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  1. 1. Sales PoliciesApple Online StoreRead the sales, return and refund policies for the Apple stores in the U.S. Find contactinformation for telesales assistance and for Apple Sales support. Also learn how to apply for anApple Business Lease.Apple Online Store for K12 SchoolsRead the sales and return policy to learn who may purchase from the Apple Store for Education,payment methods, shipping options, return policies, and more.Apple Online Store for Higher EducationRead the sales and return policy to learn who may purchase from the Apple Store for Education,payment methods, shipping options, return policies, and more.Apple Authorized U.S. ResellerRead the sales and return policy that applies to products purchased from an Apple AuthorizedU.S. Reseller.Retail StoreRead the Purchase Policies printed on the back of the retail store receipt. Find out about giftcards, purchase orders, pricing, and returns.Apple Online Store for Education IndividualsRead the sales and return policy to learn how individual educators and home schools maypurchase from the Apple Store for Education, payment methods, shipping options, returnpolicies, and more.Apple Global Online Support site (AGOS) Terms of SaleRead the sales policy for purchasing service contracts through the AGOS.Trademark, Copyright and IntellectualPropertyApple Trademark List
  2. 2. See the list of Apple’s trademarks and service marks and learn how the trademarks should beused. Use of Apple trademarks may be prohibited, unless expressly authorized. For moreinformation, see Apple Web Badges, Guidelines for Using Apple Trademarks and Copyrights,and Software Licensing Programs.Guidelines for Trademarks and CopyrightsLearn how to use Apple’s trademarks, service marks or images in advertising, instructional, orreference materials, or on web sites, products, labels, or packaging.TrademarkSee a list of Apples trademarks, learn how to properly use Apples trademarks, requestpermission to use Apples trademarks, and report claims of trademark infringement.FileMaker Legal InformationSee the list of Filemaker’s trademarks.NeXT Trademark ListSee the current list of NeXT trademarks and learn how they should be used.Apple Web BadgesRead the guidelines for using Apple technology web badges to endorse Apple and its products ifyour web site uses or was created using Apple-branded hardware or software.CopyrightRead an explanation of what a copyright is, how to obtain permission to use Apple copyrightedmaterials, or how to report a claim of copyright infringement.Piracy PreventionRead Apple’s anti-piracy policy to learn what software piracy is and how to report suspectedpiracy of Apple software.Maximum flexibility to manageyour technology.A Fair Market Value lease offers lower payments.To help you compete in today’s ever-evolving business climate, AppleFinancial Services offers the Fair Market Value lease. It gives you the lowestmonthly payment while providing the maximum end-of-term flexibility.
  3. 3. As technological innovation continues at a rapid pace, your ability to managetechnology assets is key. New equipment helps increase productivity, keepingyou ahead of your competition. The Fair Market Value lease lets you return theequipment at the end of the term, purchase it for the then-current value, orcontinue the lease on a month-to-month basis.The Fair Market Value lease is ideal for companies that require the latesttechnology, and upgrade every 12, 24, or 36 months. Monthly payments aregenerally lower than traditional bank loans or leases.We provide financial solutions tailored to help you manage your technology,and we create a refresh plan that meets your needs—and keeps yourbusiness ahead of the curve.Product Images & InfoiPad & iPhone 01 iPad mini iPhone iOSMac
  4. 4. AirPort ExpressAirPort ExtremeApple KeyboardDisplaysiMacMacBook AirMacBook ProMacBook Pro with Retina display
  5. 5. Mac miniMac ProMagic MouseTime CapsuleMagic TrackpadApple Battery ChargerAperture
  6. 6. Apple Remote DesktopFaceTime for MacFinal Cut Pro XiLifeiWorkLogic StudioOS XSafari
  7. 7. iPod & iTunes Apple TV iPod classic iPod nano iPod shuffle iPod touch iTunesiCloud iCloud
  8. 8. Retail Stores Apple Retail StoresApple Media Helpline (408) 974-2042