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NASSCOM Engineering Summit 2013: Panel Discussion I - India Impact of Engineering: Marvel from and for India
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NASSCOM Engineering Summit 2013: Panel Discussion I - India Impact of Engineering: Marvel from and for India


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Discussants: …


Bob Hoekstra, Former CEO, Philips
Kannan Lakshminarayan, Founder & CTO, Vortex Engineering (P) Ltd.
Paparao Kodali, Vice President and General Manager, Ingersoll Rand Engineering & Technology Centers (IRETCs)
Amit Chadha, Business Head, Americas, Larsen & Toubro Technology Services

Manu Parpia, CEO & MD, Geometric Limited

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • There is a shift in customer expectations. Typically customers would rate sellers on the quality of product offering, price, after sales service, ease of use and total cost of ownership. As the Indian market evolves, the customer is looking beyond these factors and demanding business value
  • How to buy an almost new Rolls Royce really cheap: Berger: In 2030, about 80% of the global middle class will live outside the developed world.:
  • In India, Bangalore, GE has designed and manufactured a new GE’s Lullaby Warmer for India and for the world. GE Lullaby Warmer is a bed with a heater on the head so that a new born can feel the warmth as soon as it is born and bathed and checked for its first vital statistics. GE’s Lullaby Warmer is an easy to use device and is trying to have an access to care in the urban and semi-urban areas. This device is also helped with resuscitation (airway management, suction, etc) option, which helps in reducing the infant deaths from hypothermia and asphyxia.
  • ChotuKool, a top-loading, compact and portable cooling solution does not have a compressor. It weighs only 7.8 kgs and runs on a cooling chip along with a fan similar to those used to cool computers.It consumes only 55 Watt power and runs on dual power supply (230V AC & 12V DC). Given the power shortage in the countryside, it can operate on battery as well and it uses high-end insulation to stay cool for hours without power. The operational cost of chotuKool is low as it consumes half the power consumed by regular refrigerators
  • LCA Tejas: Tejas is a lightweight multirole jet fighter developed by India. It is a tailless, compound delta wing design powered by a single engine. It came from the LCA programme, which began in the 1980s to replace India's aging MiG-21 fightersThe government of India in 1984 decided to establish the Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA) to manage the LCA programme. Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, (HAL) was to be the principal partner with participation of various DRDO & CSIR Laboratories, Public & private sector industries and academic institutionsExcept engine (which is of GE aviation), everything is indigenously manufactured
  • Transcript

    • 1. India Impact of Engineering: Marvel from and for India Panel Discussion @ NASSCOM Engineering Summit 2013
    • 2. Engineering from India India is now an integral part of global ER&D supply chains 2
    • 3. India has been transforming to become a Strategic Engineering Partner Strategic Solution provider • Understanding • Responding to the the business stated problems problem and • Resources for of the customer helping customer less value adding and providing in staying ahead repetitive tasks domain intensive of their to optimize costs solution competition Executor • • • • • Ideation and product planning with ownership of products/ product lines Value Addition Business Solution provider • Joint patents and IP development, sharing the risks and rewards India is No.1 in the global offshore ER&D industry with around 22% share 750+ service providers and in-house ER&D centers in India 350+ Global In-house ER&D centers in India 400K+ engineers employed by service providers and in-house centers 3
    • 4. India is The Destination market too 4
    • 5. India is The Destination market too • Slow down and mature home markets • India has proximity to 70% of world's population • India has a promising economy, a large consumer base with spending power • Wealthy urban and rural market • Government as the customer • Supportive business environment • Shift in ER&D activity from headquarters to the local markets • ‘Indianization’ is the key for success But Indian buyers have their own characteristics and every company needs to understand this 5
    • 6. Characteristics of Indian Buyers • Most discerning retail and corporate consumers in the world • Value for money - price sensitive market • Functional vs Lifestyle approach influencing buying decisions • Infrastructure, operating conditions, regional diversity • After sales support and cost of ownership is an important part of buying decision • Buyers want products that are made for Indian needs Engineered for India and manufactured in India • Re-engineer products for India • Design and engineer from scratch for India Marvels for India from India Indian marvels, global impact 6
    • 7. GE’s Lullaby Warmer Key Drivers Re-engineer for India • Interrupted and fluctuating power supplies • Cost sensitive market • Rugged probes • Lack of space to keep large equipment Image Source: GE Healthcare website 7
    • 8. Godrej’s Chotu Kool Refrigerator Key Drivers • Huge rural market opportunity • Interrupted power supply • Power consumption sensitive buyers • Cost of maintains sensitive buyers Image Source: Godrej Chotu Kool website 8
    • 9. ADA and HAL’s LCA Tejas Key Drivers • Self-reliance • Building of a local industry capable of creating state-ofthe-art products • Commercial spin-offs for a global market Image Source: LCA Tejas official website 9
    • 11. Panelists Paparao Kodali Kannan Lakshminarayan VP and GM, Ingersoll Rand Engineering & Technology Centers (IRETCs) Founder &CTO, Vortex Engineering (P) Ltd. • He is responsible for accelerating Innovation, development of India-based Centers of Excellence, Global Product Development Support, formation of Partner Ecosystems and Strategic Alliances • Before Ingersoll Rand, he held technical and management positions at Nortel Networks and Hughes/Raytheon systems, US • A serial entrepreneur, he jointly developed a lowcost ATM to help deliver banking to rural India • He has a track-record of successful development and commercialisation of solutions, particularly for price-sensitive and high reliability demands • He is also the founder of Skillveri Training Solutions • He engages with grass-root level organizations on sustainable solutions that improve quality of life Panelists Bob Hoekstra Amit Chadha Ex. CEO Philips Innovation Campus Business Head, Americas, L&T Technology Services • He has played various roles including CEO, Philips Innovation campus and VP Engineering at Philips Consumer Electronics • After his retirement in 2006, he returned to Netherlands and now consultants companies on doing business with India • Amit is a member of L&T TS’ Management team and provides business leadership, market direction and strategic vision to the company’s Americas business • He joined L&T TS from Mahindra Satyam where he headed their Manufacturing segment for North America 11