Customer development in Action


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  • Customer development in Action

    1. 1. Customer Development in Action Presented by: Siddharth Mangharam Sharat Potharaju Neeraj Kakkar Kishore A KFounder and CEO - Floh Founder and CEO - MobStac Founder and CEO - Tzinga Founder and CEO –
    2. 2. Cellphone Policy for this Session  Turn on your cell phones  Fire up Twitter  Use hashtag #nasscompc  Follow @productconclave  Feedback, likes, dislikes – Tweet it!
    3. 3. The Startup Promise
    4. 4. Meet the Panelists  Siddharth Mangharam is the CEO of Floh, a bootstrapped startup that connects singles in real-life. Twitter: @flohnetwork Web:  Sharat Potharaju is the CEO of Mobstac, an Accel funded startup that helps publishers globally deliver their content on mobiles and tablets. Twitter: @mobstac Web:  Neeraj Kakkar is the CEO of Hector Beverages, a Catamaran and Footprint Ventures funded startup that makes and markets Tzinga, the most exciting energy drink in the country. Twitter: @tzinga Web .  Kishore AK is the CEO of, an Intel Cap funded startup that wants to change the way people discover & consume video on every screen. Twitter: @shufflr Web:
    5. 5. Customer Development Insights – Floh Fee based model – will customers bite? Affiliate marketing – path to higher ARPUs? Geographic Expansion – validation outside BLR?
    6. 6. Customer Development Insights – Mobstac  Growing mobile traffic means publishers will need robust mobile platforms (Validation – success)  Subscription based business model will drive faster adoption (Validation – failure)  Global reach: Can we service customers globally? (Validation – success)
    7. 7. Customer Development Insights – Tzinga  Product testing – not always possible. Bet, intuition!  Building a manufacturing plant, before we could go show it to the first consumer  Proof of concept – strong measurement metrics  Launched in Bangalore, Delhi – 2000 outlets. Studied them carefully for one year.  National launch – scale is the holy grail  From 55 to 300+ associates. From 2000 to 25000 outlets. All in 6 months.
    8. 8. Customer Development Insights –  Where to start - Enterprise or Consumer? [Type: Business, Stage: Prototype]  Course correct – From PC to Newer screens [Type: Platform, Stage: < 50K users]  Simplify – One feed to rule them all [Type: Product, Stage: < 500K users]
    9. 9. Customer Development Lifecycle In Action Search Execute Customer Stop Customer Stop Customer Stop Customer discovery validation creation building Escape Tzinga – Bet on Velocity – Floh – Will Floh – Mobstac/Floh – Who is Customers Affiliate – Geo Multiplecustomer? Bite? Marketing Expansion screens Mobstac – Mobstac – – PC Tzinga – MobStac– Macro Demand Subscription to Mobile National Launch Fremium Tzinga – DEL & BLR
    10. 10. Today’s Key Message Get Out of the Building!
    11. 11. Q&A
    12. 12. Resources and further reading   Four Steps to the Epiphany   Books, links, meetups, conferences
    13. 13. Thank you