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  • 140 characters or lessRealtime informationEarthquakeOsama bin ladenJapan tsunami
  • Key takeaways to boost your Twitter CTR:Write tweets between 120-130 characters in lengthPlace links about 25% into the tweetTweet at a slower paceChoose the right words and phrasesUse action words (more verbs, fewer nouns)Tweet on the weekendsTweet later in the dayUse account
  • Twitter noise

    1. 1. How To: Creating a Twitter Account and Weeding Out the Noise January 27, 2012 | |
    2. 2. #twitternumbers • One Billion Tweets a week • Over 300 Million Users • Twitter users are most active on Thursday and Friday • Only 6% of lawyers are using Twitter for business development purposes! • Most AmLaw 200 Firms Have Twitter Accounts – How they use them is what sets them apart • 55% of Twitter users access the platform via their mobile device • 2.4 Million #SOPA-related Tweets (Stop Online Piracy Act)
    3. 3. How to Set Up Your Account
    4. 4. Step 1- Sign Up • Go to • Fill in your name, email and password and click sign-up
    5. 5. Step 2 – Create a Username • Use your own name if possible • If you are using it on behalf of your firm, use your firms name • This will be your Twitter URL i.e. /samtaracollier Noah Kravitz Case @PhoneDog_Noah and @noahkravitz
    6. 6. Step 3 – Optimize Your Profile An optimized Twitter profile aka Twitter Bio: includes: a professional picture (something you’re mother-in- law would approve of), a client-centric summary, your location and the appropriate website URL.
    7. 7. Example: Law Firm on Twitter
    8. 8. Example: Lawyer on Twitter
    9. 9. Example: Lawyer on Twitter
    10. 10. Step 3 (cont) – Notifications These settings control when and how often Twitter communicates with you.
    11. 11. Listen and Search: How to Weed out the Noise
    12. 12. Create Lists
    13. 13. Allow Twitter to search your email, and follow the online instructions
    14. 14. Hashtags are community- driven tags. They can be used to track subjects you’re interested in and filter out the noise. There are many popular hashtags in the legal industry!
    15. 15. Step 5 – Start Tweeting with Pizazz! • Educate your Followers rather than promote • Don’t be SELF PROMTIONAL • Tweet links back to 3rd party sites, blog • Think 80/20
    16. 16. Target Market Twitter Tips 1. Add your Twitter account info to LinkedIn, website bio, blog, Facebook, everywhere! 2. Consider adding your Twitter account to your Business Cards, Letterhead ex:
    17. 17. Social Media Management Tools
    18. 18. Kerry Scott Boll | Samantha Collier |Natalie Alesi Direct email: Twitter @samtaracollier @legalerswelcome @ksboll @justengage LinkedIn Facebook Google+