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Css   how to do it right
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Css how to do it right






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    Css   how to do it right Css how to do it right Presentation Transcript

    • “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live whole life believing that it is stupid.” Einstein
    • SUBJECTS APPEARED SUBJECTS APPEARED Business Admin 759 Political Science 926 Public Admin 1723 Philosophy 73 Sociology 5220 Applied Math 107 Journalism 5823 Physics 236 Comp Science 199 Geology 26 Statistics 223 Geography 2463 USA History 872 Botany 112 Const. Law 808 Zoology 306 Muslim Law 2028 Islamic History 1917 International Law 1946 Pak India History 3049 Int’L Relations 1295 British History 367 Punjabi 2771 European History 142 Economics 351 Law 138 Arabic 1142 Psychology 3786 English Literature 224 Urdu 458
    • SELECTION  Get hold of complete list of subjects  Subjects you are familiar with  Subjects you are comfortable with  New subjects may be interesting to study  Availability of study material  Subjects that traditional fetch good scores  Have a look at previous question papers  Availability of time  Good memory for technical subjects  Good expression for social sciences
    • PREPARATION  Make a time table  Use internet freely  Study one topic from more than one book  Make a summary of each topic  Jot down points at the end of each summary  Do not over burden yourself  Watch you general health  Sleep well and do physical exercise  Chose a comfortable chair and a table  After studying topic discuss it with friends  Use quotations for illumination “Statistics are used much like a drunk uses lamp post: for support, not illumination.” Vin Scully
    • READINGS  Articles on individual topic at internet  Magazines like Economists, Foreign Affairs, Jahangir World Time, Time, Foreign Affairs  A good library with latest books  You may use helping books if short of time  Keep summaries on each topic with bullet points  Maximum writing practice
    • 1. Reading question paper thrice: Cursory reading Selection of questions you are going to answer Give priority number to each question Distribution of time 2. Time management 3. Sequence of attempting question 4. Understand the question well 5. Make an out line 6. Do not repeat question, just write Q No. 7. Interesting start 8. Write neatly 9. Use quotations with correct reference 10. Be logical and rational while giving arguments 11. Give to the point analysis 12. In the end give conclusion recapitulating ideas 13. Spare some time for correcting spellings, etc. ATTEMPTING A QUESTION
    • EXPRESSION  Easy, flowing, grammatically correct language,  Do not read controversial literature,  Quote famous authors on the subject,  Avoid cliché and flowery language,  Objective of communication,  Small and medium sentences,  Avoid using indirect speed,  Originality of thought,  Jot down your ideas and give them priority numbers  “Brevity is the soul of wit.” Shakespeare
    • PSYCHOLOGICAL TEST  Self analysis before appearing in psychological test  Books on psychological tests: Psychological Assessment by Dr. Waheed Asghar  Be honest in your opinion to an acceptable extent  Demerits: that do not affect other people, with examples  Merits: Extrovert, lively, friendly, patriotic, disciplined  Don’t try to be over smart  Do not try to unduly dominate group discussions  Do not interrupt while someone is talking  Do not try to trivialize things  Avoid any sort of sectarian, religious, ethnic prejudices  Be prepared to answer questions like why do you want to join civil services: balance between personal and public  Be prepared on questions about your hobbies
    • INTERVIEW  Stress management  Decent dress according to weather and time  Look comfortable and confident  You may be asked questions about your optional subjects  Don’t try to be over smart  Acknowledge your deficiencies  Think before you speak  Do not use flukes : everyone does not know everything  Do not play with articles in you hand  Do not fidget  Do not indulge in self pitying