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Going Online to Win The  Travel Industry Competition
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Going Online to Win The Travel Industry Competition


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Published in: Travel, Business

  • is not a platform anyway for most of those sites. For a trustworthy public understanding, please change or remove this misleading information.
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  • ...though I believe is going to be a strong entertainment and travel gateway though if done right. Good luck with your reorganization and maturing! Don't forget to invite us to your future IPO ;)

    Warm regards, Traveloka team
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  • Slide 21-28 is actually pretty misleading, since many of the mentioned sites are not at all developed on top of simply happens to be a partner of ours, which we, at our sole discretion, has the right to reconsider the continuation of our partnership anytime.
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  • 1. Going Online to Win The Travel Industry Competition Natali Ardianto - for @Tiket
  • 2. Online Travel 1. EVER EXPANDING MARKET@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 3. "Our Walk-In Customers Went Down 30%" ~ A huge 24 hours travel agency in Jakarta with IDR 1 billion daily revenue@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 4. Like it or not, EVERY offline travel agents will eventually go online Expanding market to offline AND online@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 5. Changing in trend EVERYTHING IS "INSTANT"@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 6. Impulsive Buying Decision Instant Deals@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 7. Instant Payment Instant Confirmation Customers dont like pay and pray@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 8. 3. CREATE GOOD ONLINE PRESENCE@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 9. Static Website is NOT an online presence Customers should be able to look for informations@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 10. Online Travel Websites 4. ENDLESS CREATIVITY@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 11. Last Minute Bookings@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 12. Name Your Own Price@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 13. Travel Packages Daily Deals@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 14. Social Media With Booking Ability@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 15. Infinite Options@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 16. Infinite Options@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 17. Going Online Nowadays is Not That Hard Anymore Faster development timeline, cheaper development costs@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 18. Nobody need to start from the ground up 5. B2B PARTNERSHIP@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 19. Most Online Travel Platform Companies Have an Affiliate Programs Using Widgets, Affiliate Links, B2B Agent system, Developers API@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 20. Travel agents only need to create a creative website Let the online travel platform work on the backend@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 21. Developers API, Affiliate Program@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 22. Developers API, Affiliate Program@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 23. TX Travel Widgets, B2B Agent@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 24. Developer API@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 25. Developer API@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 26. Indonesia Flight Android Apps Developers API@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 27. Tixify Developers API@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 28. All are developed on top of a travel platform...@NataliArdianto for @Tiket
  • 29. Lets Join Forces Together EXPAND THE ONLINE TRAVEL ECOSYSTEM TOGETHER!@NataliArdianto for @Tiket