Aikon Labs - Product LaunchPad - NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010


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Aikon Labs - Product LaunchPad - NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

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Aikon Labs - Product LaunchPad - NASSCOM Product Conclave 2010

  1. 1. 26 Aug 2010<br />1<br />NASSCOM EMERGE Product Showcase 2010<br />
  2. 2. Aikon Labs - Introduction <br />Incorporated in Pune in 2009<br />Vision – Enable Enterprises, Academic/Research Institutions & Open Communities Realize Ideas<br />Customers in Technology, Education & other sectors<br />IBM, HP & Microsoft Partner<br />Core Team:<br />11/10/2010<br />© Aikon Labs Pvt. Ltd. 2009-10<br />2<br />aikonlabs<br />RealizingIdeas<br />Dilip Thomas Ittyera: Founder & CEO<br />Former CTO & Chief Innovation Evangelist at Zensar Technologies. Involved with multiple startups in India & US<br />.<br />RR Dasgupta: Customer Advocacy & Partnering<br />Former Principal at IBM’s e-Business Strategy Consulting and Head of Consulting at Zensar. Significant global experiences in US, UK & India spanning 25 Yrs<br />Shekhar Naik: Operations & Education Sector <br />Over 25 years professional experience in Operations & HR in the FMCG, Paperboards, Pharmaceutical, Engineering and Software sectors - both products and services<br />Contact<br /><br />+91 98223 81281<br />
  3. 3. Verve – What & How<br />Enterprise Idea Scoreboard <br />Leadership<br />Team Space<br />Communicate Strategic Themes<br />Filter 2<br />Idea LiveStore<br />votes<br />Organize & Share <br />Discuss & Refine<br />Co-author & Publish<br />Filter 3<br />Enterprise <br />Communities<br />Idea<br />Execution Space<br />Theme<br />reviews<br />Description<br />email<br />Community Feedback<br /> & Rating<br />Category<br />Plan & Track<br />Co-create & Version<br />Prototype & Validate <br />Media & Viral Tools <br />Filter 1<br />Filter 4<br />views<br /><ul><li>Sustainable Innovation by Enterprise Community – Customers, Partners, Employees
  4. 4. Enable Idea to Pilot Lifecycle – Social Networking Tools, BPM, CM, Analytics
  5. 5. Cloud based SaaS & In-Premise Annuity models</li></ul>Customers and Partners <br />Post idea<br />Implement<br />Recognize/Reward<br />
  6. 6. Zensar Technologies – Case Study<br />Leading IT Services Company operating globally<br />Challenge – To Scale the Vision Community beyond Pune HQ<br />Cloud based SaaS version of Verve adopted<br />Implementation<br />Started with a Pilot by the Vision Champs<br />Global Roll-out to cover 6000 Associate across 23 countries in phases<br />Initial kickoff spanning 3 Months<br />Case Study published by Harvard Business School<br />
  7. 7. Business Transformation<br />Benefits<br />Scores of Ideas generated<br />Filter & Promote using Community Rating & Corporate Score-carding<br />Top Ideas in Implementation<br />Enhanced associate buy-in & participation<br />Other Customers/Use Cases<br />Global Talent Track, leader in Employability education<br />Student Ideas to Project Execution<br />Community of Mentors, Guides, Experts & Enterprises<br />Unique Global Biz Plan platform focused on social ventures<br />Others include Academic Institutions, Media cos. etc.<br />
  8. 8. Shekar Nair – MD & CEO<br />Networking & IT Manageability solutions<br />Delivering business visibility & continuity to distributed Enterprises<br />Networking and IT problems for distributed enterprises are different than for centralized ones<br />300+ customers<br />Elina Networks<br />Bangalore, India<br /><br />
  9. 9. The ENPAQ<br />Holistic software solution solving specific problems of Distributed Enterprises – Manageability, Connectivity & Security<br />Provides robust network security, reliableconnectivity, and effective remote IT management <br />Over 3 yearsin the field, right now at the third major revision (v3.0)<br />Know that your transactions, IT services & <br />locations are always available<br />Business Visibility<br />Greater Business Value<br />Robust, scalable, secure multi-link <br />& multi-server virtual network<br />Remote Business<br />Efficient remote management of your IT <br />with remote control & IT Asset mgmt.<br />IT Manageability<br />Enable easy communication in your<br />enterprise using Email, Chat, VoIP & FTP<br />Business Commn.<br />Complete visibility into your network, <br />web, application & link usage<br />Network Visibility<br />Transactions continue across network outages<br />Smooth traffic across any multi-ISP links<br />Network Continuity<br />Secure network, outside & inside, wired & wireless <br />Productive employees with Internet access<br />Network Security<br />
  10. 10. AnandRathi<br />Challenge<br />Maintaining high trading availability, network security and remote IT manageability across hundreds of their locations<br />Bhavesh Shah, <br />CTO<br />net<br />Benefits<br /><ul><li>Higher Top-line – high trading time, satisfied traders
  11. 11. Better Bottom-line – smaller support team for more branches
  12. 12. Improved branch IT manageability
  13. 13. Corporate network security policies enforced</li></ul>net<br />BRANCHES<br />CUSTOMERS<br />
  14. 14. Our Customer’s voice<br />“Elina has simplified network deployment and management for us. Moreover, with virtualized application support, strong security and Elina's management framework, we can now deploy our business critical applications and networking functions on a single off-the-shelf PC/Server, dramatically reducing costs and support personnel.”<br />Bhavesh Shah, CTO, AnandRathi Group. <br />“Elina provides us with an integrated solution that supports high branch uptime, multicast feed support, branch network security. Elina is reliable, scalable and secures branch trading network. Elina's software solution could match our requirement on Performance and Scale, including latency and throughput."<br />Rajesh Singhal, VP-IT, Motilal Oswal <br />Top manufacturing & logistics<br />4 of Top-20 brokers<br />Top retailers<br />
  15. 15. Businesses embrace “Social Networking” and create their very own large scale communities for promotion, adoption, education, support, innovation, and much more…<br />Successful Repeat Entrepreneurs<br />Rajesh<br />Ram<br />CRM<br />Proven Business Model<br />Founded Feb 2007, Chennai-based <br />Sales Offices: US, India & Europe<br />Investments: Promoters & Angels<br />2008<br /><ul><li> Product Team: 40+
  16. 16. Released OSCON 2008
  17. 17. Today, 3.x Major Version</li></ul><br /><br />@ggopi<br />Mobile : +91 95661 33399<br /> +1 650 868 4016<br />10<br />
  18. 18. Sophisticated Online Presence BUT<br />26 Aug 2010<br />11<br /><ul><li> Learn
  19. 19. Share
  20. 20. Review
  21. 21. Support
  22. 22. Promote
  23. 23. New Ideas
  24. 24. Recognition
  25. 25. Brand Advocate
  26. 26. Buy More
  27. 27. Contribute More</li></ul>“need own community to deeply engage our users…. with our brand to Drive Revenues <br />Immediate & Longer Term Goals<br />
  28. 28. Essentia’s Community Solution<br />12<br /><ul><li> Comprehensive
  29. 29. Rich Features
  30. 30. Deep Tools
  31. 31. Monetization
  32. 32. Integrations
  33. 33. Millions of Users</li></ul>Best Practice<br />Community Management<br />Health Check<br />Cloud<br />NOC Operations<br />Bus. Integrations<br />26 Aug 2010<br />
  34. 34. Essentia Builds Vibrant Community and Drives Top Line Revenues<br />Source of Sales Leads<br />Community Success<br />Community<br />Rest<br />Other Search Eng.<br /><br />Technology Blogs<br />Partner Sites<br />Wikipedia<br />LinkedIn<br />Facebook<br /><br /><ul><li> Strong Community Vibrancy Index (CVI)
  35. 35. Traffic 2.4X Corp. Website & Sticky
  36. 36. High Participation & Contributions</li></ul> Corp. Website<br /><ul><li>ROI increasing dramatically > 20
  37. 37. Largest pool of accessible buyers</li></ul> with higher lead to customer ratio<br /><ul><li> Estimate 17% in New Revenues</li></ul>Sample Customers (Tech & Education)<br />13<br />
  38. 38. Innoz Technologies Pvt.Ltd<br />Deepak Ravindran-Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer <br />Holds a Bachelors degree in Computer Science & Engineering.<br />Founded Swades Solutions, an offshore Web design/SEO firm in 2005 while at high-school.Founded Innoz in 2008 along with three other friends while at college. Represented India in the finals of DFJ-CISCO Global Business Plan Competition 2009, and was chosen for iAccelerator’09 at IIM Ahmedabad.Youngest to receive the one-on-one mentoring from Indian Angel Network via Finals of Economic Times Power of Ideas’09. Received the Star Entrepreneurship Award’09 at the 3rdIndira Innovation Summit,Mumbai, Dell Idea League Challenge’09, has been selected for Startup Leadership Program,Delhi Chapter supported by TiE Boston.<br />Company Profile<br />Innoz is one of the most innovative and exciting company working on rich mobile and web applications. Stared by a group of engineering students from LBS College of Engineering,Kerala-Innoz was one among the 16 Companies to participate in the finals of DFJ-CISCO Global Business Plan Competition along side Stanford and Georgia Tech teams.<br />Innoz is a Finalist for Red Herring's top 100 Asia award, and also received special recognition while at mBillionth South Asia Awards 2010.Innoz previously won the NASSCOM AppFAME.<br />Innoz now have offices at Gurgaon,Trivandrum & USA employing around 20+ young and dynamic team, with very innovative product offerings packed/white labelled with operators/mobile manufacturer's.<br />
  39. 39. SMSGYAN-Any information just an SMS away!<br />An innovative and cost effective text-messaging interface that literally delivers knowledge bytes to the user's fingertips. <br />Everybody—irrespective of age, location and vocation—has questions to ask. These could be simple or complex. And not everyone with a doubt has access to the Internet to get the answers.SMSGYAN delivers information from the Internet on to your handset without asking you to go online. <br />Beta users: 5 Million Unique | 20,000 Queries/day.<br />Live Demo:: Try GYAN Query to 56161<br />
  40. 40. Customer Case Study <br />BhartiAirtel<br />AirtelGYAN*-One stop for any information.<br />Exclusively launch across 3 crore + users.<br />*Rough data<br />
  41. 41. Business Transformation<br />Customer Fit in - From top to bottom of the pyramid users - If there’s one thing a user will never mind doing with a phone, it is SMS.<br />Information VAS is going to be key to address the needs of growing rural market.One Stop for any information’s.(New to the market).<br />Benefits – Exclusivity of the product & high revenue projections.<br />Other customers : Videocon Mobile,Aircel.<br />
  42. 42.
  43. 43. What we do?<br />Loads of resumes during hiring phase<br />We help you filter by custom programming tests<br />Hire the best programmers and be happy <br />
  44. 44. Customer Case<br />What do they do?<br />Helps you get the best rates for loans from banks. <br />100 Resumes<br />50 short-listed =<br />50 dev hours<br />Need<br />They wanted to hire developers to build the platform<br />10 on-site<br />1-2 hire<br />
  45. 45. SAVE 50hrs for every hire!<br />100 Resumes<br />AUTOMATE WITH INTERVIEWSTREET<br />10 on-site<br />1-2 hire<br />
  46. 46. NMSWorks Software Private Limited<br /><ul><li>Presenter: KV Nair – CEO & Managing Director
  47. 47. Incorporated in 2001
  48. 48. Incubator company of IIT Madras (TeNeT)
  49. 49. Promoted by Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
  50. 50. VC Funding from UTI Ventures, Ventureast, …..
  51. 51. Located at IIT Madras Research Park, Chennai
  52. 52. 80 Member Team
  53. 53. Core competence in developing Network Management & Operation Support Systems for the Telecom/Defence Market</li></ul>Contact:<br />
  54. 54. Product – CygNet OTNMS<br />Network Management System for Multiple Vendors and Multiple Optical Transmission Technologies.<br />Efficient Management of the Transmission Network <br />Automatic Discovery/Reconciliation,<br /> Inventory and Provisioning System<br /><ul><li> Customers:
  55. 55. Tata Communication Ltd
  56. 56. Tata Tele Services Ltd
  57. 57. Vodafone Essar Ltd
  58. 58. Bharti Airtel Ltd</li></li></ul><li>About the Customer Case<br />Tata Communications Limited (TCL)<br />TCL is a leading global provider of a new world of communications <br />Transmission Network Inventory had a significant gap between the real network and the database created manually<br />Integrated with six SDH vendors and four DWDM vendors<br />Automatic Discovery across multiple vendors/multiple technologies<br />Stitched the End-to-End Circuits from Discovered data <br />Integrated with existing Inventory System<br />CAPEX and OPEX Optimization<br />Completed the project in less than six months<br />
  59. 59. Business Transformation<br />Enhanced the efficiency of Operation<br />Inventory Synchronized with Network<br />End to End view of the Network<br />Reduced MTTR<br />Optimized CAPEX<br />Deleted Hanging circuits<br />Identified Non-Revenue Circuits<br />Optimized OPEX<br />Accelerated Provisioning of Circuits<br />Potential to Automate Provisioning<br />Other customers<br />Vodafone Essar Ltd <br />Tata Teleservices Ltd <br />
  60. 60. Company Overview<br />
  61. 61. Product Overview<br />No:<br />No:<br />Visibility<br /> • Recovery readiness<br /> • RTO / RPO <br /> • State of recovery in process<br />Structured Recoverability<br /> • Predictability<br /> • Testability & Audit -ability<br /> • Repeatability<br />Business User<br />Access<br />APPLICATION FAIL-OVER AND FALL-BACK<br />DirectoryServices<br />APPLICATION ECO-SYSTEM REPLICATION<br />DB REPLICATION OR LOG-FORWARDING<br />DB and <br />Application<br />Discrete Monitoring<br />FILE SYSTEM REPLICATION<br />Server and<br />Network<br />Storage<br />DISK-BASED REPLICATION<br />Data Center A<br />Data Center B<br />Monitoring of Application Recovery Point & DR Health<br />Automation of DR Drill and Failover Recovery <br />DR Reports for Compliance & Audit<br />27<br />
  62. 62. Customer Case Study – HDFC Bank<br />Uses Sanovi DRM as the framework to deploy, automate drills and report on the Recovery readiness of the bank.<br />“We realized early on that the right way to approach the problem was to deploy a management framework that masks technology complexities and provide operations staff real-time visibility into DR solution health”<br />Deepak K Mudalgikar, VP-IT, HDFC Bank<br />
  63. 63. Customer Case Study – HDFC Bank<br />Business & Operational Benefits<br /><ul><li> Over 85% reduction in application fail over time
  64. 64. 100% increase in frequency of DR Drills
  65. 65. Over 75% reduction in the time required for DR drill preparation & validation</li></ul>“Application failover that would take two hours earlier now happens in twenty minutes using Sanovi’s DR automation engine, our recovery confidence is phenomenal.”<br />VP-IT, HDFC Bank<br />HDFC Bank has over fifty application under Sanovi DRM management <br />
  66. 66. Voicetap Technologies<br />Mrigank Tripathi: Founder and CEO. <br />Engineer, MBA from INSEAD<br />Foundations:<br />Founded in 2009<br />Core team of 6 has a healthy mix of sales, consulting and operations background<br />Develops Voice based solutions that help businesses and telecom operators generate more value<br />Special fact: Youngest company ever to win the Red Herring Global Top 100 award and the NASSCOM Emerge top 10 award<br />My contact details: 9971177231,, @mtripathi<br />
  67. 67. CustomerTAP: Generate fresher inbound leads<br />Outbound SMSes<br />Advertising<br />SMS handling<br />Email blasts<br />Phone call handling<br />Web<br />Integrated Voicetap system <br />Your lead generation efforts<br />Methods of lead handling<br />
  68. 68. Customer case<br />NIIT Ltd<br />Leading IT and Training company in India with a global presense<br />CustomerTAP helped them enhance conversions by increasing the freshness of leads<br />Solution structure:<br />NIIT dedicated 5 call center seats for CustomerTAP<br />CustomerTAP required only their DID numbers<br />SaaS model deployed<br />Duration to go live post testing: One week<br />Currently handling ~2500 warm inbound leads a month over SMS<br />Evaluating deployment across various mediums (Web / Print / SMS etc.)<br />Dashboard available to track and follow up on calls / recordings<br />
  69. 69. Business Transformation<br />Reduction in cost per acquisition by ~20%<br />Increase in conversion rates by >30%<br />Other prominent customers using the service:<br />Fullerton Securities<br />Bajaj Capital<br />
  70. 70. 26 Aug 2010<br />34<br />Thank You!<br />