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Automation and BMS systems on the basis of Quantum Automation controllers.

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QA Presentation

  1. 1. QUANTUM AUTOMATION<br />The Way of Life – Intellect, Contemporary Technologies<br />
  2. 2. QUANTUM AUTOMATION<br /><ul><li> System Integrator in Networking Technologies since 1979
  3. 3. ISO Certified
  4. 4. Authorized to realize up to 15 million dollar projects by Singapore Organization (BCA) Category ME02 – Grand L5
  5. 5. Building and Industrial Process Management
  6. 6. Category ME04 – Grand L4 ( projects up to 7.5 million dollars)
  7. 7. Authorized member of Echelon USA (LonWorks®) </li></ul>Network Integrator since 2000<br /><ul><li> Security and Communication Systems</li></li></ul><li>Best Authorized Executor – Network Integrator in Asia Pacific region in 2002 & 2007<br />
  8. 8. Frost & Sullivan, an American-based technology consultant <br />has conferred to Quantum Automation, the award of <br />Market Leader in Singapore in Building Automation System for 2007<br />
  9. 9. QUANTUM AUTOMATION<br /><ul><li>Singapore Headquarters </li></ul>Quantum Automation Pte. Ltd<br />Quantum Automation (Asia) Pte. Ltd<br />eSwitch Engineering Pte. Ltd<br /><ul><li>China</li></ul>Quantum Automation (Shanghai) Co. Ltd.<br />Quantum Automation / Yanlord JV<br /><ul><li>Malaysia</li></ul>QA Systems Integration (M) Sdn. Bhd. <br /><ul><li>Middle East, UAE, Dubai</li></ul> QA Systems Integration (M.E.) LLC.<br /><ul><li>Eastern Europe, Ukraine, Kiev</li></ul>QA Systems Integration, Saturn-K Engineering Company<br />
  10. 10. QUANTUM AUTOMATION<br />Leader in Intelligent Building Management Solutions<br /><ul><li>Integrated Building Management System
  11. 11. including Energy, Power Metering and Optimization System
  12. 12. LONWorks® / IP (Open) Building Management System
  13. 13. Vivarium / Laboratories / Cleanroom Control System
  14. 14. District Cooling / Thermal Storage Control System
  15. 15. Intelligent Home Automation System
  16. 16. Integrated Security System (Anti-Terrorism)
  17. 17. Central Automated Blinds Control System
  18. 18. Public / Lift Information Display System
  19. 19. Soft-Addressable Fire Alarm System</li></li></ul><li>Public Display Video Wall<br />Lift Display <br />Internet / Intranet<br />Office <br />Automation <br />Network<br />Standby IBMS Server<br />Duty IBMS Server<br /> Firewall<br />Facility Booking Server<br />Visitor Management System<br /> Network Up Silos of Individual Sub Systems<br />Maintenance Management<br />SMS Alarm Notification <br />Multi-media Terminal Interface Server<br /> Firewall<br />Web Server<br />Satellite Digital Master Clock System via NTP Client<br />Chiller Microprocessor<br />Utilizing Wide Area Fibre Optic Network Ethernet TCP/IP 100 Mbps – Integrated Building Management System<br />VRV System<br />Interface Card<br />Patch Panel<br />RTS<br />RTS<br />RTS<br />RTS <br />Patch Panel<br />Patch Panel<br />Patch Panel<br />i.LON 100 e3 Internet Server<br />Interface Card<br />DVR<br />BAS System<br />Vacuum System<br />Digital Public Address / EVC System<br />Plumbing & Sanitary PLC System<br />Life Safety System<br />Energy / Utilities Monitoring System<br />Integrated Security System<br />Car-park Management System<br />Lift / Escalator System<br />Master <br />Mimic<br />MAP<br />DDC<br />LONWorks® Network<br />DDC<br />Repeater<br /> CAC<br />DDC<br />SAP<br /> SFP<br />15,000 Wired Points<br />5,500 Speakers<br /> 1,200 Smoke Detectors<br /> 250 Digital Power Meters<br />450 Digital Master Clocks<br />1,200 Card Readers & 500 Cameras<br />IBMS Enterprise Network Architecture <br />With Integration of Individual <br />Sub-Systems, the advantages are:<br /><ul><li> Centralized Monitoring & Control
  20. 20. Maximizing Assets, such as MMS, SMS
  21. 21. Ease of Operations
  22. 22. Total Work Flow for Crisis Management
  23. 23. Faster Response to Crisis</li></ul>Traditional Silos of Individual Sub Systems<br />
  24. 24. ‘Interoperable’<br />‘Interoperable’<br />‘Interoperable’<br />QA IP Cameras &<br />QA IP Card Access <br />‘Interoperable’<br />Controller for<br />Automatic Blinds <br />IP Controller for<br />Automatic Blinds <br />Group IP Controller <br />For Lighting Controls <br />Digital Power Meters <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Chiller Set <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Cooling Towers <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- SCHW Pumps <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Bypass Controls <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- AHU / PAU <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- MV Fans <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Electrical / Lighting <br />VAV DDC Controller<br />VAV DDC Controller<br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Plumbing / Sanitary <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Domestic Water <br />IP DDC Controller<br />- Fire Protection <br />Group Controller for<br />Lighting Controls <br />Digital Power Meters <br />Open BMS Systems<br />SMS Alarm Notification <br />with Maintenance<br />Management Software<br />SCADA Graphical User<br />BMS Server<br />Alarm Printer <br />Alarm Printer <br />Ethernet TCP/IP - 100 Mbps<br />Edge Switch with GBIC<br />Fiber Optics<br />Building IT Infrastructure<br />Cat 5e / Cat 6<br />IP Router <br />ASC DDC Controller<br />IP FCU DDC Controller<br />
  25. 25. Our Central Software includes:<br /><ul><li>iNEXUS SCADA Server / Client
  26. 26. iNEXUS Web Server
  27. 27. SMS Alarm Management Software
  28. 28. Maintenance Management Software
  29. 29. Facility Booking System (FBS)
  30. 30. Various Drivers & Interfaces</li></ul>Our LONWorks® DDC Controllers, for both specific and programmable applications:<br /><ul><li> Microprocessor-based,
  31. 31. Neuron chip & Echelon Tranceiver,
  32. 32. Peer-to-Peer,
  33. 33. Standalone - Realtime Clock,
  34. 34. Time Scheduling,
  35. 35. PID Control Algorithm,
  36. 36. Trending,
  37. 37. Alarm Reporting,
  38. 38. Energy Management Software</li></ul>A Complete Building Management Solution, that caters to your Total Building Management needs.<br />
  39. 39. Involvement in Zero Energy Building <br />Our system is also selected for Building & Construction Authority of Singapore (BCA) flag-ship Zero Energy Building project that uses ‘NO Energy’ for its operations / functions, with a combination of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. Implement latest Energy-Efficiency Innovations :<br /><ul><li> High Performance Façade (ETTV of 35 W/m³)
  40. 40. Roof Gardening and Vertical Greening
  41. 41. Photovoltaics / Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV)
  42. 42. Solar Assisted Stack Ventilation
  43. 43. Light Shelves for harvesting Day-lighting
  44. 44. Light Pipes with ‘Rotating Mirrors
  45. 45. Innovative Single Coil Twin Fan Ventilation System
  46. 46. Personalized Ventilation System
  47. 47. Efficient Chillers / Chiller Optimization Program
  48. 48. Lighting Dimming System
  49. 49. Detail Reports and Charting</li></li></ul><li>IBMS / BMS Project References :<br />Mandarin Hotel, Singapore<br />Merchant Court Hotel, <br />Singapore<br />
  50. 50. Bay Gates Tower, Dubai<br />QUANTUM AUTOMATION <br />Prestigious Overseas References<br />Hexaware Campus, Chennai India<br />The Energy, Jakarta Indonesia<br />Tallest Building in Sudirman Central Business District<br />Fully IP-based Solution – IBMS, BMS, CCTV, Access <br />Control, Fire Alarm System, Carparking, Public Addressing<br />
  51. 51. Testimonials From Owners, End-users :<br />Equinix Data Centre<br />Singapore Management University<br /><ul><li> For New City Campus (Bras Basah and Victoria)</li></ul>MayBank Headquarters<br />
  52. 52. Testimonials From Contractors :<br />Harbour Front Towers<br />COMTECH Data Centre<br />Ministry of <br />Home Affairs<br />Water Treatment Plant – C2B<br />
  53. 53. In recognition of our Successful Implementation in Singapore Management University, Quantum Automation has been awarded the Industrial Automation Award 2005 by the Singapore Industrial Automation Association<br />
  54. 54. District Cooling / Thermal Storage Control System<br />Engaged to implement our specialized engineering know-how for precise controls, within stringent criteria for District Cooling Control System:<br /><ul><li>Design of the District Cooling & Thermal Storage System
  55. 55. Charging of Thermal Storage Tank during low electrical tariff
  56. 56. Proper Discharging to serve variable New Building Loads during operation
  57. 57. Sequencing & Optimization of Chillers for existing Building Loads during operation
  58. 58. Return Chilled Water Temperature strictly maintained at 14.0 ± 1.0°C
  59. 59. Careful consideration of Building Operations, especially low-load conditions
  60. 60. To achieve a fully integrated, reliable and cost effective control system</li></ul>Projects involved:<br /><ul><li>Nanyang Technological University (NTU) @ One North,
  61. 61. NTU School of Bio-engineering, Chemical Bio-molecular Engineering
  62. 62. NTU School of Physics and School of Chemistry
  63. 63. Biopolis Phase II (life-science laboratory institution),
  64. 64. The Sail Condominium @ Marina Boulevard, and
  65. 65. Eightrum Office Tower @ Changi Business Park.</li></li></ul><li>T<br />T<br />T<br />T<br />P<br />P<br />P<br />P<br />T<br />T<br />T<br />T<br />P<br />P<br />P<br />P<br />Existing Building Loads<br />New Building Loads <br />Distribution Pump<br />Flow Meter<br />Distribution Pump<br />Flow Meter<br />Chiller 6<br />CHP<br />Chiller 5<br />CHP<br />Heat Exchanger<br />Heat Exchanger<br />Chiller 4<br />CHP<br />Chiller 3<br />CHP<br />Transfer Pump<br />Thermal <br />Storage<br />Tanks<br />Chiller 2<br />CHP<br />Discharging Pump<br />Chiller 1<br />CHP<br />
  66. 66. Security Association <br />of Singapore<br />Integrated Security System<br />Anti Terrorism Measures<br />Our complete range of Security components, including for Anti-Terrorism measures, incorporating the latest technology. You can be fully rest-assured :<br /><ul><li> Card Access with Redundant Servers & Network,</li></ul>Integrated Alarm Events with Corresponding CCTV Video Image<br /><ul><li> Visitor Management
  67. 67. IP CCTV Surveillance with Network Video Recording (nVR), </li></ul> Live Recording & Playback, Watermarking, Motion Detection, Networkable<br />
  68. 68. Security Host Redundant Server<br />Video Badge Station<br />Security Association <br />of Singapore<br />Camera<br />Printer<br />nDVR<br />Long Range<br />Car-park Reader<br />High-Level Interface<br />To CCTV System<br />Car Park <br />Barrier<br />IP Color Cameras<br />Integrated Security System<br />Anti Terrorism Measures<br />Security Host Server<br />Security Client Workstation<br />Printer<br />Network Switch<br />Router<br />Ethernet<br />IBMS System<br />Via High-Level Interface<br />Firewall<br />SmartCard Reader<br />TCP/IP<br />SmartCard Reader<br />TCP/IP<br />Door<br />Door<br />Local Sounder<br />Door<br />
  69. 69. Security Association <br />of Singapore<br />Rising Step<br />Fence Intrusion Detection<br />Under Vehicle Surveillance<br />Turnstile<br />Narcotic Vapor Tracer<br />X-ray and Walk-Through Metal Detector<br />Active Guard-tour<br />Integrated Security System<br />Anti Terrorism Measures<br />With the current threat of Terrorism, our solutions have been selected for implementation in high secured areas :<br /><ul><li> Under Vehicle Inspection</li></ul>Inspection Mirrors, Under Carriage Surveillance System<br /><ul><li>Anti-Crash</li></ul> Bollards, Raising Kerbs, Heavy Duty Vehicle Barriers<br /><ul><li>Explosives / Arms Detection </li></ul> X-Ray Machine, Walk-Through Metal Detectors<br />
  70. 70. 11 July 2006<br />08:30<br />Reach out to your Visitors in real time, anyday, anytime, anywhere<br />Welcome to FUSIONOPOLIS<br />Template<br />Designer<br />Fusionopolis<br />Our Public / Lift Information Display System offers Multimedia Presentation with real-time information and live video streaming :<br /><ul><li> used for Atrium, Retail Mall, Restaurants, </li></ul>Cinemas, Lift Lobby / Lift-cars,<br /><ul><li>Unicast or Multicast Application, utilizing wired </li></ul>or wireless technology,<br /><ul><li>Promotions, Welcome Messages, Advertisements </li></ul>as Revenue Generation, <br /><ul><li>Enhance Image of the Complex</li></li></ul><li>Public/Lift Information Display System Project References :<br />Tanah Merah Golf Country Club<br />Spectrum – Display with Live Camera<br />Gleneagles Hospital<br />Singhealth Polyclinic<br />Singapore General Hospital<br />Island-wide DBS Bank / POSB Bank Branches <br />Fusionopolis LDS<br />
  71. 71. SINGAPORE<br /> Quantum Automation Pte Ltd<br />18 Kaki Bukit Road 3 #04-01/2/3 <br /> Entrepreneur Business Centre <br /> Singapore 415978 <br /> Main Line : + (65) 6744-2921<br /> Facsimile : + (65) 6748-6801<br /> Email :<br />Website :<br />UKRAINE<br />QA Systems Integration<br /> Saturn-K Engineering Company<br />Kiev 01103, Dragomirovast. 10/10, office 1 <br />Main Line : +3 044 268 94 05/07<br /> Facsimile : +3 044 286 94 07<br /> Email<br /> Website:<br /><br />CHINA<br /> Quantum Automation Systems (Shanghai) Co. Ltd<br />Shanghai XuHuiQu 900 Yishan Road <br /> High Tech Building Unit 15-06 Shanghai People’s Republic of China PC 200233 <br /> Main Line : +(86 21) 5423 4667<br /> Facsimile : +(86 21) 5423 5272<br /> Email :<br />Website :<br />UAE<br />QA Systems Integration (M.E.) LLC.<br />Nasser Lutha Building 1st Floor <br /> Near Dubai Airport Terminal 1 <br /> P.O. Box 116392 Dubai UAE <br /> Main Line : +971 4208 7766<br /> Facsimile : +971 4208 7767<br /> Email :<br />MALAYSIA<br /> QA Systems Integration (M) Sdn. Bhd<br />11-3 Jalan PJU 8/3B<br /> Bandar DamansaraPerdana 47820 Petaling Jaya <br /> Selangor D.E. Malaysia <br /> Main Line : +(603) 7725 1590<br /> Facsimile : +(603) 7725 1593<br /> Email:<br />UNITED STATES OF AMERICA<br /> QA America LLC.<br />3800 N. Lewiston Suite 410 <br /> Aurora Colorado<br /> USA 80011 <br /><br />