The Next Generation Smart Homes


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The Next Generation Smart Homes

  1. 1. The Next Generation Smart Homes The most advanced solution in the world! Syam Madanapalli iRam Technologies !1
  2. 2. The Biggest Pain Points Our focus Installation and maintenance Existing homes Budget Security and privacy over the Internet Incremental deployment & evolution Technology Solution Providers !2 Consumers
  3. 3. The Solution The common-man driven innovation Introducing The next generation smart home solution for saving energy, comfort and safety Smart switches Fan dimmer LPG/Smoke/Fire detectors Door locks Apps Cloud Management System IPv6 based WiFi connectivity Fits into existing electrical boxes No rewiring is required Any electrician can install Replaceable with classical switches Stable design - went through 4 revisions Flexible platform enables multiple applications Application independent connectivity We surprised the incumbent players Reachable to middle class A New Experience - Brings a paradigm shift *Applied for patent !3
  4. 4. The Market $189M addressable market in next 4 years Government Department of Information Technology Showcasing as an IPv6 application that can help India Working on multiple applications based on this platform Partners Sensorteq, an US startup Supplied technology to launch the products in US Early discussion with a BIG Indian company for partnership Solution Integrators Now they are confident they can provide the solution for existing homes Under trials with one Builders Early discussions with four builders in Bangalore and Hyderabad One builder is very close to sign for a 60 villa project
  5. 5. The Business Model Collaboration and enablement Business Model Reach end customers through solution integrators and partners Joint marketing Installation and support is provided by the solution integrators Expected revenues by 2014 Targeting $700K through channels and partners Expenses: 40 to 50% Growth plan Geographical expansion in India and other countries Targeting other verticals: retail, transport and smart grid To be able to address $500M market by 2017 Establish more channels and partners Focus on innovation for optimal use of natural resources and bettering the lives of people !5
  6. 6. The Team Well rounded industry experience Syam Madanapalli Satyanarayana Divi Innovation, Technology and Operations Engineering and Implementation 15 years, 22 patents, 7 RFCs, 2 papers, 1 book Written several standards (IETF, WiMAX) Technology Board Member of IPv6 Forum, India Chair of IEEE-SA SIG, India for Telecom WG B.Tech, ECE, from NIT, Warangal 15 years in industry Mobile hardware and software expert Managed delivery teams Designed and developed products MS from IISc, Bangalore Idris T. Vasi (Advisor) Sudhakar Kanuri Strategy, Business Development and Funding Hardware and System Engineering More than 20 years of experience More than 25 years in Systems Design Held key leadership positions in MNCs & startups; Independent consultant, based in US including CEO, DST (3G/4G operator) Sr. hardware designer at NEC, DCM, Uptron BE & MS from New York & Florida M.Tech from IIT, Kharagpur Complementary business and technical experience Colleagues in previous jobs Ability to design and develop both hardware and software Deep understanding of wireless networks and standards Experienced in IPR generation !6
  7. 7. India Innovation Initiative – i3, 2013 the Most Innovative (First Prize) Product by Young Indians Oct 17, 2013 jointly promoted by Agilent Technologies, Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) NASSCOM Emerge50 2013 !7