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India and China: Partnering for transformation and globalization
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India and China: Partnering for transformation and globalization


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China and India have a long standing relationship, going back thousand of years with a long history of co-operation and trade. Over next 10 years, India and China to drive global economic growth!

China and India have a long standing relationship, going back thousand of years with a long history of co-operation and trade. Over next 10 years, India and China to drive global economic growth!

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. 2013 India and China: Partnering for transformation and globalization 印度与中国:并肩前行,实现转型与全球化
  • 2. • NASSCOM® is the premier trade body and the chamber of commerce of the IT-BPM industries in India NASSCOM® 是印度首屈一指的贸易机构及信息技术业务流程外包产业商会 • Represents over 1,450 members and membership base over 95% of the industry revenues in India and employs over 3.0 million professionals 协会会员数量超过1450家,总收入超过该行业收入的95%,拥有专业人员数量超过300万人 • Objectives include influencing government policy, promote international trade, promote India as a sourcing destination, uphold IPR, provide strategic inputs for the industry, expand quantity and quality of India’s talent pool 协会的目标包括对政府政策施加影响、促进国际贸易、促进印度发展成为采购源头、维护知识 产权、为产业提供战略性投入、提升印度人才储备的数量和质量 About NASSCOM 关于NASSCOM 2
  • 3. • Partner with the Indian IT-BPM industry 与印度信息技术业务流程外包行业并肩前行 • Opportunities for Chinese Companies 中国企业的种种机遇 • Strong Indo-China relations 紧密的印-中关系 Agenda 议程 • Challenges faced by China 中国所需应对的种种挑战 3
  • 4. China and India have a long standing relationship, going back thousand of years 印中关系历史悠久,源远流长 • Two of the world’s oldest civilizations, with a long history of co-operation and trade 世界两大文明古国,拥有悠久的合作与贸易 历史 • China is India’s largest trading partner; India-China bilateral trade at ~USD 66 billion in 2012 中国为印度最大的贸易伙伴; 2012年印中双边贸易额约为660亿美元 • Over next 10 years, India and China to drive global economic growth 未来十年,印度与中国将成为推动全球经济 增长的强劲动力 Source: IBEF, EIU, NASSCOM Sample of Chinese companies in India 在印发展的中国企业 Sample of Indian companies in China 在华发展的印度企业 Indo-China relations 印度-中国关系 4
  • 5. Opportunities for Chinese companies in India 中国企业在印的种种机会 Opportunities in India 印度的种种机会 Source: RBI, IBEF and McKinsey USD 1.7 tn investment potential over the next 10 years 未来十年的潜在投资额为 1.7万亿 美元 Huge Domestic Market 国内市场空间巨大 Lucrative market of 1.2 bn people, a young population 12亿人口呈年轻化态势 ,市场前景 乐观 Healthcare spending 医疗卫生支出 Opportunity of USD 77 bn by 2013 到2013年为止, 投资机遇额度为 770亿美元 Increasing Connectivity 密切联系 • Fastest growing telecom market in the world 世界上增速最快的电信市 场 • ~900mn subscribers with 8-10 mn mobile subscribers added every month • 每月增加约9亿新用户以及 0.8-1千万移动电话用户 Increasing Adoption of ICT 加大利用信息通信技术 Infrastructure Investment 基础设施领域投资 5
  • 6. IT-BPM employees 信息技术业务流程外包行业从业人员 India’s share of the global sourcing market 印度在全球采购市场中所占的份额 Number of companies offering IT services, BPM, Engineering services and Software Products 提供信息技术服务,业务流程外包工程服务以及软件产品的公司数量 Number of MNC centres in India Number of countries serviced by India Number of languages served 3.0 mn 300万 52% 5,000+ 750+ ~75 35+ Indian IT-BPM Industry factoids….. 印度信息技术业务流程外包产业概况….. Source: NASSCOM 印度所服务的国家数量 提供服务的语言种类 在印的跨国公司中心数量 Indian IT-BP industry 印度信息技术业务流程外包行业 6
  • 7. India has built global leadership position in IT-BPM industry, reaching USD 108 bn revenues 印度已经在信息技术业务流程外包行业创建了全球性 的领导地位,收入达1.08千亿美元 IT-BPM revenues (USD billion) 信息技术业务外包流程收入 (十亿美元) • 80% of Fortune 500 companies and 20 of world’s largest banks are our clients 80%的财富500强企业以及世界上规 模最大的20家银行都是我们的客户 • 8.0% share of India’s GDP and 23-25% of total exports 行业产值占印度国内生产总值的8.0%、占全部出口额的23-25% • 580+ global delivery centers 全球交付中心超过580个 Source: NASSCOM 108 IT services 信息技术服务 BPM 业务流程外包 Hardware 硬件 Engineering & Sw. Products 工程与软件产品 Exports by vertical, 2011-12 信息技术业务流程外包出口, 按产业分类,2011-12 Exports by geography, 2011-12 信息技术业务流程外包出口, 按地区分类,2011-12 Indian IT-BPM industry 印度信息技术业务流程外包行业 56 21 18 13 FY 2013 62% 28% 10% US Europe ROW China < 1% 41% 18% 16% 25% BFSI Hi-Tech/Telecom Manufacturing Emerging 7
  • 8. 589 674 148 167 180 205 FY2012 FY2013 ITServices BPM S/W prod and Engg 918 1,047 39.9 43.9 15.9 17.8 13.0 14.1 FY2012 FY2013 ITServices BPM S/Wprod and Engg 68.8 75.8 IT seen as a critical enabler for inclusive growth and transformation 信息技术被视为包容性增长及经济转型的关键推动力 IT-BPM Export revenues* (USD billion) 信息技术业务流程外包出口收入*(单位:十亿美元) 10.2% Source: NASSCOM * Excluding Hardware 硬件除外 Indian IT-BPM industry 印度信息技术业务流程外包行业 14.1% IT-BPM Domestic revenues* (INR billion) 信息技术业务流程外包国内收入* (单位:印度卢比十亿) 信息技术服务 业务流程外包 软件产品 8
  • 9. Increased R&D spend and IP creation 研发支出与IP创造不断增长 Deep understanding of client business 客户业务的深度理解 Process and Business model innovation 流程与业务模式创新 Domain expertise 领域专业性 Innovation for emerging markets 为新兴市场进行创新 1 2 3 4 5 5 Levers at play for “Transforming” Client’s Business “转变”客户业务的五种调节手段 Source: NASSCOM Indian IT-BPM industry 印度信息技术业务流程外包行业 9
  • 10. India a preferred destination: Five pronged value proposition 印度作为理想的接包国的五大优势 INDIA VALUE PROP Source: NASSCOM SCALE & MATURITY 规模和成熟度 - 25+ years of outsourcing 拥有超过25年的外包经验 - 580 ODCs in 75 countries 全球75个国家有580个离岸开发中 心 UNLIMITED TALENT 大量的 人才 -Annual tech talent output :1 Mn 每年技术人才输出量大约为1百万 - 2-3% of Industry revenues spent on training 每年行业营业额中有2- 3%投入在培训中 COMPETITIVE 优势 -60-70% more cost efficient than source countries 相较于发包国 ,成本节省60-70% -15-20% lower than next lowest offshoring destination 与其他 外包提供国相比,都有明显成本优势 CUSTOMER CENTRIC 以客 户为中心 -30-32% revenues from verticalised BPM services -30-32%的营业额来自于垂直行业的 业务流程管理服务 - Domain experts:12% Consultative selling 专家 STRONG ECOSYSTEM 紧密的行业生态圈 -Training & certification 培训和认证 -Secure environment 安全的环境 Partner with Indian IT-BPM Industry 与印度信息技术业务流程外包行业并肩前行 10
  • 11. Case Studies: Customers leveraging Indian Industry’s Expertise 成功案例:印度企业利用专业知识和丰富的行业经验助力客户业务成长 Indian IT-BPM industry: Transforming Client’s Businesses 印度IT-BPM产业:转变客户业务 Customer: Banking 客户:银行业 Project profile: 项目概况: •Outsourcing 外包 •Process improvements 流程改进 •Staff optimisation 员工优化 •Re-engineering 流程再造 Benefits: ~USD 146 million business impact •Revenue addition: ~USD 21 mn •20% reduction in branch opening cycle time •30% efficiency improvements •40 bp improvement in customer satisfaction 惠益:约14,600美元的业务影响 收益增长:约2100万美元 分部开业周转时间减少20% 效率提高30% 客户满意率提高40个基点 Customer: UK’s largest provider of fixed telephony with >30 mn customers 客户:英国最大的固定电话提供商,拥有超过 3000万客户 Objective: Develop a single and easily accessible centralized inventory management system 目标:开发一个单一且易用的集中库存管理系统 Design: Created schematics and collation of all source records to help better plan, analyze and execute day to day activities 设计:创建所有源记录的原理图和整理稿,帮助更好地规划、 分析并实施日常活动 Benefits: •~35% cost reduction, ~60% lesser time for planning and design, Service provisioning •惠益: •成本减少约35%,规划与设计、服务供应时间减少约60% Vertical: BFSI 垂直领域:BFSI Vertical: Telecommunications 垂直领域:电信 Source: NASSCOM 11
  • 12. Indian IT-BPM industry: Transforming Client’s Businesses 印度IT-BPM产业:转变客户业务 Customer: US-based Automotive OEM 客户:美国知名的汽车OEM制造商 Project profile: Evaluate if a new car variant can be added to the existing BIW framing line without interrupting production 项目简介: 在不影响生产的前提下,检测是否 可以将一款新车组件添加到现有的组装生产线当 中 Benefits: • ~70 per cent reduction in lead time from design to production; Reuse of existing equipment and setup, resulting in approximately 30 per cent saving in cost • Simulation facilitated proven process resulting in increased manufacturing quality and accuracy 惠益: • 有效缩短了从产品设计到最终生产的时间(时间节省了70% ); 有效地重复利用了现有的设备和组装生产线,成本节省了 30% • 利用模拟技术验证,大大提升了产品质量和准确度 Customer: World-leading manufacturer of rail signalling, control centre, rail automation and automatic train control products 客户:世界领先的铁路信号,铁路自动化和列车 自动控制产品的制造商 Objective: Increasing traffic throughput by upgrading the existing rail infrastructure 目标:通过升级现有铁路基础设施,来提高交通 吞吐量 Benefits: • Can now carry ~34K additional passengers per hour at peak times • Faster delivery cycle with a much lower cost • 惠益: • 在高峰时间,载客量每小时增加3万4千名 • 在成本降低的情况下,更快的交付周期 Case Studies: Customers leveraging Indian Industry’s Expertise 成功案例:印度企业利用专业知识和丰富的行业经验助力客户业务成长 Vertical: Automotive 垂直领域:汽车行业 Vertical: Transportation 垂直领域:运输行业 Source: NASSCOM 12
  • 13. Indian IT-BPM industry: Transforming Client’s Businesses 印度IT-BPM产业:转变客户业务 Customer: A leader in Energy & Rail infrastructure 客户:能源与铁路基础设施领导者 Objective: Next generation solutions for power equipment & components for emerging markets 目标:为新兴市场电力设备和部件提供新一代解 决方案 Design: Broad spectrum of skills across design, engineering, embedded systems, industrial automation, and IT 设计:在设计、工程、嵌入式系统、产业自动化与IT领域提供 广泛的专业技能 Benefits: •Increased life span, performance, cost-effectiveness •30% lower cycle time; 30% lower engineering cost •Reduced time-to-market •惠益: 提高使用寿命、性能、性价比 •周转时间减少30%;工程成本减少30% •市场投放时间减少 Customer: World leading manufacturer of Consumer Goods 客户:世界领先消费品制造商 Objective: Support customer’s global expansion incl. entering / expansion into emerging markets 目标:支持客户在全球拓展进入并拓展至新兴 市场 Design: Provided integrated services - capacity expansions in existing / new production lines, automation systems, procurement support, prototyping, installation & commissioning support 设计:提供集中服务—在已有/全新产品线、自动化系统、采购 支持、样品制造、安装与调试支持中进行能力扩展 Benefits: •Lower project costs for expansion into emerging markets •Lower costs for product localization for local market •惠益: •扩展至新兴市场的项目成本降低 •进入地方市场的产品本地化成本降低 Case Studies: Customers leveraging Indian Industry’s Expertise 成功案例:印度企业利用专业知识和丰富的行业经验助力客户业务成长 Vertical: Power Equipment 垂直领域:电力设备 Vertical: Consumer Goods 垂直领域:消费品 Source: NASSCOM 13
  • 14. Potential challenges for China 中国市场的潜在挑战 Source: CLSA, J.P. Morgan Growing trade imbalance across countries including India 包括印度在内的各国间的贸易不平衡 状况日渐显著 Global pressures on currency revaluation 全球货币面临增值压力 Increasing costs (labor and exports) 成本(劳动力与出口)不断上涨 Need for stronger IPR enforcement 知识产权执法力度需要加强 Rapidly ageing population 人口老龄化程度加剧 Global economic slowdown, including China 包括中国在内的全球经济增长放缓 Challenges faced by China 中国所需应对的种种挑战 Challenges 种种挑战 14
  • 15. Partner with Indian IT-BPM Industry 与印度信息技术业务流程外包行业并肩前行 China can leverage Indian IT industry for these issues 印度信息技术行业能够协助中国解决如下难题 Global Business Exposure 全球商业风险 Mature industry with wide reach 产业成熟,涉及范围广泛 Transformation Focused 注重转变 •20 years of outsourcing experience 20年丰富的外包经验 •Presence in 75+ countries, services in 35+ languages 在超过75个国家拥有业务,通过超过35种语言提供服务 •Mature industry landscape with presence across all verticals 产业格局成熟,在所有垂直领域拥有业务 •Verticalized and customized solutions 解决方案垂直化且个性化 •Experience in operating as business partners with shared vision 具有与商业伙伴合作的经验,愿景相同 •Doing things differently, realizing untapped potential 商业方式与众不同,实现尚未开发的潜能 Talent pool 人才储备 Strong IPR and Data Security environment 强大的知识产权与数据安全环境 •Talent pool of over 3.0 mn 超过300万的人才储备 •Healthy mix of skills, background and experience 技能、背景与经验的有效结合 •Robust IPR and Privacy regulations 可靠的知识产权与隐私法规 •Follows international best practices in quality, security, etc 在质量、安全等方面遵循最佳国际惯例 15
  • 16. THANK YOU 谢 谢