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  • 1. Google+Natalie Longchamp
  • 2. So why Google+• More control over who sees what.• Better video chat platforms• A Great way to communicate with friends
  • 3. Notifications Layout News Feed and statusChat
  • 4. Stream• You can limit what you see on your stream to make it easier to follow individuals.
  • 5. CirclesGroup People into differentcircles
  • 6. Profile
  • 7. Posting• You can post video, pictures, and links.• Then you can select circles to share your post with.• For example you don’t want to share what you are posting with your family you can select to only share with friends.
  • 8. Choosethe circlesto sharewith
  • 9. What is a Hangout?• It is a video conference with your friends on google+• Watch YouTube videos together and talk and video chat with all your friends.• Share your screen with the group
  • 10. Hangout
  • 11. Hangout and Watch YouTube videos
  • 12. Games• Play games with your friends
  • 13. YouTube• Watch YouTube videos in the same space while your still able look at your news feed.• You are able to pause and play music in a one step control.• This function also allows you to share with your circles.
  • 14. One password for all• You only need one password to access Google+, Gmail, Google docs, and all other Google services.