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  1. 1. All About ERW Steel TubesThe idea of ERW steel tubes dates back to 1920, but thepractical process of galvanization started in 1962. Thesedays ERW steel tubes are manufactured in large factories onmass level. Most of the worlds ERW steel pipes and tubescome from China. - Manufacturing Process of ERW Steel Tubes The whole process begins as a flat steep strip that is slit to the right breadth for achieving perfect end tube diameter. Later on the steel strip is sent to the weld box where electrical resistance from the steel tube is used to form thermal energy. The thermal energy is used for welding the strips of steel to form a strong tube, which is similar in strength to the actual strip of steel.
  2. 2. The tube is smoothened by removal of welding residue known as flash.In the next phase steel tubes are sent to a cooling unit where they arepassed through a coolant for lowering temperature. After cooling all thesteel tubes, they are sent to finishing rolls for change of shape. Finally, allthe tubes are coated with an anti-rust liquid for long life, and then cutinto required lengths. So, the name ERW (electrical resistance welded) isdue to the welding technique that uses electrical resistance from thesteel tube for creation of heat that will ultimately weld steel strips.
  3. 3. Benefits of ERW Steel TubesThe biggest quality of ERW steel tubes is that they are welded in the best manner, and the bond is often stronger than the bond between particles of the steel strip. These strips are available in several shapes and sizes to suit requirements of customers. Commonly available ERW steel tubes vary in diameter from 2.375" to 24", while the lengths can be up to 100 feet long. These tubes arent just stronger as compared with seamless ones, but they are also cheaper in price. Such tubes are most commonly used as line pipes. Mostly these steel tubes are usedin fencing, line pipes, oil rigs, commercial construction, domestic use, and agricultural industry.
  4. 4. VarietiesERW steel tubes are available in a variety of shapes, sizes, andqualities. Commonly available shapes of such pipes arecircular, octagonal, square, rectangular, and oval. These pipesundergo a number of quality tests before being supplied into themarket. Common tests include straightness check, ultrasonic weldcheck, bevel check, micrometre check, and hydro tests. Afterthorough evaluation these pipes are categorized and sold ondifferent rates depending upon their quality. Buyers purchasepipes depending upon their usage. options to bulk buyers.
  5. 5. Some will be in need of an average pipe that can be used to transfer waste, whileothers may need a high grade ERW steel tube for industrial use. Prices of these tubes depend upon their quality, as high quality tubes will be used in large commercial projects, while low quality ones will be used for fencing or as water lines etc. Purchasing an ERW steel tube is not a difficult task, they can easily be found at local hardware stores, and bulk buyers can place their orders online. Large ERW tube manufacturers provide the facility to settle transactions online by offering several payment and delivery