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We manufacture natural soy candles and soaps that are province or state related

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Tourist Brochure

  1. 1. Combo Packs Who Are We??? We re Burnt Out Solutions Inc, your environmentally friendly and socially conscious manufacturers. We spe- cialize in crafting soy wax candles and hand poured soaps for our own lineup of brands, as well as for our Private Label partners. Tourist Candle & Soap Gift Box Our hand poured products are made from biodegrad- able ingredients. Instead of paraffin, we use only soy wax, natural waxes and natural oils. Collection WHS: $7.50 MSRP: $15.00 All wax used in our candles come from a blend of natu- ral, renewable resources, supporting North AmericanOur Tourist Collection combo packs makes gift giv- agriculture. We choose natural fiber wicks and recycla-ing fun and convenient. ble containers.Choose your combo whether a candle and soap, a We are commited to using the best products possible,selection of 3 2oz tins, or a collection of 4oz tins. with a constant focus on our customers and respect forYou decide! the environment. Our mission remains to provide a natural way of mak-Packaged using the specialized services of 2 local ing light .adult workshops, the Package Mill and Plank &Hammer. This helps us to build a strong communityand economy. Burnt Out Solutions Inc. 15 Jones Road, 15 Jones Road, New Minas, Nova Scotia New Minas, Nova Scotia Canada, B4N 3N2 Canada, B4N 3N2 Phone (902) 681-1362 Phone (902) 681-1362 Toll Free 888-681-1362 Toll Free 888-681-1362 Three 2oz Candle Gift Set WHS: $9.00 Fax (902)681-2386 Fax (902)681-2386 MSRP: $18.00 Email: Email:
  2. 2. Our Tourist Collection The 4oz, 2oz and votives are available The Mayflower glass candle with a Nova Hand Poured Soaps in the following fresh scents for Mari- Scotia themed box is time Provinces: These wonderful 4 oz. Soaps are rich a guaranteed win- in naturally occurring glycerin. Our ner with tourist and hand-poured soap moisturizes as it gift givers. Burn time Mayflower (NS) cleanses! Ocean for the 8oz glass is Clean & Fresh 38-42 hours. Each bar is shrink wrapped and Maple labeled with our attractive Tourist Wild Blueberry Collection packaging. Harvest Apple Nova Scotia Mayflower The convenient size makes them easy Lady Slipper (PE) Pitcherplant (NL) to tuck into a suitcase, or a little sur- Violet (NB)We display an illustration prise gift.of the provincial floweron a background of theprovincial tartan. Also These Soaps Are Available In 3available is the Cape beautiful Scents Including:Breton tartan.The tin candle delivers O Canada! Maple25+ hours of burn time.The tins will burn clean, Mayflowerleaving only a thin disc of Oceanwax on the bottom. When finished, simply wash Pricingthe tins out with hot soapy water and reuse, orput out at curb side with recyclables. Trim wicks Glass Candle ..WHS: $7.25to ¼ before each use, place candle on a heat resistant surface, and MSRP: $14.50 burn for 3 5 hours at a time. 2oz tins are 4oz Tin. ...WHS: $4.50 available in boxes of 24. MSRP: $9.00 2oz Tin .WHS: $2.75 MSRP: $4.50 They make ideal, inexpensive souvenirs or gifts. Votive ...WHS: $1.50 MSRP: $3.00 Soap 4oz bar .WHS: $2.00 MSRP: $4.00