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Evaluation Question 4
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Evaluation Question 4



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  • 1. I researched all about different newspapers,web pages and posters on the internet to findout more techniques and interesting ways ofdoing things. This gave me ideas on how Icould change and adapt photos to mynewspaper and change the formats. Also ithelped me plan the payout of my newspaperand web pages as I did not know where tostart. By looking at other newspapers aroundthe area at the moment it gives mesuggestions on where things should go on thepage. Such as the date. Most newspapershave the date on the top right hand corneron the front page and on the left hand sideon each of the pages at the top.
  • 2. Wikipedia was a good way of finding all about newspapers and what it involves in a local newspaper. It gave me topics which are normally situated within a newspaper such as sport, lifestyle, community andnews. It was also a good way ofresearching about the companiesthemselves. This includes who ownsthe company and backgroundinformation like that. This is useful asit allows me knowledge on thenewspaper which helped me when Iwas doing my newspaper.
  • 3. The News website helped me find out what information is needed on a newspaper website and how it is laid outwith the layout andsettings. Also the categories on which it focuseson such ‘lifestyle’, ‘sport’ and ‘community. Likemost of the other websites I have researched ithas an advertisement at the top. The web pageis neatly planned out with each of the differenttopics in a different box.
  • 4. The Daily Echo has anadvertisement at the topof the page so theadvertisement doesn’teffect the layout of the whole website page. It hasthe weather on the home page which I found quiteinteresting as The News’ web page and some of theothers did not have this. I think this is to bring morepeople to the page because a lot of people like toknow the weather in their area and what betterplace to look for it than on your local newspaperwebsite. The ‘search’ box always seems to be on theright hand corner at the top. I think this is because it’seasier to have it at the top of the page whereeveryone can get to it.
  • 5. I used modern day technology such as the web and Google to find newspaper web pages and different idea’s and ways to challenge the media. Google was the fastest and easiest way to find any information on the web and that’s why I used it to find out about the newspaper companies and background knowledge on it.
  • 6. I used Photoshop to change andmake the photo’s better in order for mynewspaper. That could mean cropping it to makethe photo fit in with the layout better andcropping out things in the picture that ruined it. Ioften used Photoshop on all my photo’s just to tidythem up and make them more professional. Isometimes used the magic wand to get rid of thebackground the photo was on. This was a goodtool for the advertisements I had to make for theweb pages and my newspaper as I could changethe colour of the background to fit in with theproduct.
  • 7. Illustrator helped me plan anddetail my newspaper to put itall together. I think that I used Illustrator morethan InDesign as I felt more comfortable withthe techniques and styles. With Illustrator Imade the advertisements and thenewspaper front cover and second page. Ithink that it worked better on Illustrator ratherthan InDesign as I understood the tools moreon Illustrator.
  • 8. I used InDesign to plan and designthe newspaper and make the layout of it. Ifound it easier to plan it on InDesign and thenmove it to Illustrator rather than just useIllustrator. Also because InDesign had somedifferent techniques and ways of changing thesettings and layout I tried my newspaper on itfirst but found it easier and more interesting towork with Illustrator.
  • 9. I found using IWeb quite fun as Icould do and put whatever Iwanted into my web page rather than having alayout kind of already planned out with thenewspaper. I had more freedom as it could haveand be whatever I wanted it to be (so long as itwas to do with my newspaper). I made a Homepage which is like a welcoming page too. Thesecond web page I decided was going to beabout news in the local area. This is because itlinks in with newspaper more as the topic is thesame.
  • 10. I often used my phoneto write down ideas ortake photos when I didn’thave my camera. I then used Bluetooth totake the photo’s from the phone and putthem on to the computer in order to addthem to my product. My phone only has 8.2Mega pixels so it meant that I had to changesome of it on Photoshop to make it as goodas the photo’s from my camera.
  • 11. I used my camera to takemost of the photo’s for myproduct as the photo’shave to be my own. The camera has 10.2Mega pixels which is better than my phoneand therefore made it easier to edit andchange on Photoshop. I connected thecamera to the computer with the USB lead. Thismade me able to transfer and edit pictures onthe computer.
  • 12. I used Word to type up all mynotes and thoughts on each ofmy screen grabs. I then copied and pasted itto my blog to save time writing it out again.Using Word was easier and more sufficient as ittold me when I had spelt something wrong or ifmy sentences didnt make sense. Whereas onblogger it does not tell you and thereforemakes it harder to spot my mistakes.
  • 13. I used PowerPoint Presentation for all of my evaluation questions as I found it simpler and more professional to add in photos and links to it. PowerPoint was better to use than just typing it out as it meant I could bring it to life more and explain things in greater detail with pictures and video clips.
  • 14. The blog holds all my information and ideasfor the whole product. Using Blogger wasfairly easy as I could update videos, picturesand copy and paste Word documents ontoit. It was simple to upload photos and videosto as and took no time at all doing so. Thismeant I could focus more on the practicalrather than the blog and whether it wasuploading or not.
  • 15. I used the scanner to scan in any paper work Ihad done at home on pieces of paper. I think itmostly ideas and things I wanted to try out onthe Mac. Such as changing around the layoutor trying a different colour.The printer was useful as it meant I could print itoff and see what it would be like as it was anactual newspaper. This helped me see if thecolours were too bright or dark and it lookedprofessional like a local newspaper was.
  • 16. Facebook was a good way to find outwhat other people thought of my products.Each time I change something I wouldnormally ask one or two of my friends towrite what they dislike about it and whatthey like about it or post it to my wall andask everyone their opinions.
  • 17. All my photos were put onto Flickr as it wasa good way of keeping all of my photos ingroup so that they were tidy and easy tofind. This also meant I could post the link onmy blog so that if anyone else wishes to seesome of the photos I thought of using butdecided not to, they can.
  • 18. I uploaded all my evaluation questions to SlideShare as it was not possible to just upload them to my blog. SlideShare is the middle and between the m and helped me join my PowerPoint to the blog.
  • 19. Overall I liked the Poster the best as I couldchange the colour depending on the place itwas going to be. Such as at a bus stop it couldbe a colour that matched with the busescolours of completely opposite to make it standout more. If it was put up near a park orsomewhere with greenery I thought that thecolour should be green as it links in with thesurroundings. I also liked having the freedom toput things where I wanted them to be on thepage rather than having a certain layout. Itmeant that I could put the title at the bottom ofthe poster if I wished and it would still look goodas the audience can still see the name and aredrawn to it.
  • 20. I didnt like my Home web page as much asI like the News web page. I think that wasbecause I found it difficult to adapt on whatto put on it and where to place things. I feltthat the Home web page should have beenthe best out of the two but wasdisappointed as it didnt turn out the way Iwould have liked.
  • 21. If I had more time or the chance to do itagain I would have changed the Home webpage because out of all my work I felt thatpiece was the one I disliked the most. I think Iwould have changed the layout of where Iput the normal advertisements and where Iput the advertisement for the newspaper as Ifelt that the focus was taken away by theother advertisements.