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Date: Tue, Sep 29, 2009 at 6:23 PM
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Published in: Technology, Sports
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  • 1. Natasha Call
  • 2.
    • Design and sustain the following websites through the use of Microsoft Expressions Web 2.0. This includes custom graphics through the use of Photoshop Elements and Microsoft Publisher, as well as custom videos through the use of Window Movie Maker and .
    • Inspired Lemonade – http://
    • Speedy Spyder – http://
    Website Design and Development – Websites
  • 3. Website Design and Development – Blogs
    • Design blogs on Blogger and WordPress , manipulating HTML and other script as needed.
    • Issues On Call - Issues On Call (Blogger) - Click Here
    • Max Your Ping - Max Your Ping (Blogger) - Click Here
    • Positive University - Positive University (Blogger) - Click Here with mirrored content on WordPress - Click Here
    • Gratitude University - Gratitude University (Blogger) - Click Here with mirrored content on WordPress - Click Here
    • Inspired Lemonade – The Blog - Inspired Lemonade (Blogger) - Click Here with mirrored content on WordPress - Click Here
  • 4.
    • Additional Websites where various work has been completed (writing and editing, layout and design, content management, original content marketing) include;
    • Inspired Lemonade
    • Digital Art Impressions
    • Made In USA Certified, Inc.
    • Speedy Spyder
    Website Design and Development - Miscellaneous
  • 5. Current Events Expertise
    • Issues On Call - Since 2007, regularly researching and recording international current events and corresponding opinion (oftentimes adding personal opinion). Topics include but are not limited to politics, war, human rights, the United States Constitution, various intelligence agencies, weather phenomena, terrorism, religion, controversies, such as One World Order and 9/11, as well as other international current events.
    • Issues On Call
  • 6. Actively Submit Writing
    • Poems, serious papers, fiction - writing is continually submitted to various organizations. Samples are parked at the link provided below.
    • See Natasha Call On Scribd
  • 7. Knowledge Bowl Commissioner 2008-2009--Harvest Elementary
    • Compiled teaching material/coaching material, including original compilations of specific multimedia to teach 3 rd -6 th graders The Arts in preparation for the competition, Spring 2009, against multiple elementary schools in a trivia question competition. Taught twice weekly (from September, 2008-Mid-March, 2009) to enhance the learning process in preparation for the competition. Created a blog to help facilitate the learning process that includes short learning videos and MP3 options, as well as some of the study guides.
    • Harvest Knowledge Bowl Blog
  • 8. Social Networking Enthusiast
    • Twitter (including TweetDeck and TwitScoop)
    • Facebook
    • MySpace
    • LinkedIn
    • Technorati
    • Digg
    • YouTube
    • Scribd
    • MyBlogLog
    • Flickr
    • LiveJournal
    • Ning
    • QuarterLife
    • Reddit
    • Etc.
  • 9. Experience With Technology
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft PowerPoint
    • Microsoft Publisher
    • Photoshop
    • Windows Movie Maker
    • YouTube
    • Blogger
    • WordPress
    • Basic HTML and JAVA Script
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Expression 2.0
    • ZOHO
    • Google Docs
    • Box.Net
    • SlideShare
    • Second Life
    • Some experience with Mac
  • 10. Online Video Resume
    • To view my online video resume, click the link below.
    • Click Here for YouTube
    • You’ll see by this video resume that I have a professional presence that will contribute to your company’s successful image. Whether you utilize my talents in public speaking, in writing and editing, or in technologies, you’ll be satisfied with the image I portray for your company.
  • 11. Community Involvement
    • PTA Knowledge Bowl Coach – Science, 2007-2008, Harvest Elementary
    • Community Emergency Response Team , Saratoga Fire Department/Homeland Security Training, Saratoga Springs, Utah
    • Neighborhood Watch Captain , Dalmore Meadows Subdivision
    • PTA Board, Legislative Vice President , 2008-2009 Harvest Elementary
    • Knowledge Bowl Commissioner – The Arts, 2008-2009 Harvest Elementary
    • Interim Chair, Saratoga Springs Civic Events Committee , Saratoga Springs, 2009
  • 12. Most Recent Job History
    • Freelance Marketing, Writing and Editing, Modeling
    • Research, Writing, Editing, Advertising @ Issues On Call
    • Substitute Teacher @ Alpine School District
    • Home Staging – Freelance (note: For example, please see Click Here For Example
    • Home/Office Space Planning and Interior Design – Freelance
    • To view more, click below to go to my LinkedIn profile
    • Click Here For LinkedIn Profile
  • 13. Hobbies and Interests
    • Photography – Small amateur portfolio on Flickr
    • Reading – Just finished The First Commandment , by Brad Thor. Currently reading The Secret for the 7 th time
    • Studying Arabic, Spanish and French
    • Spirituality and universal law
    • Second Life
    • Studying global governments, government figures and leaders
    • Spending time with my husband and kids
    • Gardening
    • Yoga and Meditation
  • 14. Thank You.
    • To arrange an interview, please contact me at 801-915-9130 or at [email_address]
    • If you would like my expertise to create a Power Point presentation for you or your company, please contact me utilizing the above email address.