Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13


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Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13

  1. 1. LIBRARY ANNUAL REPORT 2012-13Prepared by Natalie Sapkarov, Teacher Librarian, June 2013✓ Implemented the Big 6 Guide to InformationProblem Solving✓ Re-organized the nonfiction section✓ Cataloged, processed, and organized thematerials in the Teacher Book Room✓ Published an online, bi-monthly newsletterhighlighting library activities & statistics✓ Created a Book Club collectionNew this Year✓ Decorated the walls with literary quotes to promote readingTeaching & Instructional SupportImagebyScottMaxwellatlumaxart.complagiarismvsparaphrasingcopyright vs Creative Commonsannotatedbibliographynote-takingEasyBibformattingcitationscreating multimedia projectsusing web tools - VoiceThread, Animoto, SmoreevaluatingwebsitesBig 6 Guide to Information Problem Solvingfindinginformationindatabases & websitesbooks&encyclopediasinformationliteracylibrary resources419classes taught
  2. 2. Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13 2Library CollectionGraphic Novels3,417Other707Book Room2,467Nonfiction3,710Audiobooks284Fiction10,678Total Library Circulations by Material Type21,263library materialscirculated18%27%55%Library Circulation by Grade Level6th7th8th0102030405060Aug/Sep Nov Jan Mar May183420223533543628Whole-Class Library Checkouts280totalLanguage Arts and Reading teachersschedule time for their classes to visit thelibrary specifically for students to browsethe collection and check out materials.Variations each month can be attributed totesting, grading period deadlines, and/orscheduling conflicts.What does it mean?What does it mean?Sixth grade students checkout more library materialsthan both 7th and 8thgrade students combined.It helps that 6th gradeLanguage Arts classes visitthe library on a scheduledbi-weekly basis! (To be fair,so do 7th/8th Team CLanguage Arts classes.)What does it mean?Fiction materials account for half of all library circulations,which shows the need to keep up with new releases.With such a high circulation of graphic novels as well, thiscollection will need to expand greatly.Nonfiction circulation will surely increase next year as thecollection is brought up to date.
  3. 3. Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13 3From the Spring Reading Challengeto rotating themed book displays,the library is a vibrant placewhere reading is shared andcelebrated. Check out the BlindDate with a Book display below!But we’re not limited by physicalspace! Check out the Smith BookBlog or some of our socialnetworks too, linked from thelibrary’s website.Library & Reading PromotionGlobal ConnectionsCurtis JoblingBreathless ReadsYA TourMaureen JohnsonThe libraryhosted sevenauthors thisyear (right),courtesy ofFlyleaf Books.The Battle ofthe Books Club(top left) metduring lunchevery Wednesday toprepare for thedistrict competition -we came in 3rd.Other events includedGlobal Connections(bottom left), bookfairs, Geography Bee,Poetry Cafe & more!Events & Clubs
  4. 4. Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13 4Professional growthLibrarian IslandDuke UniversitySeptember 5, 2012Looking Ahead to 2013-14District TrainingApril 25-26, 2013District TrainingMay 17, 2013*NEW* TO DO:Select and purchase an e-book collection with PSF grantHost a teacher orientation to the library & resourcesSupervise & mentor an intern from UNC-CH SILSGenre-ify the fiction section with spine labelsPromote student book clubs using new LC collectionCreate themed reading week library programsExplore ways to use the library’s e-readers within the school