Small & Medium Business (SMB): The Next Frontier: Playing the Long Tail -  Talk By Raman Roy on 27 January 2010 at the NASSCOM CEO Forum
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Small & Medium Business (SMB): The Next Frontier: Playing the Long Tail - Talk By Raman Roy on 27 January 2010 at the NASSCOM CEO Forum



Small & Medium Business (SMB): The Next Frontier: Playing the Long Tail - Talk By Raman Roy on 27 January 2010 at the NASSCOM CEO Forum

Small & Medium Business (SMB): The Next Frontier: Playing the Long Tail - Talk By Raman Roy on 27 January 2010 at the NASSCOM CEO Forum



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Small & Medium Business (SMB): The Next Frontier: Playing the Long Tail -  Talk By Raman Roy on 27 January 2010 at the NASSCOM CEO Forum Small & Medium Business (SMB): The Next Frontier: Playing the Long Tail - Talk By Raman Roy on 27 January 2010 at the NASSCOM CEO Forum Presentation Transcript

  • Raman Roy Chairman & Managing Director
  • India is growing at decent space. Within India IT–BPO industry continues to exhibit resilience Indian IT-BPO Sector: Revenue Aggregate • Software and services revenues aggregated to about USD 60 and Share of GDP billion; export growth of 16 – 17% • In the current fiscal demand for ITO and BPO services has been weak due to declining discretionary spending, delayed decision making and vendor consolidation • Growth levels have moderated - considering the global events which have unfolded in 2008, this growth is a significant achievement • The slowdown is expected to accelerate the transformation of the industry, which would manifest itself in terms of cost savings, productivity enhancement, enhanced utilisation levels and greater customer interaction • Domestic Market – healthy growth of 20% in IT Services above 40% in BPO Source: NASSCOM 2
  • Companies Stack Ranking Company Revenue / # of Employees Fortune 1000 Companies 1,000 # of Companies The Inverted Beer Glass and The Frothy “Head” Quatrro Confidential 3
  • Companies Stack Ranking Company Revenue / # of Employees 1,000 5,000 # of Companies Quatrro Confidential 4
  • Companies Stack Ranking Company Revenue / # of Employees Fortune 1000 Companies Large Companies 1,000 5,000 10,000 # of Companies Quatrro Confidential 5
  • Companies Stack Ranking Company Revenue / # of Employees Fortune Companies Large Companies SME Companies 1,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 40,000 # of Companies Quatrro Confidential 6
  • Companies Stack Ranking Serving the HEAD of the market isn’t a bad strategy and has build great businesses Company Revenue / # of Employees Serving the TAIL efficiently can be even more compelling 1,000 5,000 10,000 20,000 40,000 # of Companies Moving from “Dozens of Markets of Millions” to “Millions of Markets of Dozens” Quatrro Confidential 7
  • 7.7X growth Up to 80% of to $300B plus the Growth Industry from Markets that are not Core Today Quatrro Confidential 8
  • Peep into the Future - Year 2020 Source : NASSCOM (Perspective 2020) A Dramatically Altered Landscape Quatrro Confidential 9 Company Confidential 9
  • Untapped Market Segments will drive 80% Incremental Growth by 2020 * BFSI, telecom, retail, pharma, manufacturing, travel Source : NASSCOM (Perspective 2020) SMB’s represent a “Blue Ocean” for Indian IT & BPO companies Quatrro Confidential 10 Company Confidential 10
  • “Blue Ocean” Blue Ocean Strategy © Kim & Mauborgne 2006 Segments A B C Workforce Workforce * Seg A C $ per contract &B A Seg C &B Fortune • 51% of Workforce in US in 500 1,000 Large SME segment Enterprises • Larger manual content, Small & Medium Enterprises Less Automation Red Ocean Blue Ocean Uncontested market * US Census Report Needs Price More likely to focus on TCO (right pricing ‘vs’ cost saving) Look for trustworthy partner - prefer references as a common Quality method of selection Well established players Partner Flexibility is well appreciated - shy away from big players with good multi-country due to perceived lack of flexibility “show & tell” story & deep The segment is amenable to adapting to platform based services financial pockets ‘ C’ level is involved in most of the decisions – leads to shorter Brand/ Reputation/ BOB- sales cycles critical Need more focus on Biz values & not necessary that services should be driven by “state-of-the-art” technology End to end solution is critical Strategy Beyond the Existing •Milestone Group LLC 2004 •Blue Ocean Strategy Quatrro Confidential 11
  • “Beyond the existing” Beyond the existing © Christensen’s model of Disruptive innovation Quatrro SM Sustaining Strategy Performance – bring better CURRENT CONSUMERS product into an established market t1 Produc t2 Produc Low End – Disruptive t3 Produc Innovation t4 l LowAddress overserved - End –Disruptive Produc ectation leve Minimum exp customers with a lower cost Innovation - -Address overmodel business served ts in customers with a lower cost t ra h ns ealt gy New Market Time business model Co W ills olo Sk c h s s n Disruptive e e T cc Innovation • What are we going to sell? A me Ti • Who are we gong to sell to? NON CONSUMERS • How are we going to sell - approach to Market ? • Differentiating Factors • Differentiating Factors • SME segment • SME segment • Platform based decisions • Platform based decisions • Leveraged buying acquisitions • Leveraged buying acquisitions • Building BPO around core competencies • Building BPO around core competencies • Direct to Customers (TSG) • Direct to Customers (TSG) Quatrro Confidential 12
  • What a SME wants SME private sector enterprises in the United States represent over 99% of US firms and employ 51% of the total workforce. • Viable and Stable solutions • Easily implemented • Require little support as they lack IT skills • Easy to deploy integrated solutions & resources • SME’s cant do integration • Focus on SME IT buying priorities themselves • Don’t provide customized solutions • Easy to understand, deploy, manage and support • SME’s would like to go with trusted long time vendors • Cost of establishing a new vendor is high for a SME • Focus on channels that sell to SME’s • SME’s are focused on business value • E.g. improved productivity, enhanced CRM, enhanced revenue, payback • No technology marketing jargon • Brands are least important factor for SME’s • Big brands connote higher TCO • Young companies can collaborate with large enterprises to jointly market to SME’s • SME’s put lot of emphasis on TCO, not only on price. They will go for lower TCO’s • TCO includes resources required to implement and maintain a solution, customer and technical support, unanticipated upgrade costs to maintain compatibility with Source : MileStone Group new development, up and down scalability, and the cost of managing new vendor relationships. SME’s represent an underserved market for Technology and BPO companies. Quatrro Confidential 13
  • What Service Providers can do – Value Innovation Costs Create uncontested market space Value Make competition irrelevant. Innovation Capture new demand Align processes in pursuit of differentiation and low cost Buyer Value _____________________ Source: Blue Ocean Strategy. Quatrro Confidential 14
  • Quatrro Team - Shaping the Business Processing Industry for 18 yrs Pioneering Business Processing Services (2005 and beyond) Quatrro endeavors to provide clients with (2000-2005) innovative solutions at optimal costs through a Q team pioneered 3rd combination of tools, Party operations platforms and business (1996-2000) processes Multi faceted services Q team pioneered real Acquired by Wipro in time processing and voice July 2002 (1992-1996) Targeting uncontested service The team established spaces and pioneering new service lines India’s largest multi Q team pioneered off- process captive unit S P E C T R A M I N D shoring to India Scaled beyond F&A Started and led Spectramind The team established into India’s largest third party BPO company India’s first captive unit for Finance/Accounting Formerly GECIS lue d Va India established as the premier global offshoring destination for de – Ad call center and BPO it y Indian BPO industry was in its plex nascent stage (only sign of BPO in India was data entry) Com RMA TION FO TR ANS S INES BUS Recognized as “The Pioneers of the Indian BPO Industry” – Created over 35,000 new jobs Quatrro Confidential 15
  • Next-Generation Services required from Indian Companies Better margins s o Foc u Less competition Quatrr Value to customers beyond cost arbitrage 6 Platform based Higher skill set makes solutions a more engaged 5 workforce Expert Knowledge Services 4 Decision Making / Problem Solving 3 Call Centers 2 This space is cluttered Rule Set Processing Margins are squeezed – 1 purely a volume game Data Entry Less customer stickiness Limited growth opportunities Quatrro Confidential 16
  • Executing Our Strategy Interactive Risk Management New Service Entertainment Lines Information Legal Services Build Technology Solutions New Business Finance & Uncontested Models Accounting Mortgage Services Acquire New Singapore, Sri Lanka, Geographies China, UK, U.S., Canada New B to C – Business Small & Medium Markets to Consumer Businesses Align A unique and differentiated BPO built over the last 36 months that services SME clients Quatrro Confidential 17 17
  • Team Quatrro: Multi location - Multi cultural Board of Directors Raman Roy Daniel R. Mintz Raj Dutta Chairman & Managing Director Founding Managing Director, Olympus Capital Executive Director 18+ years in the BPO Industry Holdings Asia 23+ years of experience in handling diverse Pioneered Remote Processing in India 20+ years of private equity and mergers and areas in Finance and General Management Created 3 of the largest BPO’s in India acquisitions experience Worked with Morgan Stanley Capital Partners Worked with GE, WIPRO, HCL… Transitioned over 500 processes to India & created over 35,000 BPO jobs ("MSCP") and Morgan Stanley's Mergers and Acquisitions Department Business Lines Corporate Functions Risk Management Finance & Accounting Mortgage Services S Vaman Suresh Gary Bettin V Balakrishnan Raja SV CEO, Quatrro Risk Subramanian Non Executive Chairman, President & Chief Executive, EVP and Chief, Management President and Director, Quatrro Mortgage Inc. Strategic Business Development Human Resources Officer 26+ yrs Experience Finance & Accounting 25+ yrs Experience Bank 25+ yrs Experience 25+ yrs Experience 25+ yrs Experience of America Amex, Citi Group… GE, Larsen & Tubro, Wipro… Amex, Tata, Wipro… E&Y, KPMG… Hari Baskaran Glen Ofenloch Shyam Sundar Sunil Rawal Ed Quintero President, Quatrro Risk CFO, COO Quatrro Mortgage EVP and Chief Quality, Risk and EVP, Business Management Finance & Accounting Solutions Compliance Officer Development 17+ yrs Experience 22+ yrs Experience 22+ yrs Experience 25+ yrs Experience 25+ yrs Experience RSM McGladrey, Motorola, GE, Equinox GE, Wipro… Anderson, Wipro… Citi Group… The Balcor Company… Interactive Entertainment Legal Solutions Technical Solutions Sunil Gujral Rakesh Sharma EVP and Chief Technology Officer EVP, Infrastructure Richard Leinfellner Navdeep Rajendra Srinivas Pingali 20+ yrs Experience Services CEO, Babel Media Head of Operations, CEO, Technical Solutions 21+ yrs Experience Amex, Wipro… 25+ yrs Experience Quatrro Legal Solutions 17+ yrs Experience Oracle, Wipro… EA among others 20+ yrs Experience Accenture, Wipro, Tata… TCS, American Express Srinivas Pingali EVP, New Product Development Business Support Services Knowledge Services 17+ yrs Experience Accenture, Wipro, Tata… Sanjeeva Fernando R. Sivadas Chandu Nair Managing Director, Director & President, President, Business Support Services Scope eknowledge Scope eknowledge 24+ yrs Experience 24+ yrs Experience 20+ yrs Experience Escorts, UB Businessworld, Asian John Keells Group… Paints Vijayalakshmi Rao Director & COO, Scope eknowledge 23+ yrs Experience TI Cycles, SAIL… Quatrro Confidential 18
  • We help our clients improve Internal Productivity and Bottom Line Profitability Risk & Fraud Management Mortgage Processing Services Finance & Accounting Legal Support Services Knowledge Services Interactive Entertainment "As CEO of a consumer software company, in a very crowded space, I'm continually challenged to find new ways to bring value to consumers. Quatrro has been responsive to our needs and is now our leading strategic partner. In short, Quatrro has been a game- changer for CyberDefender“ – CEO, CyberDefender “We were very pleased with the quality of your work and by your respect of the deadlines. We will not hesitate to use your services again and we will also recommend you to our portfolio companies which from time to time require help in strengthening their IP portfolio” – Partner, Emerald Technology Ventures Quatrro Confidential 19
  • The Potential is HUGE The ingredients are there…. ……It is up to us to Leverage!!!!!!! Quatrro Confidential 20
  • Questions Quatrro Confidential 21
  • Thank You Quatrro Confidential 22