App marketing Made simple - Mahesh Khambadkone, NGDC 2012


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App marketing Made simple - Mahesh Khambadkone, NGDC 2012

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  • PF : Over 13 million downloads 2012. Supermom over 4 million, 10% paid.
  • Android audience is brutal but less heard than iOS. Quicker turnaround times -> build, redeploy, relaunch.
  • “ Behind the scenes” of any game that we don’t have control over. Watch the movement, at least for a week.
  • On Appstore, websites, review sites.
  • Key is to do this before momentum picks up. Triage the comments / complaints.
  • Helps you understand the sentiment, Who is playing, Who your movers are , What they like Tabulate this data.
  • Foster the community Get a central spokesperson Define the correspondence
  • Super important – tools like AppFigures / AppAnnie One country leads to another – Aus, UK then US typically
  • Have a roadmap in place before first launch. If you have a hit, double down on it. Jetpack Joyride – how they refined their game
  • Implies you need your advertising units to be controllable Use mediation networks like Mopub / Flurry / Admob with support for house ads. Burstly interesting.
  • CTRs, Messaging Targeting of ads to specific apps Try conversion tracking
  • Appstore page – images and text – your first mode of communication Searchman – interesting tool to help with Appstore SEO
  • Study, from : (1) game name, (2) level progression, (3) tutorial (4) just play the game as a newbie idiot
  • App marketing Made simple - Mahesh Khambadkone, NGDC 2012

    1. 1. App marketing Made simple.Mahesh Khambadkone – CTO and Co-Founder –
    2. 2. Credentials
    3. 3. We made a # 1 and # 2 app in the world
    4. 4. 10 marketing lessons we learnt (and then some…)
    5. 5. 1. Android first – iOS later
    6. 6. 2. Let the app float on ITS OWN
    7. 7. 3. Read the comments. Each one of them
    8. 8. 4. Make fixes. Douse fires. In lightning speed.
    9. 9. 5. Listen to chatter!!!!
    10. 10. 6. Reply back & pat your users on their backs!
    11. 11. 7. Watch country ranks and their correlations
    12. 12. And leverage the global market• Launch in specific countries to play-test – Australia – Middle East – Scandinavian Block• Consider localization of your content
    13. 13. 8. Don’t advertise.• Unless you have a + ROI LTV
    14. 14. 9. Update, Update, Update!
    15. 15. 10. Cross Market like hell• Parking Frenzy became #1 free app on iStore• We realized that the app was being played and ‘viraled’ amongst female tween audiences!• It was logical therefore for us to promote our best girls app to this tween girl audience!
    16. 16. Our #2 app on iTunes Store was promoted in Parking Frenzy! Super Mom app Super Mom ad in Parking Frenzy
    17. 17. Voila!• Super Mom started climbing up on iStore rankings!
    18. 18. Work on Promotions• Here are some creatives that we chose :
    19. 19. Other must haves
    20. 20. Discovery• Communicate with your audience.• iOS 6 and greater importance for Search• Try free promotions for paid apps Great screenshots Relevant copy
    21. 21. Motivate Users• Positioned at right places• Be relevant without interruptingShare buttons Notifications and Alerts Rate Me button
    22. 22. Most Importantly .. Strive for Product Experience• Keep trying – we were 30 games down• Play-test (outside of your comfort team)• The audience is hyper casual
    23. 23. Summary1. Your app is your marketing. Your marketing is not your app.2. Listen to consumers. They will tell you what they want. Build the app for them – not for yourself.3. Don’t spend money on advertising. It’s a waste.4. Be obsessed by Ratings. They matter like hell.5. Let consumer market your app via viral channels6. Update like mad. Each update is a marketing event (Updates and notifications)7. Don’t get obsessed by naming your with the alphabet A for better listing. Temple Run starts with a T.8. Try to understand the target audience and leverage a global market.
    24. 24. May the WIN be with you!
    25. 25. Questions ? Mahesh Khambadkone Co-Founder & CTO – Games2win Email: