put all our reviews on our feedback page
  • 17. 2. foursquare • Location based check-ins • Rewards for particular criteria • Not heavily used • Not popular
  • 18. 3. twitter • Very few use • Broadcast platform • Our Twitter DM ordering is a gimmick
  • 19. 4a. facebook• Platform most customers engage on• Best “bang for your buck” in advertising• Must take the good and the bad• Low online/high offline engagement• Pictures speak a thousand words
  • 20. 4b. facebook custom app• Checks @tuihanacafe feed every 10 minutes• Check for image, streams down• Connects to Facebook, uploads to Mobile Uploads album• Post body of tweet and full image to Facebook
  • 21. 4c. facebook image posting
  • 22. 4d. blog• Facebook blocks pulling RSS feed from their Pages’ Notes app• Use custom app to show posts on our website• Both Facebook friends and general public can view
  • 23. thanks!Nate DunnTwitter: @nateE-mail: nate@3bit.comBlog: powered by GeekzoneCafé: @tuihanacafe