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This is the first visual book slides that Snow Blossom presents to you. It records the experiences of Natalie Xiao Bell, the owner of Snow Blossom, looking for the quality suppliers in China and …

This is the first visual book slides that Snow Blossom presents to you. It records the experiences of Natalie Xiao Bell, the owner of Snow Blossom, looking for the quality suppliers in China and selling the products in the UK.

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  • 1. © Snow BlossomTHE JOURNEY TO SUCCESS
  • 3. © Snow BlossomAt a young age, cultivation of silk cocoons was part of the education
  • 4. Silk Is A Culture• Natalie grew up with silk.• Silk is the culture, a live fossil of a living history.• There are 230 silk related Chinese characters: silk thread, lines twisted, dispute spin weave paper lines pure fine thin structure to knot to tie simple passage latitude & longitude lines)
  • 5. A Heartfelt Presentation © Snow Blossom
  • 6. Snow Blossom - Inspired• Blossom - written by Wang Anshi 1021 1086• In the wintery cold, the blossoms are in full bloom. I thought it snowed yet by the smell of subtle fragrance that I realise its the petals of blossom just like snowflakes.
  • 7. © Snow BlossomNatalie is keen in Chinese calligraphy which reflects in her logo designs and branding. Theabove symbols show Silk and Bamboo. You can guess which is silk and which is bamboo bythe way they resemble.
  • 8. Natalie has been travelling far and wide in China to search for the qualitymanufacturers. She was on the train to visit manufacturers (photo)
  • 9. © Snow BlossomBy train. Five and half hours on this train. Natalie made a few wonderful friends around her including this beautiful conductor!
  • 10. On the aeroplane to visit the manufacturers having a little rest
  • 11. By bus, to see a manufacturer where there is no airport, nor train station. The only transportation is the big bus or a coach
  • 12. This is one of the train stations that Natalie arrived at
  • 13. © Snow Blossom By a bullet train, Shanghai train station
  • 14. By Maglev train from Longyang station to Pudong airport, 30KM only takes8 minutes.
  • 15. By car cross the country
  • 16. By Subway
  • 17. Waiting in the subway, Hongqiao station, Shanghai
  • 18. She caught the last train of the day back home after a long journey.She bought the first class ticket and there was no one in the carriage.She worked on her iPad all the way.
  • 19. © Snow BlossomChinese breakfast at KFC, with rice porridge, deep fried dough sticks and soyabean milk.
  • 20. The local groceries -the fresh vegetables that she missed mostly in the UK
  • 21. © Snow BlossomNatalie went into the Mulberry plantation, which grow organically.
  • 22. © Snow Blossom.... and went into the bamboo forest
  • 23. © Snow BlossomIn search of ancient silk weaving skills and silk route, Natalie went to the SilkMuseum to be educated. She has been to the museum many times and each time shelearnt something new.
  • 24. © Snow BlossomOur ancient silk weaving machine without any electricity or a singlenail on!(source from the museum)
  • 25. Our silk filled duvets, toppers and pillows are filled in byhand with mulberry silk, no chemicals , no additives.
  • 26. © Snow BlossomThis is how we make our silk filled duvets, mattress toppers which are layered withhandmade mulberry silk. You can see the process in ‘How to Choose a Silk FilledDuvet’
  • 27. Silk Filled Duvet & Pillows• Extremely light & soft - excellent for people who suffer from Atkinsons disease• Outstanding breathability - great for people who suffer overheating, hot flushes• Allergy free - no dust mites• No chemicals - Oeko-Tex 100 Certified © Snow Blossom
  • 28. Beautifully Designed & Hand Made Silk Filled Duvet Encased With Silk © Snow Blossom
  • 29. Visiting one of the manufacturers. This is an old weaving mill.These old weaving machines become a part of history and will bereplaced with new modern ones.
  • 30. © Snow BlossomSilk Yarn Checking
  • 31. © Snow BlossomSilk spinning in process
  • 32. In The Silk Spinning workshop
  • 33. Natalie was in the factory checking the silk fabric
  • 34. © Snow BlossomQuality control is the number 1 priority. Three people check the finished fabric. No fault could pass through their eyes.
  • 35. © Snow Blossom
  • 36. © Snow Blossom100% silk bed linen range
  • 37. © Snow Blossom
  • 38. 100% Bamboo Bed Linen Duvet Covers Sheets (Flat and Fitted) Pillowcases Sizes: from Cot Bed to Emperor Benefits: Eco Friendly Hypoallgenic Anti bacterial Keep U Cool © Snow Blossom
  • 39. © Snow BlossomSnow Blossom’s Creation
  • 40. Natalie does many shows & exhibitions throughout the year. AtCapesthorne Hall event, Cheshire. Sept. 2009. A customer took thisphoto of Natalie and she was amazed by Snow Blossom’s beautiful designs and products.
  • 41. At a charity event - Children Adventure Farm. Snow Blossom supports thisevent. June 2008-2010
  • 42. © Snow BlossomAT Badminton Horse Trials show in April 2010. I have met many wonderfulpeople at the show. The weather was bad. People walked in their muddy boots & wetclothes. Some dear customers came from London to see me!
  • 43. © Snow BlossomAfter a long hard day at the show, driving through these fields on the way back to thehotel every evening. This scenery cleansed away her tiredness, refreshed her senses.
  • 44. Natalie Stayed at Tortworth Court Four Pillars Hotel while during the show atBadminton Horse Trials, April 2010
  • 45. At Cheshire Show. Natalie explains and shows a customer the mulberry silk. June 2010
  • 46. Natalie at Midlands Show, Shrewsbury
  • 47. © Snow BlossomSnow Blossom’s stand at the Great Yorkshire Show attracted many people. Theyreally appreciated the quality and the beautiful variety of products.
  • 48. Fields of GoldIt was so beautiful & pleasant and it made the long and hard journeyto the Great Yorkshire Show a really delightful and enjoyable one! :)
  • 49. Natalie at Milton Kynes Central doing a show. Again, she met so many wonderfulpeople here. She was even invited to the homes for dinner! It was lovely to be here!
  • 50. Maggie tries Snow Blossom’s silk filled eye mask. She loves them very much andshe ends up selling the eye masks along with her lines of scarves.
  • 51. © Snow BlossomNatalie at the Grand Design, Birmingham NEC, where Nataliemeets lots of people and new customers. October, 2008-2010
  • 52. At Southport Flower Show 2010
  • 53. © Snow BlossomA customer likes Snow Blossom’s silk dressing gowns and trying it on the stand. August 2010, Southport Flower Show
  • 54. Southport Flower Show, 2010Natalie met so many beautiful andlovely people at the show.Many of them remain friends.
  • 55. A lovely couple appreciate Snow Blossom’s silk bedding at the SouthportFlower Show, 2010. They came again the second day to see Natalie.
  • 56. Through Yorkshire Dales and Derby Peaks many times to do the shows.Sometimes the shivers of frightening driving through the darkness wentthrough the spines. Those roads were in the complete darkness, no lights,not even a human being alive there.
  • 57. Driving on the way to Harrogate to do the show. It was a very cold and snowing day. December, 2010
  • 58. Delivering a silk duvet to a customer by hand in Lancashire. Natalie likes to meet hercustomers and would rather deliver the orders by herself in surrounding areas whatever theweather. A duvet in need, the service indeed!
  • 59. © Snow BlossomDeliver in Style!
  • 60. © Snow BlossomDavid is talking about his silk filled duvet encased with silk hebought from Snow Blossom.
  • 61. Martin & Danielle BrendaAntonia Steve & Dorothy Alison Customers & Supporters And many, many more!!! Read our testimonials Julie
  • 62. at Buckingham Palace with her husband
  • 63. Last but not the least, What Snow Blossom has achieved today is dedicated to the family’sdevotion of all their love, endless patience and time. Without all her family’s strong support and love, she just can not achieve what she does. Love you All! In the photo: Natalie’s caring mother, loving husband, talented son & beautiful Daughter
  • 64. © Snow Blossom
  • 65. LIVE WELL & SLEEP WELL Snow Blossom Luxury silk & Bamboo Bedding Tel: 0044 (0)161 9052666