World Without Wires 2007


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This is my second presentation...about wireless world....where there will be no need of those old school copper ropes.... :)

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  • Assalamualaikum, my name is nasir aziz, and the topic of my presentation today, is www…a look at history of wireless approach, and what are the alternate solutions in the near future, which are environmentally, technically and economically viable for us.
  • Now after hearing the title, a question might come in your head that why there should not be any wires….some reason for it can be:
    Wires are a waste to the environment, where as wireless system will not do any waste
    Wires are tangible, and becomes a real pain when untangling is done
    Someone might fall or trip when passing over it
    Drilling is necessary for inter-room wiring, which is not the case with wireless system…
  • A wireless technology is a technology in which use of wire for communicating each other is eliminated. Radio and TV broadcasting to Mobile phone and Blue tooth are examples of wireless technologies. Electromagnetic waves are used in many of these technologies.
  • Wireless technology was un-imaginable till Heinrich Rudolf
    Hertz in 1886-1888 demonstrated the transmission and reception
    of radio signals. Sinking of Titanic in 1914 made the
    authorities to regulate the rule and made it mandatory to have
    all the ships to shore radios manned 24 hrs.This give a boost
    to this radio industry and technology.This created a new era
    of radio telegraphy and telephony.First communication only
    satellite Telstart was launched on 1960s and it made possible
    to communicate to any part of world.
  • Although the credit for invention of radio is disputed for any
    individual, but it is a common belief that it was invented by
    Marconi in 1901.FM and AM Radio is the first to use wireless
    technology commercialy. This brings wireless technology to the
    common man.
  • Another step ahead with wireless technology is Television broadcast. This brings wireless technology even closer.
  • Named after the 10th century Danish King Herald the bluetooth,
    it is what now the most common method for wireless
    connectivity among cell phones. Bluetooth is also used to send
    and recieve data between PC and mobile phone. It operates within 15-20 meter range.
  • Prior to bluetooth, infrared was common for the same purpose,
    but it was soon become obsolete beause of low range and slow
    data transfer rate.
  • No doubt so much research work was done in the past century regarding to wireless technology….but there was a lot more left to be discovered, in the next one.
  • Which means that you can use internet without sticking to one place only….and can roam around while surfing…in short it is “Internet On The Go!”
  • Wifi means wireles fidelity, and termed in the similar fashion as hi-fi is used to be. WI-FI is mainly used to establish a wireless LAN
    and wireless internet connection which is called as hotspots.
  • It is the Latest and greatest technology of road mapping till now, which uses wireless.
  • In Pakistan, the future of wireless networking is very
    bright....and There are several companies like wateen, worldcall, PTCL, which are offering wireless solutions for broadband users.
  • the ever increasing mobile industry is not neccessay to mention, as everybody knows that how it is rising here…here you can see the chart which is mentioning the total percentage of mobile users in pakistan….which has reached about 60% till now…
  • In the end, I would only like to say that in order to fulfill the growing demands of consumer base and the industry, we should try to switch totally on wireless technologies, to overcome current economical, environmental and technical challenges….thank you.
  • World Without Wires 2007

    1. 1. No Wires Waves Instead of Wires Example: Radio, TV, Mobile Phone, Bluetooth etc.
    2. 2. Heinrich Hertz Sinking Of Titanic
    3. 3. Guglielmo Marconi (1874-1937)
    4. 4. Termed For “Wireless Fidelity”
    5. 5. By Definition “GPS is a satellite-based radio-navigation system which allows users to determine their location anywhere in the world at any time of the day....”
    6. 6. Wateen WiMAX PTCL EVO Worldcall EvDO