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  • 90+ year old Technology companyServes over 2million customersCore business on production mail and meters. Handle over 70B mailpieces through the mail stream in USThis chart shows the architecture and perhaps more importantly the value chain of CCM. While the whole architecture is modular we identify three major subsets to the CCM strategy. They are:Customer Intelligence leverages raw data, stored in enterprise database on customers, products and market intelligence.You enhance your understanding of your customer data by using technique for Customer Segmentation, Location Intelligence Behavioural or Predictive Analytics associated with those customers. With this information, you gain business insight that can help you unlock additional opportunities with that customer (cross-sell, up-sell, customer retention)This data needs to be cleansed, enriched and integrated with other data sources (postal data, i.e. NCOA, etc) to create the final datasets required for a specific business document creation such as a statement, bill, invoice, policy, customer letters, etc. This date is then compiled by the document composition process into large production batches of several 1000’s or even 100,000 of documents. This is all about the RIGHT MESSAGEProduction IntelligenceThe output management step, receives, processes and manages these documents for either printing or for electronic archive or e-delivery as shown on the top right of this diagram. For Physical documents, the Output Management processes transforms the print data into the appropriate format for a specific printer and optionally reengineer the document for a variety operational requirements such as merging, postal sortation or adding integrity for fully file base inserting and automate reprinting.There is an opportunity to reengineer the document. You can add targeted offers to available white space on the document – known as TransPromo. Documents are then printed and then loaded on the inserter for high speed assembly. During this process, you can also as relevant messaging in full-color on the outside of the envelope to further drive open and response rates.This is all about the RIGHT TimeWith Channel IntelligencePhysical mailpieces are then sorted on a Sorter if required and then given to the Postal service provider. With the Intelligent Mail® barcode, it is possible to track the mailpiece through the USPS and provide that information to the marketing organization or call centers about when those pieces are actually in-home. Depending upon customer preferences, electronic forms of documents can be made available via the web or through mobile or both and we will share a bit about our new Volly solution later in this presentationThis is all about the Right ChannelIntegrate & cleanse data to get complete view of each customer & prospect.Predict consumer behavior to improve sales, marketing & service.Find prospects matching your most best customersCreate personalized communications with security, accuracy and timeliness.Deliver them the ways your customers want—web, text, email and mail. Track communications from creation through delivery and customer response. Learn from past consumer interactions, so the next ones can be more personal and productive. Drive sales & customer loyalty with decision tools that assess individuals and make real-time offers.
  • Our Goal
  • Our ChallengesPhysical mail is a declining market. Dominant market position, We are not the encumbant in the digital space but have several acquisitions. Must shift skill set, transform business model to capture new hybrid marketplaceWith 80+ acquisitions, we have data everywhere, and in every form. Disparate technologies, and aging platforms
  • Three well know aspects of Big Data, paraphrased a bit, are:The perception and reality that traditional data warehousing processes are too slow and limited in scalability to provide needed time to informationThe ability to converge data from multiple data sources, both structured and unstructured with proper management of temporal relationships and trust gates.The realization that time to information is critical to extract value from data sources that include mobile devices, RFID, the web and a growing list of automated sensory technologiesIn CCM all of these challenges are fundamental to providing to the market end to end Communication Lifecycle Management.  We must / will bring to the market the first truly 360 view of the communication ecosystem for a person, a business, an enterprise.  The above three items are foundational legs of the stool up which we will stand to bring Pitney Bowes to dominance in this rapidly growing space. Our lineage of physical mail is a key differentiator, as no other player will enter that space. Our expertise in Location Intelligence, will bring the need for location prioritization to communication.  The leading analytics capabilities we bring to market, aligned with our data profiling, cleansing, and delivery point to our capabilities to own this market. As the others have responded to the explosion of data and the needs to manage, store and organize those assets, so the complex ever changing landscape of communication management demands a response.  That response is Pitney Bowes
  • Nilf2012 _Big Data_ Sue Mckinney

    1. 1. Big DataNASSCOM India Leadership Forum – Mumbai, India 06.02.2012
    2. 2. IT Business
    3. 3. Customer Communications Management Customer Production Intelligence Channel Intelligence Intelligence Office Document Mobile/ Customer Location Predictive Documents Archive InternetSegmentation Intelligence Analytics Customer e-Present/ Internet Output Enterprise Data Management Database Document Integration Composition Call Center Postal Print Service Mail Sortation Mail Finishing
    4. 4. Volly™: A Lifestyle Option for ConsumersBills Government ShoppingStatements •Tax • CouponsPay •Health • Catalogs •Voting • Promotional Mai Platform Provides World Class User Experience Tag/Store/Retrieve • Reminders • Multi-Device Help me manage my life
    5. 5. Connect with your customers in endless ways. Go far beyond traditional mail.
    6. 6. major business transformation 80+ acquisitions
    7. 7. big data Issues traditional data warehousing processes data convergence time to information
    8. 8. big data complexity privacy intellectual property mission criticality culture liability domain knowledge & talentstructure & discipline 3rd Party