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08, 25, 2012.
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08, 25, 2012.






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    08, 25, 2012. 08, 25, 2012. Presentation Transcript

    • SaturdayAugust 25 , th 2012.
    • Self-assessment format!
    • Compare yourhomework!
    • Objectives• Communicative :Asking others their age.• Language:Simple present.“How old are you?”
    • Learning StrategyGrouping!
    • GroupingWhat? Organizing into groups according to similarcharacteristics.How? Steps:1. Read the expressions that you want to learn.2. Find similarities among them.3. Find a possible general category.4. Label the group and classify the expressions.Why? Because we learn how to organize information better, and it helps us memorize the expressions/questions/words.
    • Task• Find out how many of your classmates are your same age, by interviewing them, and grouping the information in a chart.
    • Chart Name AgeExample: Example:Camila 11 years old
    • Steps1. Stand up.2. Interview all of your classmates, by following the pattern:A: Hi! How old are you?B: Hi! I am … years old. And you?A: I am … years old.B: Ok. Thanks, bye.A: Ok. Thanks, bye.3. Check the chart and count how many of your classmates are your same age.
    • Vocabulary Numbers!1. Draw the IPA chart in your notebook.2. Try to guess the words with your couple.3. Once you find out the right words, grade your couple’s pronunciation.
    • Let’s start this class!1. You will receive two flashcards.Each one has a number on it. One has the number written inletters and the other one doesn’t. Thirty 202. Spell the number written in letters to your classmate.3. Tell your classmate the number on the other flashcard,without showing it.4. Check if your classmate has the right answers.5. Ask your classmate to correct his answers, if they werewrong.
    • Open your book on page 22!
    • Wrap up!1. Did we achieve the objectives?2. Did we use today’s learning strategy?3. Did we complete our task?
    • Homework1. Practice the numbers here:http://www.digitaldialects.com/English.htm2. Write in your notebook 20 sentences. Each one with a number from 0 – 20.Example:My sister is fourteen (14) years old.