Job seeker's how to use guide


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Job seeker's how to use guide

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Job seeker's how to use guide

  1. 1. The Job Seeker’s Guide to Getting Started
  2. 2. Top 3 Benefits 1. Present more of your abilities and skills to the employer upfront 3. Gives you a competitive advantage in a period of high unemployment and vigorous competition 5. ResourcefulBest of all, its easy and convenient to use!
  3. 3. Where can you create your iView Employment Profile?• In the convenience of your home• At your local career or employment center• Attend our iView workshops. Our InterviewSpecialist will be more than happy to assist
  4. 4. If this is your first time using Employer Interviewemployment service, please click to continue. If you wouldlike to review a specific section of this guide, click on thetitle below to view the selected guide.1. Signing up and registering2. Building your iView Employment Profile3. Using the inbox and inbox tools4. Viewing and applying for jobs
  5. 5. Here’s how to sign-up and register
  6. 6. Ready to sign-up?Locate the“Create One” linkand click to beginthe registrationprocess.
  7. 7. Basic personal information Fill in the required fields with your information.
  8. 8. Select your job professions You can select as many professions as you feel suit your skills. Hold the CTRL key to choose more than 2.The professions are used by employers to help sort suitable candidates for posted positions.
  9. 9. Complete your resume You can “create” your resume directly on the form,“copy and paste” your resume from another document, or choose to “upload” a file directly.
  10. 10. Choose your questionnaire The questionnaire is a vital part of your iView Employment Profile. You must answer the questions issued to you to complete your recorded interview presentation.General questions – This choice will provide a standard set of questions foruse in your video interview.No questions – This choice will not send any questions. You may use thevideo platform to demonstrate your skills and abilities.Custom questions – If there is a particular job you wish to apply for, youcan choose the custom questionnaire to receive targeted questions for thatjob and employer.Once you have selected, click “register” to continue.
  11. 11. Email confirmation Your interview questions and video interview tutorial can be found in this email.
  12. 12. Preparing your interviewAfter you’ve received the confirmation email,use the list of questions provided to aid in thepreparation of your video interview.Once you have completed the interviewpresentation, be sure to save the video file.
  13. 13. Building your iViewEmployment Profile
  14. 14. Ensure your account is activated Ensure your account is activated through the link in the confirmation email.
  15. 15. Login via the home pageEnter yourusername andpassword to sign in.
  16. 16. Complete your profile Click on “UpdateMARY JONES Image” to add a professional photo to your profile.
  17. 17. Complete your profile Click on “UpdateMARY JONES Profile” if your personal information has changed. Then, scroll down to view your personal information.
  18. 18. Adding an interview presentation From the inbox, clickMARY JONES on “Update Profile”. Locate your video file through the “Browse” button. Click “Upload file”.
  19. 19. Congratulations on completing your iEP!Once you have uploaded your resume, professional image,and interview presentation, your iEP is now complete.You will now use your iEP as a convenient tool that willreplace your resume in your employment searchingendeavours.An employer now has the chance to learn more about yourprofessional abilities and skills, upfront.
  20. 20. Using the inbox and inbox tools
  21. 21. The Inbox – The Ultimate Job Seeker Tool The inbox is an important tool. From the inbox you can: • Email your iEP to other employers • View resume samples to help you make improvements • Participate in online job fairs • Apply to jobs • Update anytime, 24/7
  22. 22. Finding your inboxThe inboxcan befound atthe bottomof the leftside menu.
  23. 23. Here’s how to send your iViewEmployment Profile (iEP) to employers Scroll down from the inbox to find the email form.
  24. 24. If you don’t have the employer’s email address... Don’t worry!
  25. 25. View sample resumes A sample resume can be of great assistance when trying to improve your own resume.MARY JONES From the inbox, click on “Resume Samples”.
  26. 26. Viewing and applying for jobs
  27. 27. View job listings To access the job listings, from yourMARY JONES inbox, click on “Job Listings”.
  28. 28. View job listingsThe job listings will appear with a date posted, a title, status,and location. If you would like to read more about a job, clickon its title.
  29. 29. Applying for a jobAfter clicking on the job title, more information about the jobwill appear. If you would like apply, click on “Apply for Job”.
  30. 30. Applying for a jobOnce applying for a job through, theemployer will receive a link to your iView Employment Profile.At this stage, the employer is able to read your resume andcontact information.Once the employer accepts your resume qualifications, he/shemay click to view your professional image and interviewpresentation.
  31. 31. Applying for a job
  32. 32. Thank you for choosing Employer Interview.