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With the ever-increasing social use of the internet, websites have become the setting...
Social media is moving on and today we’ll be looking into how PR departments can expl...
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Social Media Forum Asia


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Social Media Forum Asia

  1. 1. 22nd -23rd September 2009 The Grand Hyatt Hotel Singapore Shaping the future Workshop Partners of social media Early booking discount ends 21st August 2009 Booking Hotline: +44 (0) 117 9468 876 Gold Sponsors Silver sponsors www.socialnetworking-asia.com Lau Seng Yee Reynold D’Silva Nicolas Colinos Neal Sato Todd Miller SVP, Global Brand Marketing Deputy Sales Director, General Manager of EVP & Managing Director, Tencent Manager, Unilever Eurosport Asia Development Department, Asia, Sony Pictures Mixi Television International Bambos Kaisharis Michael Stellwag Ian Stewart Nick Love Ken Mandel Head of Marketing, Manager Digital Marketing, Head of Asia, Business Development President & Managing Singapore & Malaysia, Qatar Airways Friendster Director, Fox Interactive Director, Yahoo South East Nokia Media, Australia & Asia Asia www.sixdegs.com
  2. 2. DAY 1 – SOCIAL NETWORKING STRATEGIES With the ever-increasing social use of the internet, websites have become the setting for discussion of ideas, opinions and transactions. These conversations are taking place within the framework of social networks. The challenge for marketers and advertisers alike is to leverage the power of these new social networks to create innovative and original brand experiences. By tailoring a branded experience to a customers needs marketers can benefit from more positive results. Innovative firms combine aspects of social networking with personalization and building loyalty through compelling brand experiences. Content generated and referred by the user allows a firm to leverage marketing’s best tool: a satisfied customer. Social networking emphasizes the reviews and ratings that users care most about - those from their contacts and friends. 0800 Registration & Networking Olivier Legrand, General Manager Asia, The Wall Street Journal 0900 Chairman’s Introduction Digital Network Damien Cummings, General Manager, Neo @ Ogilvy Sridhar Ramaswamy, Head of Corporate Marketing, Tata Communications 0910 Speed Networking Georg Godula, Founder & Managing Director, Web2Asia 0920 Opening Keynote: 1300 LUNCH, NETWORKING AND EXHIBITION SESSION ONE: SOCIAL MEDIA TODAY, TOMORROW AND IN 2020 SESSION THREE: BUILDING TARGETED COMMUNITIES Session one will examine the Asian social networking market while providing a case This session will offer a broad view on how all companies, corporations, SME’s can study on how they continue to grow, innovate and attract new audiences. use social media to market products, services, information and whatever you wish to promote. 0950 An overview of Asia’s Social Networking market • Current numbers and future predictions 1430 How to build a branded community • Are Asia’s social networkers different to rest of world? • How organisations can offer value-add social media services to enhance • Growth of mobile networking imagine and educate customers 1010 A New Direction for Yahoo: Social Networking Search • Using tailored communities to promote and remain in touch with customer Ken Mandel, Vice President & Managing Director, Yahoo South base East Asia 1450 Using existing social media platform/services to build communities 1030 Panel: The evolution of social networking: Marketing in 2020 • Using facebook, linkedin, Xing, etc to market your brand • The future of social media • Successful App strategies and how to make them work for you • The impact of being the first to use a successful new marketing initiative • Using social media sites to seed campaigns and drive traffic • How are Asian companies using social media to market? Gerd Schenkel, General Manager, UBank Chair: Mark Laudi, Managing Director, Hong Bao Media 1510 Recruiting, screening and activating Influencers/Opinion Leaders to launch Jeffrey Seah, CEO – South East Asia, Chair of Asia Digital Leadership WoM and Social Media Campaigns Team, Starcom MediaVest Group Ian McKee, CEO, Vocanic Clemen Chiang, CEO, CozyCot.com Iris Wee, VP, Starhub Lucy McCabe, Lead Consultant, OgilvyOne Worldwide, Singapore Ian Stewart, Head of Asia, Friendster 1530 Panel: Integrating social media into traditional marketing strategy • Engaging new customers while maintaining existing image 1100 MORNING BREAK AND EXHIBITION • Incorporating social communities into existing marketing messages Chair: Claudia Lim, Director, Consultant (Head), 24Seven SESSION TWO: WHERE SOCIAL MEDIA SITS IN THE MARKETING MIX Communications Reynold D’Silva, Global Brand Marketing Manager, Unilever Implementing a social media marketing campaign and analysing its impact is a Kurt Viertel, Group Managing Director, Leo Burnett, Singapore complex and difficult process. This session will unravel the techo speak and Nick Love, Business Development Director, Fox Interactive Media, provide insight into how companies can begin planning their strategies, convince Australia & Asia management to support it and understand the tools to analyse success. Michael Stellwag, Manager Digital Marketing, Qatar Airways Abhiram Chowdhry, Marketing Director, Expedia Asia Pacific 1130 Collaborative Buying... how do we tap into this new way of selling • How to implement a social media campaign 1600 AFTERNOON BREAK & EXHIBITION • Essential social media tools and platforms Senior representative, OMD SESSION FOUR: NEW PLATFORMS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY & CIVIL ENGAGEMENT 1150 Social Media & Web 2.0 • Social Media & Web 2.0 statistics/trends and showcase Can social networks be used to engage companies and individuals to make real • Successful advertising examples using social networking apps which changes to the world they live in? Whether it is to implement a new climate policy or engage consumers in an immersive, interactive and participatory manner. to elect a new political figure, social networking communities are making these issues Chris Schaumann, Global Advertising & Digital Lead, Asia Pacific & more prevalent. Session 3 will look at leading case studies, in which real changes Greater China Region, Microsoft Corporation have been made. 1210 Budgeting and determining the ROI of social media • Allocating cost and income from social media marketing 1630 Social networks as a means of encouraging civic, moral and political • Explaining and encouraging senior management to support social media movements • How to budget for social media 1650 Using social networks to educate and promote charities Lau Seng Yee, SVP, Tencent Sarah Ireland, Regional Director, Oxfam Great Britain 1230 Panel: Benchmarking advertising on social networks 1730 Panel: Social media and the new-age political battleground • Success stories and how advertisers have tackled social networking • Using blogs, polls, forums to develop products/brands 1800 SUMMARY & CLOSE Neal Sato, General Manager of Development Department, Mixi Ashutosh Srivastava, CEO, MindShare Asia Pacific NETWORKING DRINKS RECEPTION Book now at www.socialnetworking-asia.com or call the booking hotline on +44 (0) 117 9468 876
  3. 3. DAY 2 – NEXT GENERATION SOCIAL MEDIA Social media is moving on and today we’ll be looking into how PR departments can exploit social media and execute precise PR campaigns without disrupting cynical audiences. The development of two-way networks, internet TV and the convergence of internet and television, provides an opportunity for content providers and pay-tv operators to merge entertainment and social networking. The afternoon will feature a double session on the growing success of mobile social networking. 0800 Registration & Networking SESSION THREE: MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORKING 0900 Chairman’s Introduction John Davidson, Editor, Marketing Singapore This entire afternoon session is devoted to the new phemonome of mobile social networking. In the two sessions we will examine how operators, publishers, handset 0910 Opening Keynote manufacturers and marketers can benefit from mobile social networking and look at what the future holds for this popular medium. SESSION ONE: PUBLIC RELATIONS AND SOCIAL MEDIA 1430 Mobile social networking: what’s the fuss all about? Social media is a very powerful marketing platform and PR departments can begin to • The extension of social networks from the desktop the mobile utilise these loyal communities to achieve messaging strategies. However it comes • How mobile social networking with drive social media uptake with many issues and dangers and this session will analyse best practises for deliver- • Latest trends and what’s next for mobile social networking ing PR campaigns across multiple social media platforms. Andrew Grill, Digital Strategist & Evangelist, London, United Kingdom 0940 Using social media to monitor, control and launch PR strategies 1450 Telco 2.0 business models for social networking • How to launch a successful social media strategy • How telcos should position themselves in the Web 2.0 economy and social • Sending the right message to the right community networking • Using social media debate to promote a story • Are over-the-top players a threat or an opportunity for operators • Coping with negative and positive PR • Opening carrier class platforms for developers and partners by offering John Kerr, Asia Pacific Director, New Media, Edelman free access to telco 2.0 APIs • Telco winning broadband and mobile strategies for social networking 1000 How social media is changing the business of communication and public • Case studies: TeliaSonera, Vodafone, BT, Orange relations Jukka Helin, Director, TeliaSonera Andy Oliver, Senior Vice President, LEWIS – Global Public Relations 1510 Panel: Monetising and developing the strategic relationship with operator 1020 Panel: Monitoring and measuring people talking about your company and publisher • How to monitor and listen to your audience • How publishers and operators can work together to create a must-have • How to maintain a watchful eye over forums and blogs and other informal service media • Developing applications and software to encourage subscribers to go online • New technologies and services available • How can both parties benefit from a solid strategic relationship Tina Nepomuceno - Di Cicco, Director of Communications, • Building a mobile eco-system InterContinental Grand Stanford Hong Kong Bennet Porter, Head of Marketing, SE Asia, Yahoo Gary Lipkowitz, COO, Wego Dr Bernard Leong, Partner, Thymos Capital LLP 1050 MORNING BREAK AND EXHIBITION Colin Miles, co-founder & Executive Vice President of i-POP Rohit Dadwal, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Mobile Marketing SESSION TWO: TELEVISION 2.0 Association Tai Hsia, CEO, mConnected Premium content and advertising is fast becoming a key strategy allowing social 1545 AFTERNOON BREAK AND EXHIBITION networks to monetize their sites. Viral content distribution has created a valuable new inventory for advertisers and a new business model for the entire media industry. SESSION FOUR: HANDSETS AND PLATFORMS FOR MOBILEWEB 2.0 Session two looks at content services, the strategy behind there delivery and how this can be developed. The mobile internet experience is dramatically improving with more and more PC-like functionality. This session will look into how handset manufactures, web develop- 1130 TV production – Creating original content for social networks ers and mobile operators are achieving this and making mobile internet into its own Todd Miller, Executive Vice President and Managing Director, Asia distinguished platform. Sony Pictures Television 1150 Social networks as a platform for content distribution 1620 How to create the ultimate modern mobile social media platform 1210 Panel: Home entertainment, broadcast television and social media • Working with operators, publishers and handsets to develop web 2.0 • The marriage of online video and social media mobile websites • How communities can help develop better TV programming • Do we require more open source technology • Using social networks to engage new audiences and expand reach Bambos Kaisharis, Head of Marketing, Singapore & Malaysia, Nokia • Integrating social media within the Television proposition 1640 Next generation mobile web development • Developing pay-tv with web 2.0 applications. Jörg Krahnert, APAC MD, Netbiscuits Paras Sharma, Senior Director – Marketing & Corporate 1700 MEF Panel: How to make mobile internet into a better experience Communications, ESPN Star Sports • M.E.F latest consumer results, and findings from members Nicolas Colinos, Deputy Sales Director, Eurosport Asia • Making mobile an internet experience in its own right Shalabh Pandey, Digital Marketing Entrepreneur, Singapore • Incorporating more interactivity and more web 2.0 applications • Role of social media for improving mobile internet 1300 LUNCH, NETWORKING & EXHIBITION • Role of web developers, mobile operators and handset manufacturers Navin Wathan, Director 1Maxis, Product Development & Infotainment, Maxis Lai Kok, CEO, BuzzCity 1730 SUMMARY & CLOSE Book now at www.socialnetworking-asia.com or call the booking hotline on +44 (0) 117 9468 876
  4. 4. Registration If you would like to register for this event please complete the form below and fax back to +44 (0) 117 9468 871 Delegate Delegate 2 Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) First Name Firstname Surname Surname Position Job Title Company Email Address Delegate 3 Title (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Postcode Firstname Telephone Surname Fax Job Title Email Email Reservation Social Networking World Forum - Asia Day 1 Day 2 Both days Standard $870 (£400) $870 (£400) $1600 (£750) Early booking discount $780 (£360) $780 (£360) $1400 (£675) Prices do not include V.A.T Exhibition Visitor (Free) – Please register online Payment Please send me a VAT invoice. Our purchase order no. is I enclose a cheque for £ Payable to Six Degrees Events Ltd Please charge my: Visa / Mastercard / Maetro/ Amex The sum of £ Card Number Issue Date Expiry Date Security No. Cardholders Name Cardholders Registered Address Postcode Signature Date Delegate Terms and Conditions 1. In respect of any conference we reserve the right to vary the content, timetable, location or speakers, or to cancel the event. In such circumstances we accept no liability for the variation or cancellation, but in the event of a cancellation only we will refund the registration fee (+VAT). 2. If you cancel your booking the full fee (+VAT) will be payable unless a written notice of cancellation is received by us at least 30 working days prior to the event, in which case the fee will be refunded, less an administration charge of £150 (+VAT) per place cancelled. A substitute delegate may attend at no extra cost provided you give us written notice of this. 3. Payment is due with submission of your booking form. No admittance will be allowed to the conference if full payment has not been received. 4. Spaces may be limited and therefore submission of your booking form and payment does not guarantee you a place. The despatch by us, whether by email or letter, of written confirmation of your booking will constitute a legally binding contract. 5. You are not, without our permission allowed to reproduce any part of the conference materials or make audio or visual recordings at the conference. 6. To the fullest extend permitted by law neither Six Degrees Events Limited nor its employees or speakers will be liable by reason of breach of contract, negligence or otherwise for any loss or consequential loss (including but not limited to loss of profits or anticipated profits, damage to reputation or goodwill, loss of business or contracts or damages, costs or expenses incurred by any third party) caused by any person acting or omitting to act in reliance upon any material or presentation given at or in connection with the conference or, except to the extent that any such loss does not exceed the fee for the event, arising from or connected with any error or omission in the material or presentation given at or in connection with the event. 7. We accept no liability for damage to or loss of personal belongings at the conference venue. 8. We reserve the right to refuse entry or eject people from the conference. 9. You details will be dealt with in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998, and we will only use your personal details for the purposes of the conference and to send you any further information about future conferences that we think maybe of interest to you. Book now at www.socialnetworking-asia.com or call the booking hotline on +44 (0) 117 9468876