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Dux Soft Presentation

  2. 2. Vision DUX Soft Pvt. Ltd. has been founded to design, integrate and deliver an innovative mix of productivity and performance based products and solutions, for enterprises working with floating point computations or rich media technologies, and in the process establish itself as a leader in the High Productivity Computing, Digital Media Solutions & Workflow integration market. Mission DUX Soft’s mission is to become the leading solutions provider that demystifies, implements and optimizes High Productivity Computing & Workflow solutions, while delivering exceptional cost savings, performance and process optimization to compute- hungry IT-enabled companies and those working with Digital Manufacturing & Production.
  3. 3. • First company in the world to provide domain specific IT Solution to the Digital Entertainment Industry • Complete, end-to-end solutions for studios from Management and IT Solution to actual implementation • State-of-the-art remote rendering facility using High Performance Grid Computing • Core team with an exceptional domain knowledge
  4. 4. A FEW HIGHLIGHTS OF OUR ACHIEVEMENTS First company in India to use HPC based Remote Render Farm http://www.renderarm.com Won P C Quest DUX + Tata CRL to give world’s largest & fastest Remote Render solution End-to-end animation pipeline design, management & optimization
  6. 6. SPARX™ Render Farm Management Module is an innovative and easy to use, web-based application which allows users to log-in to the render farm remotely, submit render jobs, monitor job progress, and control billing. SPARX™ supports compute nodes. SPARX™ supports leading industry software’s such as Maya, 3DS Max etc. and can be configured to work with any command line rendering engine. SPARX™ implementation gives a direct performance improvement of over 30%.
  7. 7. With SPARX™, existing Windows, MAC or Linux Workstations can be used as Render Nodes when idle, which can be a huge cost saving option for Studios SPARX™, because of its intuitive interface, requires almost no training. The users* can get productive right from the first minute. SPARX™ `Power On – On Demand` feature helps save substantial cost in power and cooling by shutting down idle nodes and powering them up only when required SPARX™ does not define any low level connectivity for storage or networking. It can be deployed on the customers existing infrastructure with minimal or no change. * Respective Industry Compute Wranglers
  8. 8. Industry Facts With 40% growth every year, the Indian Animation, VFX & Gaming Studios are facing an increase in the number & complexity of jobs Most studios utilize less than 40% of their internal render capacity due to cyclical working hours Gap between first render, error fixing, and final error free render becomes better manageable Internal Render Farms are costs based depreciating assets & have huge initial and setup costs
  9. 9. Industry Facts  It is hard to keep up with the latest advancements in technologies, especially with the huge costs associated with change  During peak hours and closer to project deadlines studios need a lot of extra capacity, not available internally  Pay-per-use or contract based outsourced rendering provides scalability and tremendous overall cost advantage
  10. 10. as a Service at www.renderarm.com
  11. 11. Technology Overview  Open source  High performance Cluster computing  Remote Compute  Scalable Storage Architecture  Static And Dynamic Rendering  Heterogeneous Environment
  12. 12. Working on Multiple Technologies ™
  13. 13. Highlights Scalable to 1000+ nodes Deployment – Studios & Remote Render Facility Innovative and Simple User Interface – Mobile, Low Bandwidth Web Scene File Analysis Build on Open Source for better saving On Demand Remote Render Farm Reaching to the clouds with cross platform virtualization Ultra-fast Broadband connectivity and local loop availability High Capacity RAID based storage ECO Friendly technology which helped us reduce Carbon Footprint. Built for Green IT Revolution
  14. 14. Cost Benefits  Render Retakes  Multiple Projects Execution - Small Studios  Peak Projects Execution  File Analysis before Render  Optimized Files  Pipeline Optimization  Network Performance
  15. 15. Production Cost Benefit Animation Retake Calculations * All figures in in USD Normal OPEX Additional OPEX due to Total OPEX % of Additional % of Rework (HR+IT) Rework (HR+IT) (HR+IT) OPEX Before 86% 504,000 292,320 796,320 58% After 32% 504,000 161,280 665,280 32% TOTAL Cost Saving 131,040 (16.46%) * Manpower, Electricity, Cooling, Softwares cost involved with 8 Hrs/day Scenario No. of Animators 300 Avg. Salary per Month USD 900 No. of Machines 300 Average Expense per Machine USD 780
  16. 16. Infrastructure Cost Benefit Scenario -Studio With 300 Seats - 8 hours Working environment If studio Network Speed takes 4 minutes to transfer ONE GB data Time Diff in Min. *On an average every artist Read and Write 10 GB of data (Render 3 farms and Renders Included) Time Loss Due to Data Transfer OPEX Loss Due to Data Transfer Per Person Overall Studio Per Person (USD) Overall Studio (USD) Minutes/Day 30 9000 Per Day 2.16 650 Hours/Day 0.5 150 Per Month 56.26 16,875 (Equal to .75 man month/day) Per Year 675 202,500 Network Speed Standard Calculation in Mins Best 0.25 Good 0.5 Average 1 Conditions considered for Calculation Transfers/Day in GB 10 Studio strength 300 Average salary / month USD 900
  17. 17. www.duxsoft.com dux@duxsoft.com