Foursquare mobile monday turkey_september 2012


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Mobile Monday İstanbul
Foursquare Presentation

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Foursquare mobile monday turkey_september 2012

  1. 1. Foursquare platform overviewCharles Birnbaum Director of Mobile Business Development
  2. 2. Growth2,500,000,000+ check-ins40,000,000+ places25,000,000+ people1,000,000+ local businesses50%+ international
  3. 3. The Redesign: foursquare 5.0
  4. 4. Make the most of where you are
  5. 5. Share and save your experiencesFriends tab: All new, all social•  Huge, swipeable photos•  Easy tap to ‘like’ and comment on friends’ activity•  New Tips & Lists•  See places your friends have saved
  6. 6. Discover what’s nearbyExplore: Re-imagined•  Discover what’s around you, without even searching•  See what friends, deals and suggested places are nearby•  Personalized recommendations on where to go and try
  7. 7. Checking in, now faster than everProfile: Re-organized•  Full History•  Find Favorites•  Fast Navigation•  Brand new Check-In button
  8. 8. Partnership Opportunities
  9. 9. foursquare: mobile first Users Accessing via Mobile•  Born mobile, foursquare 100% naturally generates high levels of mobile traffic 60% 50%•  Promoting foursquare drives mobile data usage•  Cutting edge app that will keep growing and driving * * mobile activity * Includes feature phone and 3G usage
  10. 10. foursquare as a marketing platform + Claim Multiple Venues + Collect Venue Analytics + Deliver Branded Tips + Run Attractive Specials + Use the foursquare API + Engage with Badges
  11. 11. Benefit from real-world data
  12. 12. Location adds relevance
  13. 13. Innovative merchant tools Local  update  in  friend  stream   Local  update  in  post  check-­‐in  screen  
  14. 14. Monetization initiatives Promoted  local  update   Promoted  load-­‐to-­‐card  Special  
  15. 15. Case Study: Turkcell•  Specials at flagship stores•  Android exclusive for Turkish language launch•  Pre-installs on multiple platforms•  Promotion on branded Android market
  16. 16. Foursquare as a platform
  17. 17. foursquare as a platform•  About the API•  Ways to use the API -  Check-in functionality -  Data visualization -  Loyalty card integration -  Local marketing call-to-action -  Tech platform customization
  18. 18. Integrate check-in functionality Add a “check-in” feature, tie back to the foursquare social graph and/or utilize our constantly updated database of 40M+ venues
  19. 19. American Express // Integrated redemption solutions Delivery of frictionless Specials exclusive to Amex cardmembers, providing merchant partners with measurable ROI and spend data.
  20. 20. Foursquare Connected Apps•  Connect with foursquare users in the post check-in view with your brand’s content•  Interact with foursquare users in the moment when that content is most relevant•  Foursquare users will tap through to your brand’s mobile web view or directly to your mobile app•  Drive traffic to your content
  21. 21. Case Study: Lufthansa (Blue Legends)Bring loyalty programs to life•  Notifies users instantly when they earn bonuses for checking into airports, Lufthansa gates and lounges•  In app discovery of benefits for loyal Lufthansa customers•  Encourage user behavior through rewards & offers within foursquare
  22. 22. teşekkür ederim! """"twitter: @cbirn"