Building a mobile content ecosystem in bangladesh


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Presentation on the mobile content ecosystem from the Digital World Conference 2012 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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Building a mobile content ecosystem in bangladesh

  1. 1. Building  the  Mobile  Content   Ecosystem  in  Bangladesh   Digital  World  Conference   Dhaka,  Bangladesh   Saturday,  December  8,  2012   Nash  Islam     CEO   Director  
  2. 2. Story  of  Change  BD  app  
  3. 3. No  ecosystem  to  support     the  Change  BD  app   ?  
  4. 4. End  Users  Developers     &     Carriers   Content   Providers   Mobile   Market   Overview   OS  Providers   Device   Manufacturers   Source:  Charlie  Kindel  (2012)  
  5. 5. End  Users  Developers     &     Content   Carriers   Providers   OS  Providers   Device   Manufacturers  
  6. 6. Bangladesh  Mobile  Phone  Subscribers   October  2012   Operators   AcFve  Subscribers   Grameenphone   40.7  million   Banglalink   26.6  million   Robi   21.1  million   Airtel      6.9  million   CityCell      1.6  million   Teletalk      1.4  million   TOTAL   98.3  million   Source:  Bangladesh  TelecommunicaPon  Regulatory  Commission  (Oct  2012)  
  7. 7. Mobile  PenetraFon     in  Bangladesh:   63%  Source:  Business  Monitor  InternaPonal  (Q4  2012),  US  Census  Bureau  (Nov  2012)    &  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  8. 8. Bangladesh  added  more  than   50,000   new  mobile  subscripPons   every  day  in  the  first  six   months  of  2012   Source:  Business  Monitor  InternaPonal  (Q4  2012)    &  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  9. 9. Bangladesh  Internet  Subscribers   July  2012   Category   Subscribers   Mobile  Internet   27.8  million   ISP  +  PSTN    1.2  million   WiMax    400k   TOTAL   29.4  million   Mobile  accounts  for  94%  of  Bangladesh’s  internet  subscripPons   Source:  Bangladesh  TelecommunicaPon  Regulatory  Commission  (Jul  2012)  
  10. 10. Awareness  of  mobile  internet  in   Bangladesh  remains  relaPvely  low   58%   39%  amongst  Urban   amongst  Rural   subscribers   subscribers   Source:  Ericsson,  as  cited  in  Daily  Star  (May  2012)  &  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  11. 11. 5%   31%  of  local  visitors  to   of  NRB  visitors  to   Bangladeshi   VS   Bangladeshi  websites  are  from   websites  are  from   mobile  devices   mobile  devices   Source:  G&R  Ad  Network  (Nov  2012)  
  12. 12. Influences  on  mobile  user  behavior   Bangla  characters  are     not  supported     on  most  handsets   Source:  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  13. 13. Influences  on  mobile  user  behavior   56%   Adult  literacy  rate     in  Bangladesh   Source:  UNESCO,  as  cited  in  Infosaid  (May  2012)  &  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  14. 14. Bangladeshi  mobile  subscribers  sent   just  1  SMS  per  month  in  2011  That’s  400  Fmes  fewer  than  the   Filipino  average  Source:  Nielsen  Media  &  Demographics  Survey  2011,  as  cited  in  Infosaid  (May  2012)  &  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  15. 15. Radio  Access  is  Mostly  Mobile   73%   34%  of  Bangladesh’s  radio   listeners  use  a     VS   of  Bangladesh’s  radio   listeners  use  a     mobile  phone     radio  set   to  access  radio    to  access  to  radio   programming   programming   Source:  Nielsen  Media  &  Demographics  Survey  2011,  as  cited  in  Infosaid  (May  2012)  &  We  Are  Social  (Nov  2012)  
  16. 16. End Users in BangladeshKey  Takeaways  on  Bangladesh  End  Users:   & Content Carriers   Providers•  There  is  a  massive  user  base  on  mobile  and  it  conPnues   to  grow  robustly  •  Reaching  this  user  base  is  challenging  due  to  language  &   Device OS Providers literacy  barriers   Manufacturer s•  Mobile  internet  &  voice  offers  the  best  opportunity  for   innovaPve  content  delivery  to  Bangladesh  end  users  
  17. 17. End  Users  Developers     &     Content   Carriers   Providers   OS  Providers   Device   Manufacturers  
  18. 18. Data  subscribers  as  proporFon  of  total  subscripFon  base  in  Bangladesh   Source:  Informa  Telecoms  &  Media,  Managing  Mobile  Data  Services  (2011)  
  19. 19. Mobile  VAS  Market  Development  for   Telcos   Source:  Informa  Telecoms  &  Media,  Managing  Mobile  Data  Services  (2011)  
  20. 20. CompeFFon  in  mobile  will  change     2000’s   Future   reliable  delivery     choice,  flexibility,   of  few  services   personalizaPon   basis  of     compeFFon   apps/   4  apps   600,000+  apps   use  cases   (voice,  text,  contacts,  camera)   (app  store  and  web  browser)   telco   network  coverage,   price    differenFaFon   speed   (commodity)  key  control  point   network   app  store   Source:  VisionMobile  
  21. 21. AlternaFves  emerged  due  to  need  for  flexibility   Lack  of  agility  due  to  verPcal  integraPon  of  telcos  spawned  alternaPves    Operator  asset   OTT  alternaFves  DistribuPon  and  retail   Apple  physical  retail  stores  and  digital  App  Store  Telephony   Skype,  Viber,  TalkBox,  Tango  Messaging   Whatsapp,  KakaoTalk,  iMessage,  Samsung  ChatOn  Billing  and  seelement   iTunes,  Google  Wallet,  FB  credits,  Amazon  1-­‐Click  User  idenPty  &  profile   Facebook,  Google,  Apple  ID  TerminaPon   Available  on  modern  smartphone  plagorms  Consumer  intelligence   DisPmo,  Flurry,  AppAnnie  Lack  of  telco  innovaPon  on  key  assets  like  voice  or  SIM  in  the  last  decade  
  22. 22. The  changing  nature  of  voice  communicaFons   The  choices  and  types  of  voice  communicaPons  are  mulPplying   2000’s   today   single  use  case   diverse  use  cases   any  device  to  any  device   dial  a  phone  number,     voice  transcripPon   talk,  hang-­‐up   voice  messaging   group  calling   push-­‐to-­‐talk   user-­‐ID  to  User-­‐ID   machine-­‐to-­‐user   web-­‐to-­‐phone   anonymous  calling   …  and  more   Source:  VisionMobile  
  23. 23. The  emergence  of  voice-­‐second  devices   and  expansion  of  voice  to  apps  and  APIs   voice  is  blended  into  web  feature  phones   smartphones   and  devices  voice  =  phone   voice  =  app   voice  =  API   Source:  VisionMobile  
  24. 24. Voice  as  a  killer  API  for  mashups     All-­‐Pme  top  APIs  for  mashups   Source:  VisionMobile  
  25. 25. Voice  API  mashups  blend  voice  into   new  use  cases  users  created  over  450  recipes  mashing  up  phone  calls  with  a  host  of  Internet  services:   Source:  as  cited  by  VisionMobile  
  26. 26. Key  Takeaways  on  Carriers:    •  Telco  revenue  will  be  data-­‐ End Users dominated  rather  than  voice-­‐ dominated  over  Pme   Developers   &•  Mobile  sojware  innovaPon  will   Content Carriers Providers drive  the  unbundling  of  Telco   businesses  •  Voice  services  can  be  reinvented,   parPcularly  important  for  a  low   literacy  market  like  Bangladesh   Device OS Providers Manufacturers
  27. 27. End UsersDevelopers & Content Carriers Providers OS Providers Device Manufacturers
  28. 28. Low  Cost  Androids  in  Bangladesh   Symphony  Explorer  W5  Samsung  Galaxy  Pocket   Android  2.3   Android  2.3   TK  6,990   TK  10,490   Smart  S-­‐12   Kingstar  T50   Android  2.3   Android  2.2   TK  7,800   TK  6,500   Source:  hep://­‐budget-­‐android-­‐mobile-­‐in-­‐bangladesh.html  
  29. 29. Cheaper  Phones  don’t  have  Data   Network  capability   Source:  hep://­‐mobile/nokia-­‐mobile-­‐phone-­‐price-­‐list-­‐bangladesh.html  
  30. 30. India’s  US$40  Aakash  Tablet  "Nobody  thought  it  was  possible  to  build  a  tablet  PC  in  this  price  range.  This  requires  a  form  of  frugal  innovaPon  that  is  unique  to  India  and  developing  countries.  Frugal  innovaPon  does  not  mean  creaPng  an  iPad  killer.  It  is  about  creaPng  an  iPad  for  the  rickshaw-­‐wala  and  for  the  mass  of  the  market."                            Suneet  Singh  Tuli                            CEO  of  Datawind                            maker  of  Aakash  Tablet   Source:  hep://­‐mobile/nokia-­‐mobile-­‐phone-­‐price-­‐list-­‐bangladesh.html  
  31. 31. Key  Takeaways  on  Device  Manufacturers:    •  Handset  prices  are  leading  indicator  of  popularity   End Users•  Content  that  comes  with  handset  is  important  for  value   Developers proposiPon  &  meaningful  differenPaPon   & Content Carriers Providers•  We  need  smartphones  for  rickshaw-­‐wallas   OS Providers Device Manufacturers
  32. 32. End UsersDevelopers & Content Carriers Providers OS Providers Device Manufacturers
  33. 33. So  many  plagorms,  so  liele  Pme  Developers  face  a  real  challenge  making  apps  for  mulPple  plagorms   mobile  web   Windows  8   HTML/CSS/Javascript   C#,  C++   Android   iOS   Windows  Phone   Java   ObjecPve  C   C#   BlackBerry  OS   Java,  web   Boot2Gecko   Bada   HTML5   C++   webOS   HTML5,  C++   Source: VisionMobile
  34. 34. 71%   of  mobile  visitors  to  Bangladeshi  sites  used  the  Opera  Mini  browser   Source:  G&R  ad  network,  Nov  2012  
  35. 35. Plaborm  Overview  for  Bangladesh   Plaborm   Pros   Cons   •  Largest  reach,  works  across   most  devices   •  Not  as  powerful  as  naPve   Mobile  Web   •  Large  community  of  web   applicaPon  plagorms   developers   •  Most  powerful  plagorm  for   development.  Lots  of  tools   •  Android  adopPon  sPll   Android   •  Strong  distribuPon  via  Play   relaPvely  low  in  Bangladesh   store   •  Works  on  feature  phones   •  DistribuPon  problemaPc  as   Java  ME   •  Greater  reach  than  Android   no  popular  app  stores   or  Symbian   •  NaPve  app  plagorm  with   •  Nokia  phones  with  Ovi  are   Symbian   greater  reach  than  Android   decreasing  in  popularity   •  Ovi  Store  for  distribuPon   relaPve  to  Android  
  36. 36. Key  Takeaways  on  OS  Providers:    •  Mobile  internet  offers  broadest  reach  across  OS.  Mobile   End Users Web  apps  are  best  place  to  start  •  Java  ME  apps  need  a  proper  app  store   Developers & Content Carriers•  Android  has  most  powerful  &  customizable   Providers development  plagorm  for  naPve  apps   OS Providers Device Manufacturers
  37. 37. End Users CarriersOS Providers Device Manufacturers
  38. 38. App  Revenue  Models  
  39. 39. AdracFng  developers  is  the  fastest  route  to  innovaFon  for  businesses  It’s  important  to  persuade  developers  to  use  a  specific  plagorm,  network,  tool  or  API  set  
  40. 40. Cross-­‐plaborm  tools  democraFze   development   Extend  the  reach  of  masses  of  web  developers  beyond  the  browser   Cross-­‐plagorm  tools   about   “NaFve”   300K   developers   create  apps  using  programming   languages  and  tools  specific  to   plagorms     about   3  million   Source:  VisionMobile  
  41. 41. An  ecosystem  to  support  developers   across  all  parts  of  the  app  life  cycle  
  42. 42. To  create  more  local  apps  like  this  
  43. 43. Key  Takeaways  on  Developers:     •  Many  ways  for  app  developers  to   End Users make  money  but  not  all  methods   are  enabled  in  Bangladesh  Developers &   Content •  The  businesses  that  aeract   Carriers Providers developers  to  their  plagorm  will  be   the  ones  that  win     •  Tools  for  app  developers  will   accelerate  app  development   OS Providers Device Manufacturers
  44. 44. End UsersDevelopers & Content Carriers Providers OS Providers Device Manufacturers
  45. 45. Thank  you!   Please  feel  free  to  get  in  touch