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  • In cooperation with TiU Student Career Services we offer students training and workshops to prepare for the labor market. Topics are for example: your personal profile, personal branding, CV and letter writing, application skills. We also help students find internships and starter jobs and can provide individual career advice.
  • We offer alumni knowlegde updates (executive education, lectures) and skills training (for example entrepreneurship) and a network fo thousands of alumni. We ask alumni to support our students by offering internships and starter jobs and by sharing their experiences with students. Ways to stay in touch with alumni are newsletters, events, websites, social media, alumni magazine Until and memberships of the alumni associations. Famous alumni are for example: Herman Wijffels, Jan Hommen (CEO ING), Arnoud Boot (professor at UvA), Tiny Sanders (General Manager PSV), Roderick Munsters (CEO Robeco)
  • In sept. 2013 begint Tilburg University met de opleiding tot Leraar Economie en/of Management en Organisatie.Bachelorstudenten kunnen dan de eerste 15 ECTS van deze studie volgen die in totaal 60 ECTS omvat. Vanaf sept. 2014 wordt het volledige traject van 60 ECTS aangeboden.Zij-instromers (bijvoorbeeld docenten Aardrijkskunde met een opleiding Sociale Geografie) kunnen 1 sept. 2014 eveneens aan deze opleiding beginnen. Voor hen betekent dat, dat zij eerst een Premaster traject in economische vakken moeten afleggen, dat begint vanaf 1 sept. 2013.
  • Master Accounting

    1. 1. Master Accounting
    2. 2. Welcome Prof. dr. Eddy Cardinaels Master of Accounting Program director
    3. 3. Why Accounting? Business and Accounting WHY? Accounting = language of business
    4. 4. Why Accounting? Financial accounting choices and effects Lending, banks, shareholders, government
    5. 5. Why Accounting? Financial bonuses, performance evaluation Align interest of employee to shareholder value!
    6. 6. Why Accounting? Accountant: A BUSINESS PARTNER The secret syrup formula for Coca-Cola® was created in 1886 by Dr. John S. Pemberton, a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia. 1 Dr. Pembertons partner, Frank Robinson, a management accountant, penned the famous trademark symbol Coca-Cola .® In 1891, when Asa Candler purchased the Coca-Cola business from Pemberton for $2,300, he also recognized the value of the management accounting skills of Frank Robinson. In 1892, Candler and Robinson, along with three other associates, formed the Georgia corporation now known as the Coca-Cola Company.A controller uses both financial and non-financial information to directtactical and operational decision-making in organizations.
    7. 7. Why accounting in Tilburg?Tilburg: world class research reputation 1. London Business School 2. Tilburg University 3. INSEAD Source: University of Texas at Dallas ranking, 2009World class research facilities • - Computerized library & databases  master thesis • - Active seminar series with reputable speakers
    8. 8. Why accounting in Tilburg? Topics: charitable trust organizations and (bad) management, Excess CEO compensation in hospitals,Pro’s and Con’s of bonus, off-balance sheet financing, Corporate governance
    9. 9. Why accounting in Tilburg?MCs Accounting program = TOPTop researchers with international reputation or successful partners fromBig4Stimulating class interaction/discussion/casesElsevier ranking / Keuzegids Masters: Accountancy top both in 2010and 2011 !!
    10. 10. Course structure – New Program
    11. 11. Professional track (RA/RC) When you want to become Register Accountant (RA = Dutch term for CPA or CA) Focus: External reporting, auditing FINANCIAL accounting Recommended elective = FSA
    12. 12. Professional track (RA/RC) To pursue an (international) career as register controller (RC) Corporate Controller, Financial Manager, Accountant for firms, Consulting agencies Governments etc… Focus: Internal reporting, control management accounting Elective: Adv. Man. Accounting
    13. 13. CFA track (unique) 2. CFA track (unique) Careers: financial professional, equity or bond analyst, M&A specialist, pension funds, banks, etc.  Investment banking What is “Chartered Financial Analyst” (CFA) ? ■ A self-study curriculum with three levels of examinations ■ Relevant education based on a practitioner-driven global body of investment knowledge ■ Ethical and professional standards emphasized ■ Exam locations worldwide, incl. Amsterdam
    14. 14. CFA option in Accounting CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK)™We cover70%Of CBOK
    15. 15. International Track (general) Flexible program  2 electives, other types of courses Note: For Dutch titles RA / RC, professional track is recommended (big 4 firms etc., auditing is required) GENERAL REMARKS:  New program, launch expected to be 2012-2013  More equal spread of courses over semester 1 & 2, First program allowing for second inflow in Feb.  Current program: RA and RC still separated (auditing only in RA; adv. Man. Acct, only in RC)
    16. 16. We offer you… Master Accounting • Excellent personal approach  Three tracks • Excellent education • Top instructors (research/practice) • Contacts with society (media, business) Life after Master • Excellent development opportunities • Interactive teaching, discussion skills • Presentation skills (class/thesis) • Critical (academic) thinkingPost-Master • Excellent career opportunitiesAccountancy atTilburg University • Career services, Internship opportunities • 80-90% accept job before graduation
    17. 17. Master Accounting Instructors Jan Bouwens Laurence van Lent John van Kollenburg Stephan Hollander Sofie van der Meulen Johan van Helleman Jeroen Suijs Leo van der Tas Arnt Verriest
    18. 18. TiSEM Career ServicesGuiding you in your career planning process• Career Advice• Career Workshop• Internships• TiSEM Career Mentor ProgramSimone Hofland (K204)Career Services Officer13 466 TiSEM Career Services 18
    19. 19. TiSEM Alumni RelationsAlumni are our most important ambassadors and our goal isto continue to support our alumni to succeed in theirprofessional lives by providing opportunities to - Expand Your Future - Knowledge - Skills - NetworkAs a student, you can benefit from the experiences of thethousands of alumni in the networkPam DupontAlumni Officer013 466 3603alumni-tisem@tilburguniversity.edu TiSEM Alumni Relations 19
    20. 20. University Teacher DegreeTeacher of Economics or Management & organizationFrom September 2013 3rd years Bachelor’sstudents can start with the first 15 ECTSAs of September 2014 the full program startsMore van Dalen Titelpresentatie in Footer 10-12-2012 20
    21. 21. Questions?