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Dhaka's Tech Communities - 18th GBG Dhaka Meetup
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Dhaka's Tech Communities - 18th GBG Dhaka Meetup


Dhaka’s technology scene is home to a variety of communities that meet regularly to share their technology interests. This event in partnership with BASIS hosted a number of these communities in one …

Dhaka’s technology scene is home to a variety of communities that meet regularly to share their technology interests. This event in partnership with BASIS hosted a number of these communities in one session on Sunday, September 8 so we can all learn what the communities are doing.

Published in Technology , Business
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  • 1. Dhaka’s Tech Communities 18th GBG Dhaka Meet-up Saturday, September 7, 2013 BASIS Auditorium, Dhaka, Bangladesh & present
  • 2. Welcome Note (5 min) GBG Managers – Nash Islam, Riyad Husain & Salman Hossain Tech Communities & BASIS (10 min) Shameem Ahsan, President of BASIS & CEO of Google’s Outreach Programs Globally (15 min) Hadi Othman, Outreach & Communities Manager, Southeast Asia, Google Recap of Recent Google Initiatives in Dhaka (5 min) Kazi Monirul Kabir, Bangladesh Country Consultant, Google Mobile Mondays (10 min) Mashrur Hannan, Organizer, Mobile Mondays Dhaka BD Tech Social (10 min) Samad Miraly, Community Manager, BD Tech Social & Executive Director, Olympic Industries (10 min) Humayan Kabir Olive, Startup Dhaka (10 min) Mustafizur Khan, Founder, Startup Dhaka Closing Note & Next Steps TODAY’SAGENDA
  • 3. Welcome Note GBG Managers: Nash Islam Riyad Husain Salman Hossain
  • 4. Our Objectives Increase  adop%on  of  internet  technologies   amongst  Bangladeshi  organiza3ons.       Plan  events  that  appeal  to  a  wide  variety  of  key   audience  segments  –  e-­‐commerce,  marketers,   students,  women,  mappers  &  more     Build  a  community  that  gets  to  know  each  other  by   hos3ng  atleast  1  live  event  per  month    
  • 5. Our Team GBG  Managers   Advisor   Head  Intern  
  • 6. Google’s Objective with GBG Build  a  non-­‐technical  community  run  by  local  volunteers   to  share  knowledge  and  best  prac3ces  for  Google  web   technologies.       The  GBG  is  an  experimental  ini3a3ve  started  in  2012,  and   is  based  on  the  success  of  the  Google  Developer  Groups     worldwide,  where  developers  meet  to  discuss  building   applica3ons  with  Google  products.     See  detailed  informa3on  on  GBG  on   Google’s  official  GBG  page  
  • 7. GBGs Worldwide 90+  GBGs   worldwide     20+ GBGs in South & Southeast Asia Nearby GBGs include Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Cambodia, Vietnam & Philippines
  • 8. Our Events See  pictures  and  presenta3ons  on  our  Blog,  Google+  &  Facebook  page.     We’ve organized 15 successful events so far, reaching more than 1000 local digital professionals, entrepreneurs & changemakers. We are a community of technology thought leaders
  • 9. GBG Dhaka 2013 Event Roadmap •  Jan  6  –  E-­‐Commerce  Hour  &  Startup  Weekend  Mini  Bootcamp   •  Feb  1  –  Building  Brands  with  Digital   •  Feb  16  –  Educa3on  &  Collabora3on  Online   •  Mar  29  –  Mapping  Bangladesh   •  April  25  –  GBG  @  PMO  Innova3on  Adda   •  May  10  –  Mapping  Experts  Meetup   •  May  21  –  Empowering  Project  Management  with  Web  Tools   •  June  1  –  Women  on  the  Web  Workshop  #1   •  June  30  –  Student  Leaders  Workshop  
  • 10. GBG Dhaka 2013 Event Roadmap •  Sep  7  –  Mapping  Banani  #1   •  Sep  8  –  Dhaka’s  Tech  Communi3es   •  Sep  14  –  Mapping  Banani  #2   •  AND  LOTS  MORE!   Share  YOUR  IDEAS  for  events  with  us!  
  • 11. 17th GBG Dhaka Meet-up Map Banani Saturday, September 7, 2013 Dhaka, Bangladesh Event Partner:
  • 12. Biz Info Form - FRONT Fill  out  as  much   as  info  as  you  can     If  certain  info  is   unavailable,  skip   it!     Please  write   clearly  &  legibly     A! 1! Meena Bazaar! Grocery Store! House 76/A, 1st Floor ! +88 02-8835864! +88 01841-700709! M!! 10am – 8pm, Sun - Sat! Yes! Img_20130907_5567, ! Img_20130907_5568 ! 23* 47’ 24.3594! 90* 24’ 37.5732!
  • 13. Biz Info Form - BACK Mark  the  exact   loca3on  of  the   business  on  both   the  Digital  Map  &   Satellite  views     Make  sure  to  pay   aden3on  to  the   buildings  on  the   satellite  view   A! 1!
  • 14. Zone 1 Banani  Bridge  to     Cream  &  Fudge  (road  12)  
  • 15. The Teams 2-­‐person  teams:   •  Member  #1:  writes  down  biz  info  and  marks   loca%on  on  map  image   •  Member  #2:  takes  pictures  and  records  GPS   loca%on  with  smartphone   – If  any  issues  arise  with  GPS  recording,  skip  it!   – Aher  taking  a  pic,  view  photo  details  and  write   down  image  3tle  on  biz  info  form  (note:  doesn’t   work  for  iPhones)      
  • 16. Team Assignments
  • 17. 3 Steps to MAPPING a Business! INTRODUCE •  Knock on door/ring bell/ask the guard or introduce yourself to the reception •  State your purpose of visit and clarify why do you need the information (which you're going to ask) from them. INTERACT •  Write in the business info/details of the POI. (make sure the person giving the information is NOT giving his personal details i.e. phone number, email, address etc. •  While taking info, ask permission to take photos. Don’t forget to smile! J INSPIRE •  Ask permission to paste the sticker on their door or any convenient place with good visibility (AND make sure to inform them that they are now officially on GOOGLE MAP)! Try to leave them with a happy smile and excited, so that they feel like telling everyone about them being MAPPED! •  In case they wish to take a photo with your team, don't forget to smile at it! J
  • 18. HOW    TO    ADD      POI  Adding  business  Place  
  • 19. HOW    TO    ADD      POI  Adding  business  Place  
  • 20. HOW    TO    ADD      POI  Adding  business  Place  
  • 21. Tech Communities & BASIS Shameem Ahsan President, BASIS CEO,
  • 22.                   Presented By:   Shameem Ahsan   President,  BASIS  
  • 23. Google’s Outreach Progams Hadi Othman Outreach & Communities Manager Southeast Asia Google
  • 24. Recap of Recent Google Initiatives in Dhaka Kazi Monirul Kabir Bangladesh Country Consultant Google
  • 25. Mobile Mondays Mashrur Hannan Organizer, Mobile Mondays
  • 26. Mobile  Mondays  @   BASIS   MoMo  Dhaka  Chapter  (proposed)  …  FYI:  GBG  Dhaka  :)  
  • 27. How  it  all  started!   The  following  text  message  from  BASIS  secretariat  on  July   24,  2013  to  BASIS  members:     A   Meeting   of   Mobile   Apps   Development   Companies   will   be   held   today   at   4:30   pm   at   BASIS   Office.   Only   Mobile   Apps   Dev.   Companies  are  requested  to  attend.     -­‐BASIS    
  • 28. First  meeting/  meet  up   Just  imagine   around  35-­‐40   ICT  folks  here!  
  • 29. The  Energy  …  1  Million  MADs…   Source:    
  • 30. Start  of  Mobile  Monday     Dhaka  Chapter  (proposed)   Mitul  bhai  (CEO,   Business  Automation   Limited)   Fokhruz  Zaman  bhai   (iPaholics,  Beshto,   A2I,  BCC)  
  • 31. Mobile  Monday  …    
  • 32. Quick  info  on  Mobile  Monday   • Originating  in  Helsinki  in  2000   • Chapters  in  over  140  cities   •   Have  run  thousands  of  events  to-­‐date  
  • 33. MoMo  goals  and  objectives   •  Foster  an  open  and  independent  innovation  platform  within  the   mobile  sector   •  Facilitate  industry  networking  between  small  and  large  companies   and  individuals   •  Bridge  partnership  exchanges  between  domestic  and  international   organizations   •  To  present  innovative  visions,  trends,  studies  and  forecasts  from  the   mobile  marketplace    
  • 34. First  meeting/  meet  up  …   Continued  
  • 35. The  MoMo  MADs  ..  to  name  a  few:   •  MAD  (Mobile  App  Developer)  Entrepreneurs   •  Local  App  Stores  (Alo  Ashbei,  EATLApps)   •  Windows,  Symphony,  Grameen  Phone   •  Govt,  Regulators:  A2I,  BTRC  …   •  MAD  wanna-­‐bes  :D  …   •  Actual  MADs  still  missing!      
  • 36. Session  Format  …   • First  Monday  of  Every  Month     • Discuss  2  topics  (presentation  of  20  mins)   • App  Launch  pad  for  2  kick-­‐ass  local  apps   • Have  refreshments  :)  
  • 37. Session  Format  …  continued   •  20  minute  presentations  on  2  topics,  followed  by  quick   discussion/  QA   •  Decision  on  Next  Session’s  topic,  and  Sponsor   •  Sponsor  arranges  refreshments,  gets  5  min  slot  …   •  Launch  pad  for  Apps  …  
  • 38. First  Session  -­‐  Aug  5,  2013   •  Presentation  1:  User  Experience  Design     -­‐  by  Masrur  Hannan  &  Mr  Fokhruz  Zaman  (20  min)   Slideshare:­‐monday-­‐dhaka-­‐ chapter-­‐proposed-­‐first-­‐session-­‐ uxdiscussionaug52013mhannanfzaman       •  Presentation  2:  How  to  migrate  from  regular   software  business  to  mobile     -­‐  by  Mr  Mohammad  Zaman  Apu  (20min)   Slideshare  URL:  N/A  yet!     •  Sponsor:  TTBC  Wintel  (Alo  Ashbei)      
  • 39. Second  Session  -­‐  Sept  2,  2013   •  Presentation  1:  Mobile  App  Monetisation   -­‐  by  Ashraf  Abir  and  Mr.  Mahboob  Zaman  (30  min)     Slideshare:­‐ monday-­‐2ndseptember     •  Presentation  2:  Mobile  App  Innovation  (cancelled)     -­‐  by  Kazi  Monirul  Kabir  …  (20min)       •  Sponsor:  EATLApps    
  • 40. Third  Session  -­‐  Oct  7,  2013  
  • 41. Welcome  GBG  
  • 42. BD Tech Social Samad Miraly Community Manager, BD Tech Social Executive Director, Olympic Industries
  • 43. Investing in Imagination Samad Miraly – BD Tech Social
  • 44. What do you do to fall asleep every night?
  • 45. Dare to Disturb the Universe
  • 46. Please Do Disturb: "   Stand in front of a tank "   Blog "   Tell Ammu what you think
  • 47. Just Imagine: Everyone’s doing it… "   Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich "   Rhonda Byrne – The Secret "   Socrates, Plato, The Freemasons, The Illuminati "   Deepak Chopra, Dalai Lama, Ravi Shankar "   Vedas, Torah, Quran
  • 48. Dreams to Transform BD "   Manifestations of different imaginations "   Startups, community "   Enabling of imagination "   Ecosystem, community groups " BDTechSocial
  • 49. Manifestation of Imagination "   Startups are dreams "   Dreams can come true "   COMMUNITY
  • 50. Enabling Imagination " BDTechSocial – networking, participation, matchmaking "   Angel Investors – there to help, capital resources "   Mentors – intellectual resources, guides "  Technology is cyclical imagination engine "   As more dreams become reality, they pave the way for other dreams to join in!
  • 51. See Video here:
  • 52. Thank you! "   Get involved, get engaged, start dreaming with BDTechSocial Contat me to get more info on how:
  • 53. Humayan Olive Kabir
  • 54. How  we  will  achieve?  
  • 55. Ways  to  Get  Involved.  
  • 56. Startup Dhaka Mustafizur Khan Founder, Startup Dhaka
  • 57. See video here:
  • 58. About the film A story about startups in Dhaka that uses the power of Internet to create new and exciting businesses. Why make the film We decided to make this film for 3 reasons: 1.  To tell the world that there are few amazing people working on some fantastic ideas right here in Dhaka 2.  Through this film we want to build a startup community 3.  To tell all local startups that Startup Dhaka is here to help This is Startup Dhaka, a story about possibilities. Who is doing it: Core team: Fayaz@bdtechsocial, Sajid@Shetu, Samad@empty ventures, Riyad@magnito digital and myself, Mustafiz@StartupDhaka by  Mustafiz  
  • 59. Crowd  funded  campaign  is  supported  by  
  • 60. Youtube  stats  
  • 61. Geo  loca3on  of  source  
  • 62. FB  stats  
  • 63. THANK YOU !! Please follow us on Google+ & Facebook to keep up to date on our latest activities