Language arts final!!


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Language arts final!!

  1. 1. My name is Natalie Sarver, and I believe that… My life can only be lived fully if I positively commit myself to everything that I do, and appreciate and enjoy every aspect of my life with drive and passion. Everyday, I try to view both opportunities and obstacles with enthusiasm and devotion by doing the best that I can do. 
  2. 2. In the poem “A Noiseless Patient Spider”, the allegorical spider is “Ever tirelessly speeding them” (Whitman line 5). This shows the spider’s relaxed and committed energy to the web. Like the focused commitment I try to have in school, on stage and in athletics.
  3. 3. In the Poem “Oranges”… A man is recalling his boyhood; when he was 12, he had to pay with a nickel and an orange for some chocolate for his girl. After he bought the chocolate, he recalls “I took my girl’s hand/In mine for two blocks” (Soto line 517). This shows his devotion and love to putting others first. Yum!!
  4. 4. The Scary side to this trait In “Rocking Horse Winner” the boy of about 13 years is committed to helping his mother, so she will be less constantly worried about money. The boy tells his rocking horse “Now, take me to where there is luck! Now take me!” (Lawrence 454) This intense need to be lucky and impress/help his mother, ultimately leads to the boy’s death.
  5. 5. “The Lesson” In the lesson Miss Moore is very patient and passionate about helping her lower class neighbors’ kids. The narrator of the story is one of the girls, Sylvia. She is quite the opposite of Miss Moore. When Miss Moore is asking the children about money,, Sylvia thinks and says “I’m tired of this… and would much rather snatch sugar and go to the sunset and terrorize the West Indian kids and take their hair ribbons and their money too. And Miss Moore files this remark away for next week’s lesson on brotherhood. (Bambara 498) Sylvia knows, Miss Moore’s reaction is calm and thought out, helping her to keep her head, and stay committed to the job at hand.
  6. 6. Sarty, In Barn Burning resists his father, and shows his true devotion for what is right. After tuning in his father and leaving, “… he did not know how far he had come , but there was no glare behind him now…” (Faulkner 480) Sarty was alone and lost, but relieved after turning in his father in and finding his true self. Way to go Sarty!! As the reader, I’m saying.
  7. 7. In “Because I could not stop for Death”, The speaker is dying and reflecting on his or her life (I assume it’s a girl) . The way the speaker looks back on things the reader knows she had a full life. The speaker says “We slowly drove-He knew no haste/and I had put away/My labor and my leisure too” (Dickinson lines 57) . In the poem she has finally put away her labor, implying that she has done some hard work. She reflects on fond memories, that gave her joy that comes with hard work and commitment, not light or guilty pleasures.
  8. 8. “We Real Cool”, or maybe not “We Real Cool” contrasts “Because I could not stop for death”, as the people being described are fancy-free, and without cares or concerns. “Sing sin. We Thin gin. We Jazz June. We Die soon.” (Brooks lines 7-11) In the end, which comes faster than it should, for the “The Pool Players,/ Seven at the golden shovel” (Lines 1 and 2) they have nothing to look back on, for their lack of determination to do anything worthwhile set them back from true happiness.
  9. 9. “If Everything Happens that Can’t be Done” In E.E. Cunnings poem, with the above title, the places one can go are limitless, with the correct mindset and motivation. The final stanza reads: “we're anything brighter than even the sun (we're everything greater than books might mean) we're everyanything more than believe (with a spin leap alive we're alive) we're wonderful one times one” (EE Cunnings lines 37-45) It’s so true to life, wonderful times come from believing, committing and devoting.
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