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This is the “Tom and Jane” story. It is an adventurous tales of two young Czech students, who visited 15 countries using mysterious doors. Through each 15-minute slide story, the students will show you the lives and perspectives of their countries. We hope you will visit us and explore 15 countries through the mysterious doors.
Wonderful presentation about a wonderful country. Need I say more?

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  1. 1. Tom and Jane in Armenia
  2. 2. Welcome to Yeah! And now we Armenia guys! Great! We’ve heard have a nice I’ll be your a lot about this opportunity to personal guide ancient country. appreciate it’s beauty . here.
  3. 3. Ok! Let’s start. And first of all I would like to present you the capital of my country – Yerevan.
  4. 4. Like many Armenian capitals throughout millenniums, Yerevan is located in the Araratian plain. Emerging from Ancient Castle of Erebuni, which was founded in 782 BC by Armenian king Argishti, Yerevan is 29 years older than Rome and ornamented with inviting squares and splendid museums, galleries and spirited with theatres, universities, re staurants, cafes and parks it is younger than many Western capitals.
  5. 5. In the summer and fall, central Yerevan can feel like one big café, with the Opera area being their capital. It remains light out until late, people are out drinking surj (Armenian coffee) , eating pastries and enjoying Armenian fruits. The days can be hot, so the nights are perfect for sitting out.
  6. 6. The heart of Yerevan, is the Republic Square, the only one in its type, endowed by singing fountains and a magnificent mosaic rock carpet, which covers 3000 year old ruins underneath it! The Republic Square and all buildings circling it were designed by Alexander Tamanyan the beloved architect for Armenians. The large oval of the Square will give you a great chance to examine Tamanyan’s distinctive designs in detail.
  7. 7. Wow! And what does the word Now guys „Matenadaran“ let‘s move to mean? Matenadaran
  8. 8. It means quot;repository of manuscriptsquot; in Armenian.By the way,here you can see Armenian letters
  9. 9. Impressing statues of Mashtots, the creator of Armenian Alphabet and other eminent Armenians; Korun, Gosh, Shirakatsi, Tatevatsi etc. are erected in front of Matenadaran.
  10. 10. Matenadaran has one of the largest manuscript collections in the world and has the largest collection of Armenian manuscripts. It has over 17 000 units which include numerous fragments from Armenian and foreign ancient manuscripts, complete parchments, copies of first printed books etc.
  11. 11. Matenadaran is not only a museum, but a major research center. There is a large library functioning adjacent to Matenadaran, which is truly the most important scientific center for Armenian studies.
  12. 12. Yes jane,you right!Even during this very short Ok guys! Now I visit to Matenadaran want to show Great! I‘ve felt the I‘ve revealed the vital you another role the Armenian breath of centuries interesting place language and the here . in Yerevan - Armenian Alphabet have Vernissage played in world culture…
  13. 13. Near the Opera house, in a small square contemporary Armenian artists and painters present their paintings to sell them and hear public opinion. On Saturdays and Sundays, this square turns into a real open-air gallery, into a real center of contemporary art and culture.
  14. 14. Here, in Vernissage, you can simply walk around and enjoy the paintings of modern painters. You can meet the painters themselves and comment about this or the other piece of art, buy a painting or simply order a new one: be it a portrait, a landscape or a still life.
  15. 15. What is the It is the oldest name of the Armenian instrument that instrument man plays ? It called Duduk sounds so nice.
  16. 16. Have you ever felt the miraculous influence of music? If not, you need to hear the touching sounds of the Armenian Duduk. The instrument has a 1,900 year history and although it is used in many Caucasus countries it is of true Armenian origin. The Duduk is a wind instrument made from apricot timber, and thus it is called tsiranapogh (apricot pipe) in the Armenian language. It has a warm, soft and slightly dulled sound that is controlled by pressure of the lips and by closing eight or nine holes with fingers. Today the Duduk has been used in almost 60 famous Hollywood and independent films, such as quot;Titanicquot; and quot;Gladiatorquot;. The magic sound of the Duduk is in such harmony with nature, history, and the spirit of Armenia, that it is hard to picture this country without the Duduk.
  17. 17. So guys , now we’re approaching to one of tourist’s most favorite places - Yerevan Brandy Factory, which offers tours, with a full visit to its production facilities, and tasting of their various brandies .
  18. 18. Armenian brandy is the pride of Armenians: it accompanies every single wedding and celebration and its story goes back all the way to Noah, when he planted the first wine tree.
  19. 19. The list of devotees to the Armenian Brandy includes many celebrities such as Sir Winston Churchill to whom the provision of Brandy was maintained by Stalin himself. In his late years, when Churchill was asked what the secret of his long life was, he answered: quot;Never be late for lunch, smoke Hawaiian cigars and drink Armenian Brandyquot;. Yerevan Brandy Factory is the right place to receive first hand information regarding the techniques of production, to taste this legendary drink.
  20. 20. Yeah ! I want And what Sure! I‘m to taste the also food of about hungry.Let‘s Armenian Armenian move ! national food? cuisine
  21. 21. These ladies are just in a process of preparation of Armenian bread called ‘’Lavash’’
  22. 22. Now when we’re full up we can continue our trip and visit spiritual and administrative center of the Armenian Apostolic Church
  23. 23. Echmiadzin -quot;the place where the Only Begotten Son of God descended“ , the residence of the patriarch of the Armenian Church.
  24. 24. Once in seven years in autumn in the Cathedral Church of Echmiadzin, Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of all Armenians says the Mass for Holly Myrrh Blessing symbolizing the presence of God. It is the most sacred and mysterious ceremony for Armenian people and Apostolic church.
  25. 25. Armenia has over 50,000 hand-made crosses, sculptured of rocks, no one is identical to another one. Each cross-stone has its own pattern; each one has its own story which goes back to the depth of ages
  26. 26. You’re always welcome ! Armenia is open The next time we’ll Great! I got so for everybody certainly come many impression each season of here with our from this the year ! friends . country !
  27. 27. Thank you for your attention