Entrepreneur in an era of pervasive broadband 3.0


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Presentation made by R Chandrashekhar, Secretary, Ministry of Communications & IT.

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  • Entrepreneur in an era of pervasive broadband 3.0

    1. 1. Entrepreneur in an Era of Pervasive Broadband NASSCOMEMERGEOUT CONCLAVE AUGUST 12, 2011 R Chandrashekhar, Secretary Ministry of Communications & IT
    2. 2. Indian Economy: Global Positioning GDP (PPP) (US $ trillion)Source: Investment Commission, India-2010
    3. 3. Growth in IT/ITeS SectorFY 2009-10 (Actual) FY 2010-11 (Estimated) Revenue ~ US$ 88 bnRevenues ~ US$ 73.9 bn billionContribution to GDP 6.1% Contribution to GDP 7%Direct employment 2.29 million Direct employment 2.5 millionIndirect employment 8.2 million Indirect employment 9.0 million Very limited Growth largely Emergence IP/ Limited of IT/ electronics/ driven by domestic market Manufacturing; products Export Market design capability
    4. 4. Telecommunications: Amazing Growth Story • Urban Market - Near Saturation - Teledensity: 156%, Users: 562 Mn High Mobile Penetration: • Rural Market: - Room for >850 Mn Expansion - Teledensity: 34.58%, Users: 289 Mn • Low Broadband Penetration - Internet & Broadband Subscribers: 12.32 Mn Broadband Access • 3G & Broadband Wireless Launched Deregulation & Drivers for Liberalization: Telecom Market Drivers of evolved Telecom Market independently of IT Market
    5. 5. Challenges for Inclusive Development Large Rural Population: ~ 800 Mn ~ 550 mn people below poverty Low performance on Development Indicators: HDI Rank - 119/169 countries Low Levels of Skills & Employability Demographic Dividend May become Demographic Liability
    6. 6. Development Enablers • PoliciesGovernment • Initiatives • Product & Service Creation for Industry Existing Market • Creation of New MarketsCivil Society • Community Based Development
    7. 7. Domestic Market Opportunities• Low Cost Computing • Security Devices • e-Commerce• Low Cost • Mobile Apps Communication • ERP Devices Devices Software Content Services• Indian Language • Cloud Based Computing Content • Voice Enabled Services • Rural BPOs• Gaming & Animation • Professional Services • Knowledge Processing
    8. 8. Mobile Apps: Opportunities & Challenges Growing No. of Users UID Financial Inclusion Smart Phones - Mobile as Media 3G Roll out Evolving VAS Users Revenue Sharing VAS Prices Devices & Technologies Content Pre-Paid Subscriber Predominance Predominance of Ultra Low Handsets Perceived as Non-Secured access device
    9. 9. Local Solutions for Local Problems NANO GANESH MOB-ME YPAYCASH BABAJOB.COM MG-NREGA
    10. 10. Drivers of Development Govt. Emerging Govt. Policies Policies & • FiscalIndustry • Needs Benefits Identification Market Initiatives Opportu- • Regulatory • Service Interventions Creation -nities • Market • Venture Access Capital Entrepre- • Enabling • Fostering Infrastructure Innovation & -neurship • Skill Product Development Creation • Skill Development Inclusive Development
    11. 11. Thank Yousecretary@mit.gov.in secy-dot@nic.in
    12. 12. PoliciesNew Telecom Policy 2011IT Policy 2011National Policy on Electronics 2011 Interlocking Policies Covering all the 3 dimensions
    13. 13. PoliciesElectronic Delivery of Services BillOpen Data Policy: Public Databasesand services Open to Private SectorPolicy on Open StandardsFinancial Inclusion Through Mobiles
    14. 14. InitiativesNational Broadband PlanNational e-Governance PlanUID: Online Authentication of IdentityMobile Service Delivery Gateway
    15. 15. InitiativesNational Knowledge Networke-EducationSkill Development Missione-Health
    16. 16. Increased Connectivity Convergence •Convergence Bill Extending •OFCFibre Optic •Wireless Networkupto 2.5 Lac •BroadcastPanchayats •Cable National •Wi-Fi Broadband •Unified Licence Plan •Migration to IPv6 Rs. 30,000 Crore •All citizens having mobile phones Last Mile Time Frame: 3 Yrs Wireless •Mobile as your IC card, wallet,Broadband credit card to 6 Lac Villages •Common facilities for citizens who don’t have internet access,
    17. 17. M Governance Road Map• Draft Consultation Document for Mobile Governance Policy Framework  Integrating mobile platform as an interface for e-gov services  Standards - Technical & Security  Integrating Mobile Service Delivery Gateway with SSDG• Notification of Mobile Governance Policy by Aug 2011• Development of MSDG by Dec 2011• Enablement for integration of all MMPs with MSDG by Mar 2012 Focus on reaching the remotest of villages with public services
    18. 18. NANO GANESHGSM based remote control systemmanufactured by Ossian Agro AutomationDeveloped for irrigation purpose; helpssave electricity, water, fuel, time and labourEasy to use, weather proof, compact andaffordable to farmer
    19. 19. E-MMS(MG-NREGA) – Blue Frog Electronic Muster & Measurement System MGNREGS SERVER (eMMS): for complete transparency by LIVE FA MUSTER E MUSTER E Muster verification data from Worksite to Website on daily basis. E Muster Mobile technology for field functionaries through different mobile application like e- Muster, e-Measurement, e-Muster verification and e-Check Measurement E Check Measurement TA E Measurement Measurement Project started to arrest distortions e.g. E Measurement muster fudging, delays in payments, benami wage seekers, fake measurements & work duplication E Pay order GenerationGeographical reach- 21 Districts of AndhraPradesh covering 18,787 Gram Panchayats
    20. 20. m-Gov Platform in Kerala- Mob Me Mobile Governance project covering ~ 90 Government Departments To integrate advancements in mobile technology with various Government departments to create cost effective, efficient & round the clock Government information systems 3 channels of mobile communication(Voice, Signalling and Data) and a wide range of technologies(Voice Applications, Applications using signalling channel etc being used
    21. 21. State Data Center Application and Data Base Server Reservoir Unique Short Code 537252 – KERALAGovernmentDepartments SDP Citizens Seamlessly Connecting Citizens with Government
    22. 22. YpayCash - eMudhra Consumer Services Ltd. Simple & cost effective mobile based retail payment platform connecting retail customers &merchants, processes retail transactions in server hosted in a secured environment Adequate security, minimal transaction cost, usage of common technology already in use by consumers & merchants Easily scalable solution by incorporating multiple banks, customers & merchants
    23. 23. Babajob.comJob website & mobile portal dedicated toconnect informal sector workers - cooks,maids, drivers, guards etc and employers toIndia & worldwideVision: to make informal labour marketworldwide efficient by aggregating 100,000sof jobs and millions of job seekersAs of October 2009: over 85,000 totalregistered users, about 17,000 employers &53,000 job seekers
    24. 24. NeGP: Utility Based Approach towards G2C Services Shared resource of reusable software artifacts covering common processes across govt. Expeditious procurement and implementation Adherence to standards for inter-operability Migrating from a capex to an opex model Adoption of re-engineered systems and best practices Pooled IT resources – available on demand
    25. 25. Shared Services Infrastructure - Moving towards cloud/ utility based approach • Computing, Storage, Network & Gateways (NSDG/ SSDG) Availability of Software development facility Identified common processes • Sanctions, e-office, e-procurement, HR & Payroll • Payment gateway and linkage with UID & PAN • Geographical Information System (GIS) • Mobile Service Delivery Gateway Call Centre / Help Desk25