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Mascon Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. MASCON COMPUTERS SERVICES (P) LTD CORPORATE BROCHURE AND SERVICE OFFERINGS Version 1.2 March 2011 www.mascon-edoc.comCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 1 of 35
  2. 2. Table of contents 1. About Us 2. Management 3. Our Services 4. E-Publishing 5. HTML, SGML, XML conversion 6. XML tagging for DocBook 5.0 7. HTML Tagging 8. Offline Capturing 9. Word Processing 10. Document Archival and Retrieval System 11. Form Processing 12. Software Development Projects 13. Health Care - Medical Billing 14. Mascon On Domestic Front 15. Database 16. Imaging and Indexing Projects 17. Testimonials 18. Work-Order Process Methodology 19. Quality Assurance 20. Customer Care 21. Document Management System - Methodology 22. Quality Control System – Methodology 23. Contact InformationCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 2 of 35
  3. 3. About Us WHY Mascon Mascon Computers Services (P) Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2000 certified and TEAM Mascon ensures fastest DNB registered company. It provides comprehensive solutions related turn-around time. to banking industry and document conversion services for international Our pricing is competitive yet and domestic clients. affordable. Started in 1981, this company has been offering quality services with Work is delivered with the the support of a strong technical team that works 24/7 to ensure highest level of accuracy and quality constant customer support. Our company specializes in HTML Tagging, ePub document conversion and XML tagging for DocBook 5.0. Mascon operates in a 24 x 7 multi shift environment, giving The company has global presence with clients spread across the United customers the flexibility to get things done in time. Kingdom, U.S.A., Switzerland, Italy, Netherlands and other European countries. Well-organized and dedicated Infrastructure with Adequate MISSION Backup Facilities. A passion for working intelligently and efficiently in order to exceed the 99.998% Accuracy (1 character clients expectations. mismatch out of 50000 A focus on consistent quality service, professional approach, low cost characters). solutions and customer satisfaction. At Mascon, customer success and excellence are the top VISION corporate goals. Develop processes to become an industry leader by continuously The unsurpassed customer setting benchmarks. Make use of cutting edge technologies for loyalty we enjoy confirms our continuous improvements and up-gradation. This helps customers to corporate philosophy. store, retrieve and distribute information and knowledge resources, across various media at any given point of time. Our company has a low attrition rate which means that not just clients but even our employees are happy working with us.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 3 of 35
  4. 4. Management K S Natarajan - Chairman and Managing Director Mr. K S Natarajan has over 20 years of experience in the data processing industry. His business values and code of conduct has become the foundation that Mascon rests upon. Under his leadership the company has prospered and grown from strength to strength. Gokul P. Deshpande - Director Mr. Gokul P. Deshpande is a Diploma Engineer from St. Xaviers. He is an experienced entrepreneur and has been in business since 1987. He joined Mascon, initially as a consultant and brought in lot of good practices from his rich experience of over 20 years. He is now on the Board of Directors. Hema Natarajan - Director Mrs. Hema Natarajan joined the Board in the year 1987 and since then she has been attending to the General Administration/Finance of the company.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 4 of 35
  5. 5. Our Services Mascon offers a number of quality E-book and document conversion services with a rapid turnaround. Our Project Managers will work with you to establish a process methodology specific to the requirement of each client. With a customer focused attitude, desire to understand the customer requirements and identifying the right partner for executing the job, we act as a one stop shop for Business Process Outsourcing in India. Core Expertise ✔ E-Publishing ✔ HTML, SGML, XML conversion ✔ XML tagging for DocBook 5.0 ✔ HTML Tagging ✔ Offline Capturing ✔ Word Processing ✔ Document Archival and Retrieval System ✔ Form Processing ✔ Software Development Projects ✔ Health Care - Medical Billing ✔ Database ✔ Imaging/IndexingCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 5 of 35
  6. 6. E-Publishing HOW Mascon receives digital content from the clients in PDF format that needs to be converted into ePub files. This file is extracted to Word and sent for per-editing. Before converting to ePub format, the images folder is placed where the word document is present. The image folder contains all images present for that EPUB (electronic publication) is an open e-book format recommended particular book. by The International Digital Publishing Forum. It is a file extension The document is assigned of an XML format, composed of three open standards namely customized styles based on OPS (Open Publication Structure), instructions provided by the OCF (Open Container Format and OPF (Open Packaging Format). client. The document is then converted Using ePub, we produce and send a single digital publication file into HTML and cleanup is done through distribution and clients get interoperability between to ensure there are no structural software / hardware for unencrypted digital content. errors. All the HTML files are cleaned up Mascon provides service on all web-publishing languages that includes to use semantic markup based SGML, HTML, XML, XHTML. We ensure universal content reach web standards. and flexibility by adapting technologies like Adobe Reader, Microsoft Reader, Mobi-pocket, Palm Readers etc. Once the cleanup is done, ePub & Mobi files are generated through our customized We work on main categories like Books and Periodicals including software Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Newsletters, Directories, Manuals and Procedures, Legal Papers and decisions, etc. We focus on subject categories like Science, Technical and Math (STM) journals and books.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 6 of 35
  7. 7. HTML, SGML, XML conversion ✔ HTML- Hypertext Mark-up Language ✔ XML - Extensible Mark-up Language ✔ SGML - Standard Generalized Mark-up Language SGML (Standard Generalized Markup Language) Mascon can prepare your content for delivery via the Internet and for electronic distribution, by converting it to structured electronic formats like XML, SGML, and HTML. The SGML language allows describing the hierarchical logical structure of a class of textual documents written in a DTD (Document Type Definition). We can create a book DTD or a journal article DTD. HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is the DTD for the structure of Web pages. SGML is currently used for data creation, data exchange, data storage, indexing, searching and retrieving, printing out and data viewing. Mascon specializes in the implementation and management of large and complex conversion projects for clients whose business is heavily dependent on information, such as government agencies, large corporations and online information providers. Source data formats: Paper, Image, Quark Express, Adobe Acrobat, PDF Microsoft Word and many othersCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 7 of 35
  8. 8. XML tagging for DocBook 5.0 HOW Mascon receives print-ready books from their clients in PDF format. Clients also provide necessary instructions for specific XML formatting. Based on the instructions provided, the PDF document is then used to create an XML output Once XML output is generated, unwanted tags and errors are removed from it. Based on the instructions and DOCBook formatting requirement provided by the client, XML tags are assigned. Mascon offers XML Tagging for DocBook 5.0. DocBook is basically a semantic markup (XML) language that is utilized for creation of After assigning the tags, a well technical document content in a presentation neutral form. Formed XML document is created and passed through stringent Quality test to ensure It captures the content in a logical structure that can be further there is no missing information. published in different formats (including EPUB, HTML, PDF, XHTML, HTML Help and Man Pages) without making changes to the source. In this process, we convert PDF books to industry standard XML file formats so that they can be used as storage medium and published on multiple platforms such as Internet and Mobile phones.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 8 of 35
  9. 9. HTML Tagging HOW Mascon receives the PDF book from the clients. We then copy the content from that book into a single Word document. Once the content is copied, formatting is done by applying styles such as underlining, bold and italic text. Layout of the data present in tables is improved and a new document is created. The newly created document is then passed to our in-house tool that creates a single HTML file Once the file is ready, quality HTML Tagging involves the process of converting PDF documents to check is done and unwanted HTML files based on web standards and semantic HTML markup. HTML tags are cleaned up based on the instructions provided by Tagging involves formatting of text so that the browser knows what the clients. special characteristics need to be applied to the text on a particular part of the page. It determines how the text should look like and also helps in identifying text attributes like color, line breaks, font, links, titles and much more.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 9 of 35
  10. 10. Offline Capturing Offline capturing is a process undertaken for generating a TIN (Tax Identification Number) number before a Tax ID card is printed for any applicant. Once an applicant applies for a TIN ID, his/her information gets captured offline for verification. As soon as the information provided by the applicant in the form is verified to be valid, the TIN ID card gets printed. This process was carried out by Mascon for the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia. How offline capturing is done ✔ The applicant fills the registration form and submits it to the Tax Officer with a copy of passport, ID proof and work permit. In case of bio-metric enrollment, the applicant needs to note the TIN number from the TIN certificate on the registration form and then submit it with the documents. ✔ After checking the applicants completed form, a bar code is put on it by the tax officer along with the application number. Once it gets approved, the original form is handed to the applicant and a duplicate form is filed by the Tax Officer. The applicant then goes to the mobile unit for capturing. ✔ The mobile device captures the clerks signature, application number, applicants information, facial image and finger print and a receipt is generated. All the taxpayers data is stored and the receipt is given to the taxpayer as a proof of registration. ✔ The applications for TIN (Tax Identification Number) ID is then received and used for capturing the taxpayers information offline. The stored data is exported to flash disk and sent to Addis Computer Center where it gets captured and uploaded on the Central Server for AFIS validation. ✔ As soon as the data gets uploaded, the records start indicating that AFIS verification is awaited. The AFIS server then retrieves records from the interface and verifies them. ✔ After the AFIS validation, data is sent to SIGTAS System for verification and once it is confirmed, SIGTAS sends a request for printing the card to CPF. ✔ The TIN ID card is printed at the CPF and then provided to the taxpayer.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 10 of 35
  11. 11. Word Processing All text/word document formats are converted to PDF/HTML/DjVu for document distribution process. This enhances crystal clear visual integrity, fast transfer times and high quality images at incredibly small file sizes. It also gets printed no loss of image quality from the original thus catering to the objective of converting non-digital documents into digital documents. Input Document Formats The paper documents when run through a scanner is automatically converted to an image format which can be further processed to create a text editable and text search-able electronic document e.g. TIFF, GIF, PDF, JPEG, and DjVu. Output Document Formats With the emergence of net friendly electronic document formats there grew a need to convert the proprietary text based digital formats into document formats independent of platform, application and version. Simple text conversion It is the simplest document format and is commonly used in PC and UNIX environment - ASCII, ANSI, UNICODE. These formats are handled commonly by the word processing software. Application Specific Formats These document formats help the electronic document to resemble the original paper document. When formatted these documents are fully text editable and search-able. Following are the formats that represent this category: ✔ Word Document Format ✔ Rich Text Format ✔ Page Maker ✔ Frame Maker ✔ Quark ExpressCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 11 of 35
  12. 12. Document Archival and Retrieval System For document archival and retrieval we adopt imaging/indexing techniques and integrate with retrieval system designed for a specific purpose. We follow 3 Phase process for Document Archival and Retrieval - Phase-I, Phase-II and Phase-III Phase-I: Entails thorough check by our expert team for client need evaluation. Phase-II: On-site/Off-site scanning as per required volume and confidentiality by the customer. Phase-III: Custom built process solutions from our production center enhance productivity.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 12 of 35
  13. 13. Form Processing Mascon having more than 20 years of experience in Database related solutions now offers high volume forms processing solutions. With a combination of worlds best ICR/OMR applications and internally developed Image View applications, Mascon is able to give you an edge over pricing and clock finish turnaround timings. Service best suited for ✔ Hospital Records Indexing ✔ Medical Claims Processing ✔ Insurance Application Docket Processing ✔ Insurance Claims Processing ✔ Educational Institutions - Admission Forms and Pre admission process ✔ Education Boards - Pre and Post Examination process ✔ Company Personnel Records Digitization ✔ Company Forms Digitization The Process With a four-phase process designed and time tested, the company has delivered over 3 million records to our international clients and about 5 million records to our domestic clients. Phase - I Requirement Analysis Experts discuss with the end-user to understand requirements. A document is prepared based on requirement and feasibility studies to obtain user approval. Phase - II Scanning & Recognition (ICR) The Company is equipped with over 20 scanning workstations. ADF as well as non-ADF scanners are utilized. Phase - III Review Process Processed forms are then viewed using internally developed Image View Application. Statistical Quality Check is carried out till the individual operator level before releasing to next stage. Phase -IV Data Export and Final Output An output in delimited text (tab delimited or pipe delimited or comma delimited) can be readily imported into any of the application softwares used by individual end user organizations.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 13 of 35
  14. 14. Form Processing Projects Project: State Government Pre and Post Examination Forms Customer: I) Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board a) Karnataka b) Madhya Pradesh c) Rajasthan II) Maharashtra State Council of Examinations Scope of Work: I) Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Board: a) Karnataka: Scanning of photograph, data linking & printing of Pre and Post Examination Application Forms. b) Madhya Pradesh: Result Processing job & Scanning and Printing of photographs. The work includes Data Entry, Verification, and Scanning of Photo & Printing of Enrolment Card of X Std. c) Rajasthan: Scanning of photographs, processing and printing for Issuance of Laminated Registration Cards of X & XII Std and certificate printing with photographs. II) Maharashtra State Bureau of Examinations: We generate District-wise, Center-wise, Subject-wise & Batch-wise allocation of seat numbers, provision of attendance and signature roll for the candidates. Distribution of answer sheets to various Examiners and Moderators is also part of the scope of work. After receiving mark sheets we provide certificates, mark lists and District-wise Merit List. Volume in Units Karnataka: We handled a volume of 7, 00,000 candidates records for 2001.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 14 of 35
  15. 15. Madhya Pradesh: We handled a volume of 3, 75,000 candidates records for 2001 and have been given the project for the year 2002 also. Rajasthan: We handled a volume of 17, 00,000 candidates records for 2001-2002 and have been given the project for the year 2003 also. Maharashtra: We handled a volume of 1300,000 candidates records for 2001. We have also bagged the contract for scholarship exam processing for the consecutive 3 years from 2001 to 2003. Methodology Adopted ✔ Data Entry of Application Forms ✔ Scanning of Applications ✔ Cropping of Scanned Images ✔ Merging of Images with Data ✔ Pre - Exam Processing ✔ Reports for Pre - Exam ✔ Post Exam Processing ✔ Reports for Post ExamCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 15 of 35
  16. 16. Software Development MASCON specializes in the development and maintenance of world-class enterprise and web-based applications. We service companies of all sizes and across all industries including Publishing, Hospital Management, Travel Industry, Insurance, and Logistics. We are capable of serving companies with multiple locations with varying business and technical requirements. We are currently in business with ✔ Companies who are looking to outsource full or part IT projects. ✔ Start-ups, small and medium sized companies for Joint Ventures in IT projects ✔ Industries looking for Client/Server Applications, Web and e-commerce ✔ Maintenance and product customization. Mascons Model Mascon offers a unique Offshore Software Development Center (OSDC) model. The OSDC model goes beyond simply executing software development projects from our offshore development center. Specifically set up to provide and allow our customers to focus greater energy on core business by taking away the burden of recruitment, training and retaining. Mascons Offer includes ✔ Mascon invests in resources (office, manpower, software, hardware, and training). ✔ Clients can offload their development work to MASCON. ✔ They will have full authority to overview quality, schedule and secrecy. ✔ MASCON will sign a MOU and NDA with the clients. ✔ MASCON will provide development staff for projects as and when required to ensure delivery schedules.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 16 of 35
  17. 17. Our Current Focus ✔ Internet and Intranet sites ✔ Portals and e-commerce ✔ Applications Client ✔ Server Applications ✔ Maintenance of Websites ✔ Migration of client server applications to Intranet/Internet applications Skill Sets ✔ Programming Languages: VB, VB.NET ✔ Web Technologies: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, JSP ✔ Scripting Languages: VBScript, ✔ JavaScript Database: MS-SQL, MySQL, MS Access, Oracle Mascons Software Profile is email based lost property retrieval service. Its a tagging system, which links a unique tag number to your email address. If you lose your stuff, the finder simply emails the address on the tag. Yellow tag passes on the message instantaneously to your registered email address, helping you to contact the finder. We have recently launched new services like Tele Find (Telephonic notification); SMS based activation that makes the system very customer friendly. These are developed in ASP, MSSQL and VB components. enables authors to instantly publish and sell eBooks across multiple web sites. The site includes a web-based publishing system, e-book catalog, a secure shopping cart integrated with PayPal, and a full administration system. Developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and MS-SQL.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 17 of 35
  18. 18. is a Retail e-book sales site, and is part of the EbookoMatic network. The site is fed by an online e-book catalog that is distributed across multiple web sites. Developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and MS-SQL. enables authors to publish press releases and e- book announcements instantly, and is part of the growing EbookoMatic network. The site is fed by an online e-book catalog that is distributed across multiple web sites. Developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and MS- SQL enables authors to publish author interviews instantly, and is part of the growing EbookoMatic network. The site is fed by an online e-book catalog that is distributed across multiple web sites. These are developed in ASP, JavaScript, VBScript, and MS-SQL.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 18 of 35
  19. 19. MASCON HEALTH CARE Division of Mascon Computers Services (P) Ltd Our name says it all - Coding, Billing and AR/receivables. We are dedicated to healthcare support services with Medical Coding and Billing using proprietary software for US clients. We EARN the trust of the clients by exceeding their expectations of our services in quality, security, compliance. We use our human resources judiciously. We constantly engage, challenge and motivate to achieve what they are capable of, to be happy and satisfied employees by a fair performance evaluation. Services Offered ✔ One stop solution for transcription, coding and billing ✔ Processing of HCFA-1500, UB-92 and Super Bills ✔ ICD-9, CPT, HCPCS and modifiers ✔ Provide any part or all of your billing needs. ✔ Medical insurance billing ✔ Provide accounts receivable clean-up services. ✔ Posting EOBS. ✔ Denial (EOB) Management ✔ Patient Aging Report ✔ Medicine, Medicaid, Commercial and Workers Compensation Billing Delivery Team ✔ The Team consists of Experienced, Qualified and Trained members: ✔ Medical Billing - Coders, Charge entry, Payment posting, QA Team, AR analysts, AR Follow up ✔ Medical Coding - Certified Coders ✔ Support Staff - HR and Operations, Network Admin, Front Office & Maintenance StaffCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 19 of 35
  20. 20. Billing Focus Areas ✔ Gynecology ✔ Orthopedics ✔ Pediatrics ✔ Gastroenterology ✔ Mental health and substance abuse ✔ Internal Medicine & Family Practice ✔ Pain Management Physiotherapy Accounts Receivables ✔ Maximize collections and minimize the receivable days ✔ Cite Timely Payment Statutes to prompt immediate payment. ✔ Cite medical necessity and pre-existing statutes and case law. ✔ Collect the benefits promised to you during the verification of benefits. ✔ Appeal self-funded claim denials with ERISA statutory and case citations. ✔ Regular follow-up with all the carriers based on the claim submission date ✔ Update Knowledge base by reviewing all Manuals/Bulletins ✔ Be a part of the Medical Billing Forums. ✔ Religiously adhere to all HIPAA guidelines Deliverables ✔ Claims Data Collection and Processing ✔ Electronic Claims Submission & Re-submission ✔ Paper Claims Submission & Re-submission ✔ Payments Consolidation and Solving all Payer rejections ✔ Management Reports ✔ Electronic transmission of all Federal Claims ✔ Review managed care contracts for clients. ✔ Keep abreast of the changes in guidelines for billing various carriers ✔ Timely transmission of patient statements ✔ Maintain accuracy in account balances. ✔ Review of accounts for checks and balances ✔ 99.55% accuracy and timely submission to the Insurance companiesCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 20 of 35
  21. 21. Outsourcing Advantages ✔ Immediate savings. Reduces need for capital investment in non-core areas. ✔ No investment - reduces in-house manpower and infrastructure costs. ✔ Competitive competence over your competition by focusing the resources where needed ✔ Round the clock work by accessing world class capabilities by utilizing time difference between US and India. ✔ Low tech and labor intensive. ✔ Lower rejections and quick claim processing. ✔ Not sacrificing quality Privacy And Confidentiality ✔ Secured Premises, Physical security of the Building ✔ All employees have signed the confidentiality agreement with the company and the employees know the consequences of breach of confidentiality. ✔ User names and passwords ✔ Internet access to mails / upload is restricted ✔ No Floppy Drives ✔ Secured Data transmission Hipaa Compliance ✔ Building Security - Secure premises ✔ Computer Security - All workstations are in LAN with SSL, Internet connectivity with no facility for mails / upload of files, No Floppy Drives ✔ Server Security - Fully redundant server with Firewalls / SSL ✔ Secured Data Transmission over Internet using Dedicated Broadband ✔ Regular training modules to increase awareness of HIPAA guidelines and modifications if any that need to be adhered to. ✔ Subscription to e-clubs for latest updates. ✔ Regular trouble shooting and discussion sessions involving staff to ensure constant adherence with HIPAA compliance. ✔ Regular slip test modules and group discussionsCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 21 of 35
  22. 22. Summary ✔ You take care of your patients and front office; we take care of your back office chores. ✔ You give the bills, we collect them for you. ✔ We listen. We care. We customize the services to your needs. ✔ You deserve uncompromising quality. ✔ Quality is a "Way of Life" at Mascon ✔ TRUST TEAM MASCON FOR ALL YOUR BILLING NEEDS. ✔ We are partners. ✔ Together we grow and prosper.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 22 of 35
  23. 23. Mascon On Domestic Front Over the last decade Mascon has evolved itself to provide complete electronic document conversion services. A team of efficient, expert and competent professionals contribute towards achieving corporate goals. The company was initially focused on providing computerized solutions for Banking Industry, which it is still continuing in the Core Domestic Market. Today Mascon is most well known in the Banking circles for its precision and timeliness. Domestic Services Offered Some of our Key and Major associations are as under: State Education Boards Pre and Post examination form processing in respect of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examinations. Public Sector Banks Scanning, Indexing and Archiving Pension Pay Order, Pensions Data base verification and updating thereof in respect of Defense, Railways, Telecom and Central Civil Pensions, ensuring correct and timely payment of pensions through the authorized branches of the Public Sector Banks. Education And Research Institutions Scanning, indexing and archiving of rare/old manuscripts, books etc in digital formats. Digitization of Library records, Library cataloging etc. Identity Cards Preparation, Computerizing, Printing of Examination Hall Cards, Electoral Rolls, Voters Identity cards, Biometric cards etc.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 23 of 35
  24. 24. Domestic Operations Banking Sector ✔ State Bank of India ✔ State Bank of Hyderabad ✔ Bank of India ✔ National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development ✔ Dena Bank Telecom Sector ✔ Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd. ✔ Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd. Electoral Sector ✔ Government of Maharashtra ✔ Government of Karnataka and MP ✔ Maharashtra State Council of Examinations ✔ Board of Secondary Education - Rajasthan and ✔ Madhya Pradesh ✔ Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board ✔ Ferguson College Taxation ✔ Sales Tax Returns - State Government of ✔ Maharashtra ✔ V.A.T. Returns - State Government of MaharashtraCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 24 of 35
  25. 25. Domestic Operations » Projects Client Type of Service Government of the States of Maharashtra and Preparation and supply of Voters’ Identity cards. Karnataka 5 Million Cards. Government Telecom Decoding and printing of STD detail bills State Bank of India & State Maintenance of pension accounts for over Bank of Hyderabad 300,000 pensioners Dena Bank Punjab National Bank Board of Secondary Pre and post examination processes for Education – States of Secondary and Higher secondary examinations. Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh. Karnataka Secondary Education Examination Board Maharashtra State Bureau of Examination. Pre and post examination processes for Government Commercial Certificate Examinations & Scholarship Examinations. The Chief Electoral Officer, Maharashtra State Laser Printing of Electoral Rolls of 2001 of Assembly Constituencies. The Chief Electoral Officer, Madhya Pradesh Computerization of Supplementary Electoral Rolls of Madhya Pradesh for Year 2000-2001 Ferguson College Library cataloging Sales Tax Dept. Government of Maharashtra Challans and ReturnsCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 25 of 35
  26. 26. Database Mascon handles large volumes of data entry jobs with a very short turnaround time. Custom-built programs are developed in-house to generate high quality outputs. We design processes for each and every project based on output requirement. Mascons team of highly skilled input operators work very fast and deliver accurate results. We employ multi-version comparison methodology with MASCOMP, which is an internally developed software application. Products delivered are thoroughly checked based on statistical sampling by our Internal Customer Statistical Quality Control and Assurance. Our systematic process control has helped us retain our customers year after year. Our Enterprising Systems Team has developed various applications, which are used only for internal purposes. Mascons Database Projects I) BANKING SECTOR Project: Savings Bank / Term Deposit Accounts Balancing Client: State Bank of India Scope of Work Balancing of the Ledgers was in arrears for 2-3 years in the year 1983. Computerization of all the concerned data was to be done for several branches. Volume in Units There were over 25000 entries per month per branch. This resulted in Mascon processing almost 1,000,000 entries per bank branch project for the backlog and was processed on an ongoing basis till 1992.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 26 of 35
  27. 27. Methodology Implemented Mascon deputed staff to the various branches to collect the data and bring them to Pune. Thereafter, the work involved data preparation, data entry, data tabulation, data validation, database creation and balancing of ledgers. After the ledgers were independently balanced, the data was then taken back to the respective branches and tallied with the opening and closing balances of the respective individual accounts in the ledgers as of a particular cutoff date. II) BANKING SECTOR Project: Lead Bank Returns Processing Client: National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Scope of Work This involved complete tabulation of the lead bank reports like Budgeted Projections - LBR - 1 Quarterly Disbursements - LBR - 2 Overview of Budgets, Actual and Variance - LBR - 3 Volume in Units Approximately 3,00,000 records per month were to be tabulated for NABARD for 6 branches. Methodology Adopted LBR forms were collected from individual branches. Data entry, validation and preparation of reports were done strictly as per RBI guidelines. III) TELECOM SECTOR Project: Processing and Printing of Telecom Bills Customer: Department of TelecommunicationCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 27 of 35
  28. 28. Scope of Work We process, print, arrange and provide subscriber wise detailed bills of STD / ISD calls of E10B, OCB, FETEX, CDOT & EWSD Exchanges. This is an ongoing project. Volume in Units We have so far processed over 3, 33, 000, 00 STD Bill details running to 500,000 pages. Methodology Adopted Collection of Data from various exchanges of each district is carried out promptly every month. Data collected is restored from various media such as Magnetic Tape Drive (MTD), Cartridge Tape Drive (CTD) & Magneto Optical Drive (MOD). We have facility to convert any type of Data from Binary to ASCII. IV) BANKING SECTOR Project: Central Government Pension Calculations Clients: State Bank of India State Bank of Hyderabad Bank of India Dena Bank Punjab National Bank Scope of Work The pension calculations is an ongoing project requiring data tabulation on a monthly basis and distribute the pension data to 444 branches in total for both State Bank of India, State Bank of Hyderabad, Bank of India, Dena Bank and Punjab National Bank 600 branches of Bank of India in Bihar were to be computerized to convert all the manual data into database format for the purpose of pension calculations and subsequent transfer to the respective branches computer section. Dearness Allowance Revision and the 4th and 5th Pay Commission Revisions are handled by Mascon successfully. Volume in Units For the State Bank Group, 150,000 pensioners accounts spread over 444 branches in the State of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are processed every month with many of theCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 28 of 35
  29. 29. branches having a minimum of at least 1000 pensioners accounts. For Bank of India nearly 27,000 pensioners accounts spread over 27 branches were processed in Madhya Pradesh having at least 1000 accounts per branch. Methodology Adopted The data is sent to Mascon every month regularly through input forms. Work involves collecting the data, creating a master data, process it, make the records available updated and transfer the data back to the bank. Mascon undertakes data preparation, data entry, data tabulation, data validation, database creation and printing a list of containing the amounts to be credited to the individual pensioners in the respective branches. This list is then sent to the respective branches in both hard copy and soft copy for ready incorporation in their database. Imaging and Indexing Projects I) STATE GOVERNMENT PROJECT Project: Voter Identity Card - Image Processing Client: Government of Maharashtra Government of Karnataka Scope of Work Preparation of Voters Identity Cards for the purpose of elections in 1994-95 Volume in Units: Over 10,000,000 voters were issued Voters Identity cards. Methodology Adopted Through the previously existing technology Images were captured through photography and then mapped them on the computer to prepare the voter identity card. Our personnel were based on the above-mentioned locations to take the photography and data processing work. Work on voter identity card was done simultaneously at the respective centers and also at Pune where certain specialized work that was common to all the centers was carried out.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 29 of 35
  30. 30. Testimonials "MASCON is my secret weapon. Their responsive, talented and innovative staff enables me to bring new Internet services to market faster and at less cost than my competitors could ever hope to do. I would be lost without them" - Steven Schneiderman (CEO and Founder, Ebookomatic)Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 30 of 35
  31. 31. Work-Order Process Methodology We process a few sample documents to enable your judgment on: ✔ Our turnaround time ✔ Our quality and accuracy levels ✔ Our quote for the project Pricing Parameters Generally some of the following parameters apply while considering the pricing: ✔ Input Format ✔ Output Format ✔ Turnaround Times ✔ Accuracy of Output ✔ Anticipated Volumes ✔ Quality of Input Format ✔ Character Count per page ✔ Simple/Complicated Files (whether it contains text, tables, flowchart, scientific formulae, images, graphics etc.) ✔ Intensity of Proofing Requirements ✔ Templates and Style Sheet Construction ✔ Scanning services ✔ OCR and Proofing ✔ Output Document Conveyance- FTP/CD-ROM/Courier Charges Pilot Project A quality test project is undertaken as part of the procedure towards the final approval as regards to project specifications. This is done with a view to being a full-scale exercise for any forthcoming major project having implications on our resource allocation. This is distinct from sample work, which is undertaken at a very nominal cost.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 31 of 35
  32. 32. Quality Assurance Mascon has dedicated facilities and competent professionals matching the best in the industry. We have clearly documented procedures and stringent internal quality controls to provide 99.995% accuracy levels with adequate back up arrangements for uninterrupted production. Continuous technological up-gradation and adoption of newer technologies have enabled the Company to provide services with consistency and reliability in timely and accurate deliverables. At Mascon quality means doing it right the first time every time. This conviction over the last 2 decades has been further enhanced by the ISO 9001-2000 certification. Quality is achieved solely by design and is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution. Customer Care The turnaround time commitment is 100%. The well trained staff takes customer care seriously so that they get the service and support they need round the clock. Mascon’s dedicated team ensures seamless continuity in your outsourced projects providing a single point contact for all project management issues.Corporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 32 of 35
  33. 33. Document Management System - MethodologyCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 33 of 35
  34. 34. Quality Control System – MethodologyCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 34 of 35
  35. 35. Contact Information MASCON COMPUTER SERVICES PRIVATE LIMITED A-21, MAVLANKAR INDUSTRIAL ESTATE, 45 DR.AMBEDKAR ROAD PUNE – 411001, MAHARASHTRA STATE. INDIA PHONE: 91-20-41030700/701 FAX: 91-20-26058606 WEB SITE: K S Natarajan - Chairman & Managing Director E-mail: Marketing Team E-mail: Information Desk E-mail: info@mascon-edoc.comCorporate Brochure Version 1.2 Page 35 of 35