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Slides from the 4th GBG Dhaka meet-up on Wednesday, October 31st at the EMK Center in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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  • Not only is Google the place to FIND the information you need,it is the place to MAKE THAT INFORMATION WORK FOR YOU!
  • Open: We think our data aligns well with the factors you care about most.Factors that you are constantly seeking to understand at a deeper level.Such as your consumers and how they feel about your company or your brand.Such as the business context you’re operating within.The other players in your category that will help or hurt youWith a deep understanding of these factors (I know many of you recognize these as the “5 Cs”) you are more likely to develop a successful marketing plan based on meaningful insights.
  • Hello all,I am MossaddiqueAhsan and we are Beyond Technologies; we provide web and mobile application development services.
  • Today we are here to talk about one of our projects which aims to provide support to the manpower sector and its stakeholders.Currently, there are about 7.6 million Bangladeshi migrant workers and the number is increasing every year and What do these, remittance earning people get? They get unverified information and they are often unsure about their work environment.Who are the key stakeholders in this entire process? The government organizations, recruiting agencies, international recruiters, employers and the labour force. Oh! and obviously the middlemen.So, in almost every case we observe lack of awareness, lack of commitment and often complete breach of trust.Now, our project wants to - Remove all the clutters and create a common platform for all the stakeholders to interact with each other in real time.Provide the employersa space to showcase their work environment.Give the labor force an opportunityto verify whatever information they may have.
  • The project is called – a trademark of Beyond TechnologiesWe are looking for contributors, partners, affiliates to ensure responsible recruitment and responsible return of the migrant workers.Please find the detail of the project at www.bdeshiobs.comThank you
  • Samina
  • Source: Alexa, 26 Oct 2012
  • Includes 4 sites: Positive Light, BDSportsNews, Maya, RadioEtune
  • GBG Dhaka 4th Event

    1. 1. 4th EventWednesday, October 31 EMK Center Dhaka, Bangladesh
    2. 2. Hangout with Google SE Asia (5 min) TODAY’S AGENDAInnovation at Google: From Garage to Global (15 min)Bickey Russell, Head of Channel Managed Agencies, North America, GoogleInsights for Search: Bangladesh (10 min)Demo led by Bickey Russell & GBG Organizers Riyad Husain & Salman HossainGoogle Search Story video (3 min)GBG Member Spotlight (15 min)7 BD companies/organizations presentingCo-Creation & the Power of Alternative Media (15 min)Muhammad Solaiman Shukhon, “Shukhon Bhai”, Comedian & Research Manager, BanglalinkGrameenphone Internet & Bangladeshi Youth (15 min)Zakia Zerin, Head of Digital & Social Media, GrameenphoneWord from our Sponsors (10 min)Media Axis & Root DigitalRefreshments & Networking
    3. 3. Meet Hadi fromGoogle Singapore
    4. 4. Innovation at Google: From Garage to GlobalBickey RussellHead of Agency, North America Channel Sales PartnershipsGoogle Google Confidential and Proprietary 4
    5. 5. Google Trends Demo Google Confidential and Proprietary 5
    6. 6. There’s a Lot of Information Out There… 2 Billion 72 Hours Searches per Day of Content Uploaded on YouTube Every Minute Google Confidential and Proprietary 6
    7. 7. … and We Believe Data Should Drive DecisionsGoogle’s mission is to organize the world’s informationand make it universally accessible and useful. Google Confidential and Proprietary 7
    8. 8. Search is a Barometer Google Confidential and Proprietary
    9. 9. Find Insights That Will Drive Your Business Competitors Consumers Context Company Collaborators Google Confidential and Proprietary 9
    10. 10. 4 Demos1. What’s hot right now2. Historical trends3. Seasonality4. Global / Regional interest Google Confidential and Proprietary 10
    11. 11. Search Story video Zack Matere:Growing Knowledge
    12. 12. GBG Member Spotlight
    13. 13. Spotlight:Beyond Technologies
    14. 14. –– –
    15. 15. Spotlight: BRACSocial Innovation Lab
    16. 16. BRACSocial Innovation Lab
    17. 17. What’s SIL?Ideas exchange• We help BRAC learn more and others to learn more about BRAC.Matchmaker• BRAC helps good ideas reach scale and is always willing to complement the efforts of others – we make the match.Catalyst• BRAC is and always has been innovative: We’re just here to give it a boost.Incubator• New ideas take time to find their feet and gain champions: We make sure that happens.
    18. 18. Wanna learn more about us?• SILver Lining (our blog:• (our email)
    19. 19. Thanks!
    20. 20. Spotlight:EduMove
    21. 21. Vocational Training (RISE Diploma) Job Placement RISE (Risevocationalof Specialized Education) education Optional Institute route alongside secondary  Career counseling  Standardized to impart skills for careers that are popular among Video tutorials Primary and Secondary Education  Individual competency assessmentindividuals facing similar difficulties  Educational materials provided through video tutorials  Our strategic partnership with industry leaders: A spectrum of career training options ranging from relatively  Simulation of professionstechnical to simpleactual classroom environment through online forum:  provide credibility to certificate holders  interactive discussions  ensure high employability  group work  Post-employment counseling  Regular online exams  ECAs organized to build an all-round individual:  Community blogging (i.e. articles targeting social issues, bi-annual magazines, yearbook)  Online debating
    22. 22. LifeChair Financially Us Contact insolvent individuals in the rural areas need an affordablemobility device to avail educational services  Website:  Facebook: 2965  Twitter: DIY (Do-It-Yourself) videos of building LifeChair:  E-mail:  Low cost  Made of bamboo  Easy to make 448 929, 01674 914 686  Phone: 01733 Utilize EduMove’s education and vocational training in theirworkplace
    23. 23. Spotlight:Engineering Students Association of Bangladesh
    24. 24. ENGINEERING STUDENTS’ ASSOCIATIONOF BANGLADESH (ESAB) Details: Presenting – Md. Arif Raihan Maahi General Secretary, ESAB Presentation on ESAB at GBG – Dhaka’s 4th Event.
    25. 25. Overview Engineering Students’ Association of Bangladesh (ESAB) is the government registere Countrywide engineering students’ organization. Strengths-  1000+ MembersType of organization : Non-Profit.  Regional Wings in:Geographical focus : Bangladesh.  DhakaCommunity focus : Students of Engineering.  ChittagongIssue focus : Technological innovation, Research,  Khulna Education & Environment,  Sylhet Social Development.  Rajshahi  11 Active Units
    26. 26. ServicesWell, ESAB is not a service provider company !!! ESAB is actually creating opportunities for the young enginee Still, there are spaces in our community from where we provide some facilities. As per our very recent initiatives corporate houses may find interest on – 1.Training on Affiliate Marketing. 2.Training on SEO ( Social Engine Optimization). 3.Giving access to the most enthusiastic engineering community. 4.Direct Recruitment of Fresh Graduates from different universities. 5.Outsource your tasks via ESAB. 6.CSR initiatives can be done with our volunteer activities.
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Presentation for Google Business Group
    29. 29. • OScom is a new platform which brings together consumers and small and medium sized retail businesses.• For the end-users, OScom is a city guide, suggesting selectively the hottest spots in the city where one can go and eat, have fun, travel, relax and be entertained• For the partners, OScom is a measurable marketing tool: the best customer acquisition tool on the market today. OScom replaces traditional local advertising platforms with a superior and cost effective format.• With OScom not only do you advertise your business, but you also get guaranteed customers walking through your door. OScom ::
    30. 30. • Overcome challenges to establish online marketing in Bangladesh.• We have introduced all available payment gateways so that users are at ease with payment options.• With the intention to be the "Wallet Saver" for Bangladeshis. OScom ::
    31. 31. Get in Touch House # 29, Road # 13Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh Cell: 0174 220 5304
    32. 32. Spotlight:G&R Ad Network
    34. 34. Why “Promoting the Bangladesh Web”27 of Top 100 VisitedSites in Bangladeshare Local
    35. 35. Supporting Up and Coming Local Web Publishers8 Unique, High Quality Local Sites Selected Free Advertising Across G&R Ad Network Reaching 90% of Bangladeshis Online
    36. 36. Strong Initial Results In 7 Days, “Promoting the Bangladesh Web” has Delivered +55% Average Uplift in Visits to the Selected Sites (92% New Visitors)All Ad Creatives Also Designed by G&R
    37. 37. “We are proud to collaborate andpromote a positive Bangladesh together”- Positive LightTHANK YOUDANIELCEO, G&R AD NETWORKDANIEL@GANDR.COM.BDGBG DHAKA, 31 OCT 2012
    38. 38. Spotlight:Shaon84
    39. 39. − Founded in 2003 − Internet/Web based service − Personal creative showcase − Diversified Contents − Photograph − Write-up − Business Research Study − Film − Podcastpresentation/ − Profit Motive: Non-earningBenzir Shaon, SHAON84 ChiefFor GBG – Dhaka on 31 OCT 2012 − Ownership Type: Self-owned − Headquarters: Virtual
    40. 40. VISIONInspiring people around the worldwith diversified creative andintellectual creatures, and by beingglobally recognized superiorpersonal web brand.BRANDS
    41. 41. Reach the
    42. 42. Spotlight:SEM, Media Axis
    43. 43. everything is digital, everything is social, everything is mobile Technology has transformed every aspect of marketing Md. Ehsanul Hoque Manager, Planning Marketing -Digital Innovation bitspearhead / MediaAxis - Carat
    44. 44. InsightsChallenge Online savvy,The challenge was in fact Insights urban, TG betweentwo – Primary target was Online savvy, urban, TG 15 – 35 years haveto drive traffic to Nokia between 15 – 35 years have good search habitweb page and engage them good search habit on netin a competition, secondary when exploring for new on net whento convey consumers and finds, music, products, exploring for newcapitalize Eid peak retail technology, services and finds, music,sales. And the second tourism destinations, products, serviceschallenge was the digital especially before festivalsactivity itself and such as Eid and tourismimplement the first ever destinations,SEM campaign especially before festivals such as Eid
    45. 45. SolutionBoth key word search and content page search were used. More than 800 relevant keywords related to mobile set, gift or going abroad for Eid vacation were used incombinations. The SEM was visible in Google, You Tube and Linked In. Mostimportantly the SEM was targeted at Bangladeshi users only Results 1. The SEM activity served over 17 million impressions at 0.16% CTR 2. Over 27,000 clicks were generated from the campaign and all this over a period of only 2 WEEKS !
    46. 46. Featured Speaker: Muhammad Solaiman Shukhon “Shukhon Bhai”Stand up Comedian,Vlogger &Research Manager, Banglalink
    47. 47. Co-Creation & Power of Alternative Media M Solaiman Research Manager Banglalink KLOUT Score 72
    48. 48. Power of Alternative Media• Power in Peoples hand• Knows no Boundaries• Can make or break a brand• Allows real time interaction with target groups• Source of spontaneous & frank opinions as opposed to giving answers to the asked questions• Virality-strong WoM
    49. 49. Influencing 12k without spending a single penny
    50. 50. Realtime Interaction Report
    51. 51. Who r u in web??
    52. 52. Observer /Celebrity
    53. 53. I m a Thought Leader in WEB
    54. 54. What is my Product !!
    55. 55. Power in my hand !!Vlogs received 43,294 minutes(721 hrs) viewing time in last 30 days
    56. 56. Virality
    57. 57. Virality
    58. 58. Frequency /Reach
    59. 59. Who?
    60. 60. Where ??
    61. 61. A nobody from Dhaka ??!!
    62. 62. Power of #
    63. 63. Power of #
    64. 64. Co-Creation
    65. 65. Co-Creation
    66. 66. Recognition by mainstream media
    67. 67. How• Facebook-Twitter-LinkedIn-YouTube-G+• Content has to be fresh• Frequency of web presence• Grouping with influential person/websites/groups• Open to constructive criticism
    68. 68. Power• Everybody can be somebody !!!
    69. 69. Thank You
    70. 70. Featured Speaker: Zakia ZerinHead of Digital & Social Media Grameenphone
    71. 71. Internet is Important to us because we LOVE to… communicate, gather and exchange info, and be entertained• Information is comparatively more important followed by communication and entertainment• Mobile, books, journals, TV, radio can be partial substitute of internet
    72. 72. Internet situation in Bangladesh•The Internet came late to Bangladesh withconnectivity in 1996.• With an estimated user base of around 500,000 inearly 2006, representing only a 0.35% penetration,the local Internet industry is preparing to move intothe next stage of its development.•Over the last two to three years, the number ofmobile subscribers in Bangladesh has been morethan doubling on an annual basis Source:
    73. 73. Internet Usage and Population Statistics 6000000 5000000 4000000 3000000 year users 2000000 1000000 0 2000 2007 2009 2010 2011 source: an estimated internet user-base of 7.5 million coming into 2012, representing a 5% user penetration by population
    74. 74. What research says: Preferred Applications in Large Screen 1. Facebook Snaptu 1. Facebook 2. Mozilla Firefox Google + 2. Opera Mini 3. Google Chrome Ovi 3. You tube 4. YouTube Cricinfo 4. E-buddy 5. Yahoo Messenger & Mail 5. Nimbuzz 6. Hotmail YouTube 7. Gmail 6. Google map Doridro 8. Skype Nimbuzz 9. Twitter 10. Torrents & Twitter Gmail are the Yahoo commonly used Google platforms in Facebook both screens 0 5 10 15 20
    75. 75. Scope is Bigger Semi urban and Rural Mass of Bangladesh• Rural based projects has been established under the scope of the internet unit. These projects are multipurpose tele-centers established in rural areas with internet connectivity.• Now mass rural people are becoming interested to spend time on internet. Their way of living is turning to revolutionary change day by day.
    76. 76. i GEN• I-Gen, an initiative involving schools from various districts to take part in the knowledge competition via internet, educating the target audience as it progresses.Objective:•Embed the concept of mobile internetamong the mindset of the semiurban/rural Youth Daylong Internet Festival•Biggest ever Mobile Internet Activation for students atin Bangladesh school/college premises•Contributes in Government’s vision ofbuilding a Digital Bangladesh
    77. 77. Major activities around i-gen• Small Screen Browsing Competition “i-Genius”• Free Large Screen & Small screen browsing sessions with instructions• Customized pricing & combo (voice, data, contents) offers• Free 15 MB Internet push in students’ mobile handsets• Free Modem & I-SIM distribution to host institution• Various engagements i.e. Internet Oath taking, National Anthem, Games etc.
    78. 78. iGen - the biggest ever internet campaign in Bangladesh was launched !! 102 Events covering 300K 1000+ Audiences Institutions
    79. 79. iGen 2011 Inspiredcreated ardent thousands of We strived to beat those expectationsfans youth and create aamong participants to beand those that iGeniuses & built bigger &followed the events bigger expectations grander iGen 2in media for 2012!
    80. 80. The Champion of iGen 2011•The iGenius Grand Master title of 2011was crowned by Chowdhury Sadid Alam• After that he got the opportunity to visit Oslo, Norway for an exposure trip
    81. 81. 2012Esho prtihibir PathshalayTo build the hype before The initiatives were led bythe main events, this year none other than laststarted with 2 initiatives: year’s leaders:“Spread the light” The iGeniuses of&“i-Camp” 2011!
    82. 82. Informal Internet demonstration to mass audienceParticipation:74 iGeniusesAudience [approx]:52K+
    83. 83. i-CampInternet awareness sessions inclassroom environments 54,716 zealous youth showed up at the 270 i-Camps
    84. 84. 120 events in row! Each event was colorful, exiting & engaging…Students went home with gifts, freebies and a solid idea on internet
    85. 85. The iGenius competitionremained the center of attraction
    86. 86. On-ground Activities The Experience Zone ready to welcome Wikipedia Product Leafletscores of students to meet their enthusiasm distributed at 120 Internet Festival on each of the product venues nationwide
    87. 87. Online Activities 8000+ fantastic followers in Facebook !!
    88. 88. Grand Finale where 120 iGeniuses will compete for theiConference title of iGenius iGeniuswhere the they will Grand Master Master Classlearn about latest 2012 in which they willtechnologies from be trained onIT & Tech mobile Appsacademicians & development byindustry experts Nokia
    89. 89. Thank you
    90. 90. Word from our Sponsors
    91. 91. GBG wishes to Thank our Event Partners• Media Axis• Root Marketing Services• Edward M. Kennedy Center
    92. 92. Refreshments & Networking
    93. 93. THANK YOU for attending today!Please follow us on Google+ & Facebook to keep up to date on our latest activities