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  • In sept. 2013 begint Tilburg University met de opleiding tot Leraar Economie en/of Management en Organisatie.Bachelorstudenten kunnen dan de eerste 15 ECTS van deze studie volgen die in totaal 60 ECTS omvat. Vanaf sept. 2014 wordt het volledige traject van 60 ECTS aangeboden.Zij-instromers (bijvoorbeeld docenten Aardrijkskunde met een opleiding Sociale Geografie) kunnen 1 sept. 2014 eveneens aan deze opleiding beginnen. Voor hen betekent dat, dat zij eerst een Premaster traject in economische vakken moeten afleggen, dat begint vanaf 1 sept. 2013.
  • In cooperation with TiU Student Career Services we offer students training and workshops to prepare for the labor market. Topics are for example: your personal profile, personal branding, CV and letter writing, application skills. We also help students find internships and starter jobs and can provide individual career advice.
  • We offer alumni knowlegde updates (executive education, lectures) and skills training (for example entrepreneurship) and a network fo thousands of alumni. We ask alumni to support our students by offering internships and starter jobs and by sharing their experiences with students. Ways to stay in touch with alumni are newsletters, events, websites, social media, alumni magazine Until and memberships of the alumni associations. Famous alumni are for example: Herman Wijffels, Jan Hommen (CEO ING), Arnoud Boot (professor at UvA), Tiny Sanders (General Manager PSV), Roderick Munsters (CEO Robeco)
  • Master Information Management

    1. 1. Master Information Management Prof. dr. Piet Ribbers
    2. 2. The Thrust of the Program ….how to optimize Business Value from (with) Information Systems
    4. 4. INFORMATIONMANAGEMENT systems implementation change
    5. 5. General Management: • strategic direction • how much to spend • priorities • Risk managementINFORMATIONMANAGEMENT
    6. 6. INFORMATIONFunctional Needs MANAGEMENT• Functional Managers’desires.. • Marketing: E-channels • Finance: MIS • Logistics: SCM • Purchasing: E- catalogues • General Management: EIS
    7. 7. INFORMATIONMANAGEMENT Delivery of Systems • ERP • Agents • E-Markets • Datawarehouses • IT Consumerization • BYOD  Technology Push!!!
    8. 8. INFORMATIONMANAGEMENT Maintenance • efficiency (high cost!) • standards • service management • ITIL
    9. 9. Business General Management INFORMATIONFunctional needs MANAGEMENT Delivery of Systems Maintenance Technology Finding the Balance…..
    10. 10. Business Compliance INFORMATION MANAGEMENT Technology Finding the Balance…..
    11. 11. IM Developments• Sharper distinction between Demand and Supply• Sourcing: shared service centers, outsourcing(of Supply)• CIO moves to demand management (less technology oriented)• Alignment: structure (who does what?) and process (how?)• Link between business processes, IT and business value• Financials become more important• Innovation• Vulnerability: Security/control
    12. 12. The Master’s Information Management program:the basic idea IT trends Innovation Business Strategy IS strategy Governance Operations implementation Sourcing Services Project Mgmt / Quality Organizational change Security
    13. 13. Preparing for the Future • Enterprise Architecture • Business Transformation and IT • E-Business Seminar • Management of Knowledge and InnovationMaster Thesis • Business Intelligence IS strategy Governance Managing • IT Governance Managing operations implementation• BPM & Workflow• BPI • Sourcing• SOA • Advanced Resource Planning• Logistics & Information
    14. 14. The Master’s Information Management program:the coursesStrategy1. Enterprise Architecture2. Business Transformation and IT3. E- Business4. Management of Knowledge and InnovationImplementation4 IT Governance and Sourcing5 Advanced Resource planning
    15. 15. Operations6. Business Process Management and Workflow7. Business Process Integration8. SOA9. Logistics and Information10. Business Intelligence and DWH6. Seminar7. Master’s thesis
    16. 16. Master Information ManagementWe offer two tracks: What is your preferred position on the Bridge? • Business Track • Information Systems track
    17. 17. MSc IM Business Track CoursesSemester 1 M IT Governance M Enterprise Architecture M Seminar I E (1 out of 4) Strategic Sourcing E Business Transformation & IT E Advanced Resource Planning E Any master course MASTER THESISSemester 2 M Management of Knowledge and Innovation M Seminar II M E-Bus E (1 out of 2) Business Intelligence E Business Process Management E Any master level course 17
    18. 18. MSc IM: IS TrackMSc IM IS Track CoursesSemester 1 E (1 out of 2) IT Governance E Strategic Sourcing E Any master level course M Enterprise Architecture M Service Oriented Architecture M Business Process Integration M Seminar I MASTER THESISSemester 2 M Business Process Management E (1 out of 2) Business Intelligence E E-business E Any master level course M Seminar II 18
    19. 19. International Master in Management of ITParticipating Universities• Paul Cezanne University, Aix-Marseille III • Institut dAdministration des Entreprises (IAE), Department of Information Systems • EQUIS Accredited• Tilburg University • School of Economics and Management (SEM) – Department of Information Management. Belongs to one of the thirteen European faculties/institutions which acquired the U.S. AACSB-accreditation.• Turku University -Turku School of Economics • Department of Management, Information Systems Science • Reviewed by the Finnish Higher Education Evaluation Council (FINHEEC), EQUIS accreditation process started 19
    20. 20. International Master in Management of IT Sept Dec Jan May Sept Dec Jan May IAE Turku Tilburg Thesis Foundations Skills in Integration: Managing IT for International IT International Business Business management Year One Year Two
    21. 21. MSC IM IMMIT CoursesSemester 1 M 1 IT Governance M 2 Strategic Sourcing M 3. Enterprise Architecture M 4. Business Transformation and IT M 5. Advanced Resource Planning MASTER THESIS 21
    22. 22. International Master in Service Engineering Contact: Prof. dr. Willem-Jan van de Heuvel
    23. 23. MSc IM: IMSE (sem 1) MSc IM IMSE Courses Semester 1 M 1 IT Governance M 2 Strategic Sourcing M 2. Enterprise Architecture M 3 SOA M 4.Business Process Integration M 5. Advanced Resource Planning MASTER THESIS 23
    24. 24. Master Information Management Name TitleThesis Supervisor Software Asset Management at medium sized T. van Beijsterveld Prof. dr. E.J.J. Beulen organizations M.P.J. van Berg Design constraints in IT architecture Prof. dr. W.J.M. van de Heuvel R.F.P.M. Dirks On the maturity and value of business intelligence Prof. dr. Ir. H.M. DanielsExamples of M.W. van der Goot Telecom Services, bundles and channels A Survey on Drs. L.W. Hexspoor the preferences of the Dutch SME Marketthesis research Knowledge Management Systems in humanitarian S. Hakkenbroek response: Research on Growth and the Acquisition of Dr. B. van de Walle knowledge in the B-FAST team during TRIPLEX M.H.G. Janssen Enterprise Intelligence Prof. dr. ir. H.M. Daniels L.C.M. van de Prof. Dr. W.J.H van Is management information adequate? Kerkhof Groenendaal Medical technology use and distraction: a cognitive J.R. Pluyter load perspective-Improving quality and safety in the Dr. F. Rutkowski operating room A. Teeuw A Suitable Solution for Atos Origin SDMC ERM Prof. dr. ing. J.T.M. van der Zee What to do with multiple similar legacy systems: a M.H.J. Verschuren Prof. dr. W.J.M. van de Heuvel decision framework
    25. 25. Do we need Information Managementgraduates? The European employment observatory newsletter (2010) reports that employers are experiencing difficulties in recruiting staff, especially for high-skilled jobs. It is predicted that there could be shortages in areas like the Information Communication Technology (ICT) with an estimated deficit for the whole of Europe of 700,000 for ICT specialists by 2015 and of one million by 2025. To boost the EU employment rate to reach 75 % by 2020, the European Commission launched its flagship initiative “An Agenda for new skills and jobs”.
    26. 26. Skills• Able to assess new technologies and the potential of IT for business innovation• Analyze (integrated) business processes, management information needs, and information flows• Govern the alignment of business processes and the supporting IS/IT infrastructure• Manage projects, e.g. roll-outs of enterprise wide systems, and lead organizational change initiatives• Give advise on whether to make or buy a system• Can work in interdisciplinary teams and act as communicator between the various disciplines• Is able to conduct research, and write and present (scientific) reports and articles
    27. 27. Where do they work? 50% ICT Services/Industry 50% Companies • ATOS KPMG – develop analytical methodsAnd what • Cap Gemini – Information analystdo they do? • KPN – ICT systems and security • ERP software companies – customize software • Ordina (System Research, Finance, etc.) • Financial institutions (ING, Postbank, ABP) • Exxon/Mobil, Schouten Group • Municipalities – integrate systems • Central government – tax and customs automation • Universities – PhD-student/researcher
    28. 28. Research Master Business or Economics:For top studentsPrepare for PhDGreat RankingsExcellent FundingInternational settingGood Job OpportunitiesTop Scholars Visit us this evening at the Information Market or at the Meet&Greet, 3 December (by invitation) School of Economics and Management 28
    29. 29. University Teacher DegreeTeacher of Economics or Management & organizationFrom September 2013 3rd years Bachelor’sstudents can start with the first 15 ECTSAs of September 2014 the full program startsMore van Dalen Titelpresentatie in Footer 10-12-2012 29
    30. 30. TiSEM Career ServicesGuiding you in your career planning process• Career Advice• Career Workshop• Internships• TiSEM Career Mentor ProgramSimone Hofland (K204)Career Services Officer13 466 TiSEM Career Services 30
    31. 31. TiSEM Alumni RelationsAlumni are our most important ambassadors and our goal isto continue to support our alumni to succeed in theirprofessional lives by providing opportunities to - Expand Your Future - Knowledge - Skills - NetworkAs a student, you can benefit from the experiences of thethousands of alumni in the networkPam DupontAlumni Officer013 466 3603alumni-tisem@tilburguniversity.edu TiSEM Alumni Relations 31
    32. 32. Questions?