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  • In cooperation with TiU Student Career Services we offer students training and workshops to prepare for the labor market. Topics are for example: your personal profile, personal branding, CV and letter writing, application skills. We also help students find internships and starter jobs and can provide individual career advice.
  • We offer alumni knowlegde updates (executive education, lectures) and skills training (for example entrepreneurship) and a network fo thousands of alumni. We ask alumni to support our students by offering internships and starter jobs and by sharing their experiences with students. Ways to stay in touch with alumni are newsletters, events, websites, social media, alumni magazine Until and memberships of the alumni associations. Famous alumni are for example: Herman Wijffels, Jan Hommen (CEO ING), Arnoud Boot (professor at UvA), Tiny Sanders (General Manager PSV), Roderick Munsters (CEO Robeco)
  • In sept. 2013 begint Tilburg University met de opleiding tot Leraar Economie en/of Management en Organisatie.Bachelorstudenten kunnen dan de eerste 15 ECTS van deze studie volgen die in totaal 60 ECTS omvat. Vanaf sept. 2014 wordt het volledige traject van 60 ECTS aangeboden.Zij-instromers (bijvoorbeeld docenten Aardrijkskunde met een opleiding Sociale Geografie) kunnen 1 sept. 2014 eveneens aan deze opleiding beginnen. Voor hen betekent dat, dat zij eerst een Premaster traject in economische vakken moeten afleggen, dat begint vanaf 1 sept. 2013.
  • Master Economics

    1. 1. Master Economics
    2. 2. Overview• Specialization tracks and fields of expertise• The Master’s program in detail• Professional focus of the program• Career opportunities• Entry requirements Master Economics 10-12-2012 2
    3. 3. Structure of theMaster’s program
    4. 4. Requirements to graduateAt least 60 ECTS:• September: • Applied Methods for Economists (6 ECTS)• October – Xmas – March • 6 courses (36 ECTS) • From track and with some electives• Thesis • (possibly in combination with traineeship) • (18 ECTS)
    5. 5. Economics at Tilburg
    6. 6. Our specialization tracksSpecialize in one of the following directions • International Economics and Finance • Resources, development and growth • Competition and regulation • Socio-economic policyCommon theme: market failures and their impact onbehaviourCommon degree: Master’s degree in Economics
    7. 7. Track International Economics and FinanceCareer perspectives: core courses: Private banks, Financial Economics Central Banks Financial markets and Institutions Taxation and Trade Internationally oriented consultancy Useful electives:Focus: Investment Analysisfinancial and international side Corporate Governanceof firm regulation and policy making Game Theory and IO Competition policy Competitiveness of the EU 7
    8. 8. Track Competition and RegulationCareer perspectives: Courses: Ministries, Fall Regulatory bodies (domestic/EU), Game Theory and Industrial Organization (Inter)nationally oriented consultancy Competitiveness of the European Union Spring (choose 2 out of 3)Focus: Competition PolicyMarket regulation and anti-trust policies Competition and Regulation in Network Industries Competition and Regulation in Health Care Markets 8
    9. 9. Track Resources, Development and GrowthCareer perspectives: core courses: Ministries, Development and Growth Non-governmental organizations Environmental Economics Internationally oriented consultancyFocus: Useful electives:Sources and consequences of Financial Markets and Institutions,economic growth, limits to growth Public Economics, Game Theory and IO; courses from MSc Environmental Law 9
    10. 10. Track Socio-Economic PolicyCareer perspectives: Core courses: Ministries, Public Economics Research institutes Labor Economics Consultancy Useful electives: Taxation and TradeFocus: Environmental Economicsdomestic policy objectives, Game Theory and IOtaking into account international context Health Economics (MSc Ageing) courses from MSc Sociology 10
    11. 11. Career Perspectives
    12. 12. Common theme and competencesCompanies, governments, international organizationsneed staff with:• sound knowledge of the functioning of markets, and of the causes of market failure• understand how governments may react• determine the impact of alternative solutions• gather the relevant information, process it, and communicate the results…And this is exactly the type of people the Master’sprogram in Economics aims to train! 12
    13. 13. Skills• Professional practice• Economic analysis • Sound background in theory and empirics... • But the aim is applying and using this• Data analysis• Policy analysis• Presentation skills• Creativity
    14. 14. First jobs of our Graduates University, teaching and research 6% 14% Government Banks and financial 17% institutions 43% Other firms and companies 20% Other non-profit organizations
    15. 15. TiSEM Career ServicesGuiding you in your career planning process• Career Advice• Career Workshop• Internships• TiSEM Career Mentor ProgramSimone Hofland (K204)Career Services Officer13 466 TiSEM Career Services 15
    16. 16. TiSEM Alumni RelationsAlumni are our most important ambassadors and our goal isto continue to support our alumni to succeed in theirprofessional lives by providing opportunities to - Expand Your Future - Knowledge - Skills - NetworkAs a student, you can benefit from the experiences of thethousands of alumni in the networkPam DupontAlumni Officer013 466 3603alumni-tisem@tilburguniversity.edu TiSEM Alumni Relations 16
    17. 17. Entry requirements
    18. 18. Entry RequirementsFor external students:• Bachelor’s degree in Economics from a university recognized by Tilburg• Proficiency in English (TOEFL)• Top 33% of GRE test• Level playing field ensured via extra reading material prior to entry.For Tilburg students:• See advised 3rd year courses in ‘Program Description’ (on ESG). 18
    19. 19. Contact persons Program coordinator Elly Klijsen Program director Sjak Smulders
    20. 20. Research Master Business or Economics:For top studentsPrepare for PhDGreat RankingsExcellent FundingInternational settingGood Job OpportunitiesTop Scholars Visit us this evening at the Information Market or at the Meet&Greet, 3 December (by invitation) School of Economics and 20 Management
    21. 21. University Teacher DegreeTeacher of Economics or Management & organizationFrom September 2013 3rd years Bachelor’sstudents can start with the first 15 ECTSAs of September 2014 the full program startsMore van Dalen Titelpresentatie in Footer 10-12-2012 21
    22. 22.
    23. 23. Master EconomicsStudent perspective
    24. 24. My CoursesTrack: Socio-Economic PolicyCourses:• Applied Methods for Economists• Seminar Public Economics (Track)• Seminar Growth and Development• Seminar Competitiveness of the European Economy• Seminar Labor Economics (Track)• Seminar Financial Markets and Institutions• Health Economics and Aging (Elective)• Thesis: Capital Mobility and Tax Competition in the European Union 24
    25. 25. Bachelor versus Master• More emphasize on scientific papers and less on textbooks• More interactive classes (as an economist you like a discussion)• Different exam structures (written, oral and papers) 25
    26. 26. Course Example: Seminar Labor Economics• The first 2 weeks are introduction• In week 3 there is an exam covering the first 2 weeks• Rest of the course consists of presentation lectures by students:• 30 minutes student presentation of a scientific paper• 15 minutes discussion• There are 3 papers discussed every lecture• To finalize the course a paper has to be written on a labor market institution 26
    27. 27. Why the Master Economics?• You can choose courses which you like best• Learn how to read and write academic literature• The topics you learn about are very up to date (e.g. spillovers of Greek debt)• It is an intensive Master’s program, but therefore you also learn a lot• A career as a policy maker or consultant 27
    28. 28. Any Questions? E-mail: 28