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  • 1. Mrs. Jones’s Class— Blythewood, SC USA
  • 2. Ava My name is Ava. I am 9 years old. I loved your chocolate. That was cool how there were toys in there! I received a toy animal. I loved that, too. I like to play with my friends. Do you like to play with yours? My BFF is Riley Johnson. She is nice, fun, sweet, playful, and someone you can have fun at a party with! I have 1 sister and 1 brother. Their names are Anna and Landon. Anna is 5 and Landon is 3. I have fun with them sometimes, but usually they are annoying. I love them anyway.
  • 3. Hi, my name is Laura. I like to read books, especially Dr. Seuss books, and play sports. My favorite sport is swimming. I swim on my neighborhood’s swim team. I also like to go horseback riding. These are some of my favorite things. Laura
  • 4. Hi, my name is Joshua. I like to camp outside. My dad is picking me up this summer to go camping. I am very smart. Also, I am a gamer. That’s all about me. Joshua
  • 5. My name is William. I am nine years old. I like pizza and popcorn. My favorite drink is Gatorade. I am a good student, and I enjoy school. It’s nice to meet you! William
  • 6. My name is Zaheer. I am the person that visited your primary school. I have lots of friends in the USA. One of them is Conner White. XBOX 360 is my favorite game console. Cheese pizza is my favorite food. Math, reading, science, and social studies are my favorite subjects. My favorite sport is tae kwon do. I like candy and the movie theaters, too. I hope you enjoyed learning about me, and I hope I see all of you again. Zaheer
  • 7. Hey my name is Will. I like a lot of stuff but my favorite thing is Italian ice. Have you had Italian ice? It is good!!! My other thing I like to do is swim. Do you like to swim? I think it is fun.Then my last thing I like to do is play with my dogs Cooper and Bear. Overall, I am just a good kid and lots of fun! Will
  • 8. Riley Hi! My name is Riley. I love my electronics. My electronics are like my family. I have an I Pod and my laptop.Oh, I also have a Nintendo DS. Do you like electronics? I also like shopping and cloud watching during recess. My favorite store is Justice.When I look at clouds sometimes I see rainbows.The coolest cloud I’ve seen looked like an eagle flying over me. I love cloud watching. The last two things I like to do are hang out with my BFFs and reading. My BFFs are Meagan Durig, Lauren Robertson, Ava Swindler, Madison Andrews, and Madison Lewis. My favorite books are the Kane chronicles. Now you know more about me.
  • 9. Hi! My name is Nicholas. Here are a few facts about me. My favorite sport is Baseball. I like it because it involves a lot of running and exercise. My favorite food is crab legs. I like them because they are juicy. I also like boiled oysters, and I like them because they are juicy, too. My favorite desert is ice cream sandwiches and chocolate. My hobbies are video games, sports, and playing outdoors. I also like riding my bike. I have one brother. He is 11. I also have one dog named Massy. She has a lot of nicknames and of course a mother & father.That is all about me! Nicholas
  • 10. This is Nia. Here are some things I like about me. First, I can read and write. I enjoy this because some books are interesting. When I write I can easily express myself. Next, I have lots of friends, like Winnie and Raven. If I meet you, you would be my new friend. Finally, I have a dog named Cece. She is very special to me. Do you have a dog? I hope we get to blog with you soon! Nia
  • 11. Hello, my name is Meagan. I have a mom and dad and three sisters. I’m the fourth child. My older sister, Nicole, is my half-sister. I have a dog named Jake. I am 8 years old. My favorite sports are softball and volleyball. I also like horseback riding. Mrs. Jones, my teacher, said I was as sweet as a rose. I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me. Meagan
  • 12. Hi my name is Madison. I love to dance on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. When I am at home on the weekend sometimes my friends come over. When they are at my house we play on my x-box and the Wii. I am 8 years old and I have 2 sisters. I also have 2 cousins that live with me. Now you know about me. Madison L.
  • 13. Hi, my name Madison. I’m 8 years old. I have two sisters. My oldest sister’s name is Ashlan. Ashlan is 19 years old. She just came home from college because she is on spring break! She is very nice to me and my other sister. My other sister is 15, and she is in high school. Her name is Meghan. Do you have any sisters? I have two dogs. One’s name is Maggie, and she is a boxer, a type of dog. She is not like a person who boxes. She is brown. My other dog is black. Her name is Josie. She is a shihpoo. It is a mix of a shih tzu and a toy poodle. Do you have a dog? I can be hyper! When I am, I’m as hyper as sugar world. My best friends are Finley, Meagan, Madison L., Riley, Maddie, Ashleigh, and Emma. I’m as smiley as a happy ball bouncing up and down.That’s why my friends love me! Here are a few of my favorite things. My favorite sport is soccer. It is so much fun! Also, I love ice cream, especially chocolate. Chocolate it’s as sweet as a cupcake. I hope you enjoyed reading a little about me. Madison A.
  • 14. Hi! My name is Lauren I’m 9 this year. When I go to school I love to write. Plus, I like to read and do math and science. I like to eat Chinese honey chicken and orange chicken. Do you? They mostly taste the same. I like to eat salads and little yogurts, which are very healthy snacks. I am a little active kid, like other kids. I like to swim, run, and do a lot of fun stuff that other kids would do. That is me and what I like to do. Lauren
  • 15. Hello! My name is Mitchell. Here are some things I enjoy more than ice cream on a hot summer day! I like to play basketball and football because I am good at sports.The Dallas Cowboys, the Boston Celtics, and the Miami Heat are my favorite professional football and basketball teams. “Heartbeat” by Ross Lynch is the best song—ever! My favorite breakfast is cherry and blueberry PopTarts. Playing Ping Pong and video games on my iPod are the most fun activities. “Like Mike,” “Like Mike street ball two”, and “Thunderstruck” are the funniest movies out there. I have one sister. That is all about me. Mitchell
  • 16. Hey my name is Jayden. I am 8 years old. I have four brothers. These are some facts about me. Favorite subject in school is these are something’s science. I like science because we do a lot of fun things. I like to play my xbox360. I play baseball. I have one dog named Oreo we name him Oreo because he look like one. My favorite food is strawberries. I am as nice as a cookie. That is some facts about me. Jayden
  • 17. My name is Isaiah. I am nine years old. My hobbies are playing basketball, running, and playing video games. When I was two, I was watching a Clemson vs. South Carolina basketball game. Even then, I knew it was the sport for me. I like to run because I want to be like Usain Bolt. He is the world’s fastest runner. Video games are fun, especially when I am bored and need something to entertain me. Now, you know a little about me. Isaiah
  • 18. Hi! My name is Garrett. Here are a few facts about me. First, I like to play baseball and video games. Baseball is my favorite way to spend my time. My favorite food is fried shrimp, chocolate, and cookies. They’re so good! I have one dog. Her name isTily. She is a good dog. I have one sister. She is 11, and I have a mom & dad. That’s all about me! Garrett