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7 Sky

  1. 1. Welcome to 7 Sky!Cheese and chocolate with a glass of wine - pleasure worthy of Kings!
  2. 2. 7 sky Wine & Cheese & ChocolateWine, Cheese and Chocolate Experience By subproject of the ARK WORLD WINE GEORGIAN TRADE MARK
  3. 3. Wine & cheese& chocolate Cheese , chocolate with a glass of wine - pleasure worthy of kings.It so happens that many of those who love cheese, chocolate wine and also loves. Both products have a long history, in addition, bothproducts have many options of flavors that makes it possible to achieve the most brilliant, unusual flavor combinations. Its safe to saythat the combination of wine and cheese is one of the most attractive in the culture of food. This explains the fact that countries knownfor their high culture of wine, most famous and good cheeses (eg, Europe).In turn, Georgia is the cradle of winemaking, and has more than 8,000 years of history. Also, Georgia is a country of gourmands,agriculture and tourism. In turn, each appreciates the combination of Georgian wine and haute cuisine and products.In Georgia there are over 60 varieties of cheese, an incredible number of varieties of fine wines, manufacturers of chocolate products.However, our goal is to expand the range of the Georgian market, and help European producers of cheese and chocolate to introducetheir products to market in conjunction with the Georgia, Georgian wines and also in a wide trading network supermarkets.Expand the category of taste and culture of consumption of these products, and gourmet lovers in Georgia.In the process of developing the project, we found an optimal and innovative solutions to advance European brands for Georgianconsumers. In addition, the project has a franchising program that can be Implemented in the various countries.We are proud to present a project that is already gaining potential partners for the start of cooperation. The Group of the GBH company develops investment projects that have the potential not only to promote the company and products, but also the participants country and its uniqueness. Welcome to 7 Sky!
  4. 4. 7 SkyBrands that we want to differentiate amongst our boutique We are looking for long-term relationship
  5. 5. Georgian Business HoldingThe “ Georgian Business Holding “ LLC company is a Georgian company registered, management of which have experience ininvestment, marketing and trade for over 10 years.The GBHolding was founded with the aim of combining several Georgian companies in June 2010 year.The Reference List of partners of our company includes both the state organizations, the presidential residence, governmentresidences, municipalities, banks, insurance companies, cellular companies, other private companies and individualsAll the projects of our company in advance of the presentation of government structures, to obtain approval for marketing strategyand program of projects.Each program of projects received from the government 100% approval.Thus, the company combines experience and scope of the following industries;Import of European Technologies – Energy Sector, Alternative Energy, Building Materials, Water equipment , Pools,Fountains, Garden and other technicals.Export Georgian Agro Products – nuts, herbal fruit and vegetableImport peanuts and food special ingredientsMarketing best wines in the world – Ark World WineMarketing sweet products around the worldInternational projects Investment recourses lineInternational Training CentreSocial Training ProjectsMovie projects about Georgia The GBH company was the first company in Georgia that included a program of internship the 80 students The company is constantly working on the introduction of innovative technologies, such as products and services in Georgia
  6. 6. 7 sky Wine & Cheese & Chocolate7 Sky Your partner in market of Georgia7 Sky is a trading project which aims to introduce the Georgian market theEuropean brands of wine, cheese and chocolates.7 Sky is a trading platform in the form of boutique and bar, which willbe presented for tasting and sales a brand of our partners. • Marketplace in Boutique for 10 000 conventional units • Boutique by café – 80 persons • With bar counter – 20 persons • Personal IPAD on the table • Online shop - Marketplace for 2000 conventional units • Promo ads – in different areas in Georgia – 5 cities; Tbilisi; Rustavi; Gori; Kutaisi; Batumi • Sponsorship – Special offer to corporative cooperation7 Sky is a trading capacity expansion of the market in cooperation with the Georgian dealers,distributor and trading companies.7 Sky is a trading capacity expansion of the market in collaboration with partners in the franchise inthe world 7 Sky this is a journey of European cultures Marketing research activate
  7. 7. With whom we are interested in cooperation?! Producers of wine Producers and importers of cheese Producers and importers of chocolates Advertising companies Gift companies From the producers of confectionery and cookies Transportation companies Dealers Producers of nuts and dried fruit companies Distributors Traders Investors Corporate clients 7 Sky is a combination of Georgian wines to the European cheeses and chocolate Only Brands Only Quality Only Innovation
  8. 8. Every month Statistics of use Wines  Georgian wine - more than 2500 000 litters Cheese Georgian Cheese - more than 3 500 000 kg Import Cheese - more than 500 000kg Chocolate Georgian Chocolates – more than 3000000 kg Import Chocolates – more than 1500000 kg Georgia is a country of gourmets!
  9. 9. Brands that we want to differentiate amongst our boutique Wines Georgian wines Elite wine, Quality wines, Table wines
  10. 10. Brands that we want to differentiate amongst our boutique More than 1000 sorties cheeses 1. Austrian Cheese 2. Belgian Cheese 3. Bulgarian Cheese 4. Danish Cheese 5. Dutch Cheese 6. French Cheese 7. Georgian Cheese 8. German Cheese 9. Greece cheese 10. Hungary Cheese 11. Holland Cheese 12. English Cheese 13. Finnish Cheese 14. Italian Cheese 15. Norwegian Cheese 16. Poland Cheese 17. Portuguese Cheese 18. Swedish Cheese 19. Swiss Cheese 20. Spanish Cheese
  11. 11. Brands that we want to differentiate amongst our boutique Chocolates 1. Austrian Chocolate 2. Belgian Chocolate 3. Bulgarian Chocolate 4. Danish Chocolate 5. Dutch Chocolate 6. French Chocolate 7. Georgian Chocolate 8. German Chocolate 9. Greece Chocolate 10. Hungary Chocolate 11. Holland Chocolate 12. English Chocolate 13. Finnish Chocolate 14. Italian Chocolate 15. Norwegian Chocolate 16. Poland Chocolate 17. Portuguese Chocolate 18. Swedish Chocolate 19. Swiss Chocolate 20. Spanish Chocolate
  12. 12. Advertising and Innovations Total investment to ADS in 15% of monthly income TV Complete ADS information about your industry, Radio owners, success, city, region, cultural monuments and Magazines others. All that may be interested in lovers of the Newspapers wine, chocolate, cheese, gourmet, or in general a tourist Print And we will to do first in Georgia! Internet , Soc. Websites IPAD on every table and bar Trade network Hypermarkets Supermarkets Minimarkets HORE’Ca Companies Tourism Companies Special presentation All info about menu and products Tasting Enjoy events Getting feedback from fans of your product the fastest way! National festivals Only 1 minute can bring you closer to your fans!
  13. 13. Advertising and Innovations Guest will not only be the most knowledgeable not only about the manufacturer, but also the beneficial properties of the product. Information support is very important in marketing and consumer. Knowing this is the way to build customer confidence. Also, information in the bar so that makes things even more interesting and fun for guests. While it tastes your product, a guest can use the IPAD as own laptop. After tasting the product, the guest can write a review directly from the restaurant, divided into a social network, and all the information you receive immediately. Because the IPAD database of 7 SKY is a commercial product, it will also be presented for sale to HORE’Ca Thus, we once again raise the interest of potential buyers to your products Guest enjoys spending time in the 7 Sky its advanced technology for contact with the outside world are with him There is no greater pleasure for a man than all the comforts!
  14. 14. MarketHypermarketsSupermarketsMinimarketsHORE’CaCompaniesSpecial presentationTastingEnjoy eventsWedding companiesEvents companiesExhibitions HORE’Ca; wine, cheese, chocolate and premium foodOnline sales
  15. 15. Shop Boutique/Bar 7 sky 7 Sky is the atmosphere for pleasure7 Sky Wide range of fine wines, cheese and chocolate 7 Sky is a live classical and jazz music7 Sky it is a dream house to Gourmets 7 Sky Frequent expansion of brands and service7 Sky Only natural and healthy products7 Sky pleasant atmosphere for all sex and age segments7 Sky is the real relationshi p with all the modernsafety technology and service 7 Sky is not advertising, it is love for perfection!
  16. 16. Terms of CooperationThe AWW marketing plan offers manufacturers to expand the market in Georgia with minimal investment.With high guarantees for long-term cooperationThe first contract is between the companies for 1 year.One-time investmentThe minimum investment amount $ 5000Each of the following delivery is paid in advance60% of profits back into working capital from 7 Sky You do not pay us the money, for the marketing and management , you begin to sell in the market with minimal investment.
  17. 17. Types of InvestmentSupplier of productsDealershipDistributorsTraderFranchisingAdvertisingWebsiteAmount of Investment in the month Supplier of products minimal costs from $ 5000 Dealership of products minimal costs from $ 1000 Distributors of products minimal costs from $ 1000 Trader of products minimal costs from $ 500 Franchising license – $ 5 000 and 7 % annual turnover Advertising service in shop centre Advertising service on website Website Manage
  18. 18. First step of Investment After a preliminary review with the contract terms on a partnership agreement 1. The contract of intention on cooperation 2. Delivery samples of products by 1 pc on each type 3. The contract of partnership 4. Delivery of productsSecond step of cooperation 1. Pre-payment from 7 Sky 2. Delivery of products
  19. 19. Responsibilities of the producer or importerInformation support for company and productsInformational support of brand valueInformation on nutritionnels support ProductsInformation support on Storage time and conditionsCertificats of qualityAdvertising MaterialsSpecial standsPayment to transportation costInformation about a Relevance of cheese to winesDelivery of the products
  20. 20. Responsibilities of the 7 Sky ManagementInformation support for fans reportsSupport to branding in market of GeorgiaSupport on Storage time and conditionsAdvertising Activate; Please see page AdvertisingSpecial placeSale of the products7 Sky Franchise Presentation to potential investorsAdditional expansion of the market for issuing a license for franchising of the 7 Sky60% of profits back into working capital from 7 Sky100 % Pre-payment for each new supplies
  21. 21. Technical SupportCurrent support for warehousing and storage products on 1500 sq.mModern design brand standsSpecial refrigerators for wine, cheese and chocolateLogistics for the supply of goods partners in Georgia
  22. 22. GEORGIAGeorgia State, located in Southwest Asia and the Middle East, many English-language sources are countries in the Middle East or northernpart of the country in Eastern Europe, the rest of Asia Minor in the western part of the Caucasus on the east coast of the Black Sea. Georgiaborders with Armenia and Turkey to the south, Azerbaijan to the south-east and Russia to the north.Georgia is located in central and western part of Transcaucasia, between 41 ° 07 and 43 ° 05 north latitude and 40 ° 05 and 46 ° 44 eastlongitude. Area Georgia is 69 700 km ². Location of Georgia at the turn of the Mediterranean sub-humid, arid Aral-Caspian basin and thehighlands in the Near East with a continental climate led to a variety of landscape, nature and fauna. The Black Sea coast of Georgia has alength of 408 km and is devoid of any significant bays, islands or peninsulas. Located in the north Georgia Great Caucasus Range.The climate of Georgia is under the influence of subtropical climate in the west and the Mediterranean climate from the east. Great Caucasusrange serves as a barrier against the cold wind from the north. Along the Black Sea coast, from Abkhazia to the Turkish border, as well as in thearea known as Colchis lowland, dominated by a subtropical climate with high humidity and abundant rainfall (1,000 to 2,000 mm per year, and theBlack Sea port of Batumi even 2500 mm per year) . In this region, it grows several varieties of palm. In January-February average temperature is 5 °C, and in July and August - 24 ° C.The total population of Georgia - For the census in Georgia in 2009 (out of 4,369,579 people) live following national groups - Georgians(83.7%), Azeris (6.5%), Armenians (5.7%), Russian (1.5%), Ossetias (0.9%), Kurds and Yezidis (0.5%), Greeks (0.3%), Chechens and Kists(0.2%), Ukrainians (0.2%) Assyrians, Avars, the Abkhaz and others
  23. 23. GEORGIAGeorgias strategic location is an asset to any investor. As a bridge between Europe and Asia, Georgia offers direct access toEuropean, GCC and CIS markets (more than 1 billion consumers). Georgia is a prime location for centralized market operations in theBlack Sea Region and the preferred choice for Regional Headquarters and multi-country distribution centers, contact centers andshared service centers. Area Population 2010 Life expectancy Official language Literacy69 700 sq km 4,4 mln 76 year Georgian 100 %Capital Currency code GDP 2010 GDP – Real Growth Rate Projected 2010 Real GDP Growth RateTbilisi LARI /GEL US $ 11.7 Billion +6.4 % +4.9 %GDP - Per Capita 2010 Inflation rate 2010 (average annual) Unemployment rateUS$ 2629.0 11.2 % 16.3 %Total exports 2010 (Mil. USD) 1583.3 Total imports 2010 (Mil. USD) 5095.5Trade surplus/deficit 2010 (Mil. USD) -3512.2Exchange rate - USD/GEL 2010 (Period average) 1.7826Exchange rate - EUR/GEL 2010 (Period average) 2.3644
  24. 24. Statistics data
  25. 25. Statistics data
  26. 26. Useful links http://www.president.gov.ge/ http://www.economy.ge http://www.mfa.gov.ge http://www.gnta.ge http://www.investingeorgia.org http://www.nbg.gov.ge/?lng=eng http://www.tourismadjara.ge/new/?lang=eng Do you know anything about Georgia? Natalie Demur – The author of the ARK WORLD WINE
  27. 27. Address of GBH LLC The GEORGIAN BUSINESS HOLDING LLC are is the author of the projects; ARK WORLD WINE GEORGIAN HOUSE IN THE WORLD RELAX CITY 7 SKY Georgian Business Holding LLC ID:404383350 1.5.86 Fan-Tsitsishvili Street, 0194; Tbilisi, Georgia/Caucasus Tel/fax: 99532 2 361834 Tel : 99532 2 147595 E-mail: info@gbh.ge ; info@gape.ge