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ABC Libraries Floating Preso
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ABC Libraries Floating Preso


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  • 1. One System – One Collection Floating our Collection
  • 2. What is a floating collection?
    • One system, one collection
    • Items move freely among all locations
    • Materials movement is generated by our library customers
    • Items remain at the location where they are returned
  • 3. Why do it?
    • To get materials into the hands of our customers more quickly while reducing the handling and transportation of materials by library staff
    • This will help make the entire collection more readily available to our customers, reduce staff time and save money
  • 4. The Fear Factor
    • You want to do what?
    • You think this is going to work?
  • 5. The Fear Factor
    • What if I end up with too many books? Not enough books?
    • Stacks of books piled everywhere will topple over and kill our customers!
  • 6. The Fear Factor
    • Are
    • you insane?
  • 7. Why float?
    • It
    • Works!
  • 8. Benefits of Floating
    • System
    • Brings us together as a system
    • Increases materials availability and provides continuously refreshed collections
    • Reduces the risk of smaller branches being “read out”
  • 9. Benefits of Floating
    • Customers
    • Allows customers to control the movement of items
    • Items are available at the point of checkin
    • Reduces amount of time items are in transit
    • Offers opportunity to better utilize our catalog features
  • 10. Benefits of Floating
    • Workload
    • Reduces amount of materials handling by delivery staff, branch staff and central sort (delivery bin count will drop dramatically)
    • Less processing of materials
    • Avoids extra transactions, such as double checkin
  • 11. Benefits of Floating
    • Cost Savings
    • Reduces physical wear and tear on items, extending life
    • Reduces need to duplicate titles
    • Reduces ergonomic injuries
    • Good stewardship of resources
  • 12. Issues to Address
    • Overflow
    • Designate “feeder” branches
    • Do limited shifting to accommodate items
    • Make creative displays to increase circulation
    • Weed tired, worn and tattered materials
    • Create redistribution guidelines
    • Relocation should be used as a last resort
  • 13. Issues to Address
    • Weeding
    • Do not send materials back to original “owning” branch for weeding, the library currently holding the item makes the weeding decision
    • Different standards of weeding will become apparent as materials begin to float
    • Weed materials that have long outlived their lifespan
  • 14. Issues to Address
    • Training
    • Adjustments to standardized collection (rogue stickering, weeding standards, etc.)
    • New workflow issues for circulation staff, pages, selectors
    • Customer training (placing holds, system-wide view)
    • Collection knowledge
  • 15. Issues to Address
    • Collection Development
    • Standardize processing of materials
    • More titles, fewer copies
    • No need to buy for every location
    • Centralized ordering process, but still involving library staff in collection development for the entire system
  • 16. Final Thoughts/Questions
    • We are already successfully floating
    • DVDs, Audiobooks, Music CD’s
    • Large Print
    • Spanish
    • Next: all other holdable items will float the first week of May 2010