J. K. Rowling


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J. K. Rowling

  1. 1. Joanna Katheline Rowling My favourite writer
  2. 2. Joanna Katheline Rowling was born on July,31,1965, in the Chipping Sodberry, Glosyershir, England. Her father was engineer. Her mother was a loving women, who read a lot of books to little Joanne and her sister Dee, so girls were very well-read for their early years.
  3. 3. She moved twice in her childhood. In Winterbourne she got acquainted with children of the surname Potters. In 1983 she wanted to study in Oxford, but she wasn’t adopted there. So, she admitted to the Exeter in Devona, where she learnt French.
  4. 4. After graduation she lived in London. She worked as a secretary-translator in International Amnesty, then in the Manchester Chamber of Commerce. After the death of her mother, Joanne left England to Portugal, where she worked as an English teacher. There she began writing her world-famous book – «Harry Potter».
  5. 5. In Portugal at the age of 27, Joanne married Jorge Arantes, the journalist. In 1993 Jessica, their daughter, was born. But soon Joanne and Jorge divorced, and she moved to Scotland with daughter.
  6. 6. In Edinburgh Joanne finished the first part of «Harry Potter». Scottish Arts Council didn’t want to publish the book, so, at last, Rowling sold her book to «Bloomsbury» publisher or U.S. $ 4000. After the publication « Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone » became a sensation. The whole world was absorbing in reading magic adventures of little boy, who became a legent.
  7. 7. After the first novel followed : the second part «Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets»(1998)
  8. 8. The third-« Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban »(1999)
  9. 9. The forth-« Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire »(2000)
  10. 10. The fifth-« Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix »(2003)
  11. 11. The sixth part-« Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince »(2005)
  12. 12. And the last one-« Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows »(2007).
  13. 13. Six parts of the book «Harry Potter»was adapted on TV, the last movie, which will be separate on two parts, is in work now. So, we can see this outstanding adventures with special effects and feel ourselves in this magic world. The books about Harry Potter are tranclated on more than 60 languages(Russian,too).
  14. 14. Joanna Rowling was awarded a lot of literary prizes, such as Nestle Smarties Gold Award (three), British Book Awards, Children's Book Award (twice), The Booksellers Association/The Bookseller Author of the Year Award (twice), Scottish Arts Council Children's Book Award (twice). In 2000 she was awarded the Order of the British Empire.